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The Best Hosting for Joomla: Prices, Analysis and Opinions

Hosting for Joomla is increasingly used by users of this content manager. Joomla is an open source web application. A CMS designed to create, develop and operate websites or online stores.

Hosting is an online service for hosting and you can use a CMS to create a website or online store. We will see the features, benefits and need for domains, price plans, free and paid. As well as how easy it is to create an online store with Joomla.

In this article we will find out which are the best hosting for Joomla, which you should know in order to choose the right hosting for the Joomla CMS regarding your project.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system. A hosting a is web hosting. Both complement each other to offer you the possibility of creating your own website or online shop with Joomla. If the Hosting is the right one for Joomla, the benefits flow like water in a spring.

Si el Hosting es el adecuado para Joomla, los beneficios fluyen como agua en manantial

First, with this CMS tool, you can design, create and operate a website or online store. In order for the Joomla content manager to be able to use hosting functions it must have one or more domains.

Today, web page or online store hosting is an alternative for companies and individuals who want to design their own sites. Joomla Hosting is one of the best platforms available on the Internet.

The evaluation of this content manager is based on the ease of installation, plugins, modules, user friendliness and how simple it is to manage an online store.

Joomla offers control over the content and design of templates which make up the appearance of your website in an easy, tidy and simple way. You can also manage your shop’s products easily.

If the business is going to focus on selling items of various types, Joomla is the ideal site because it is the most recommended for online stores. If your intention is to sell on the web, Joomla has several components that facilitate e-commerce.

This E Commerce solution offers very simple and standard features that will make shipping, product and payment management very simple and easy to apply for online stores.

For all this to work properly, Joomla hosting will help you boost your project thanks to the technical features it has.

Alternatives to Joomla Hosting to Create Websites or Online Store

Joomla is an excellent CMS, however there are other very good ones that can help you create your free online store.

Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

Top 10 Hosting for Joomla

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Why it is Important to Choose a Suitable Hosting for Joomla

It is very important to choose the right hosting for your CMS, since the success of your website or online store will depend largely on this decision.

You can see the large number of suppliers with different prices, even offering free service, excellent promotions and incredible discounts. But, it’s not just a matter of price.

In principle, it is advisable to choose a web host, according to the size and scope of the project. Then, the guarantee of data security such as computing, availability time, technical support, visibility, and accessibility to the website.

Hire Joomla: Features to consider

Before deciding on any option, you should be clear about the scope of the project, its future projection, the web presence you aspire to and the present and future requirements with respect to your website. Because it is not enough to be on the Internet, you must stand out.

You must consider the load speed, server availability, quality of support, technological requirements of the project and location of the servers, among other aspects.

joomla características relevantes para el hosting

1. Loading speed

Google has announced that the loading time of a website or online store is now part of its algorithm. In other words, if your website loads fast, Google will give preference and it will appear higher in the search results.

A hosting’s load speed should guarantee one of the best available load times for simultaneous servers. If you decide on a more advanced plan your website or online store will load even faster.

2. Server availability

A good hosting for this application should design and maintain its own servers, with professional Joomla hosting. It delivers a complete hosting solution, which guarantees the performance, availability and stability you need to drive your project forward. If the server is always available, you have more chances that your website or online store will generate more money.

3. Quality Support

Customer Service and Technical Support available 24/7/365 through all forms of communication and, some of them in different languages. Also available to attend technical problems or doubts with the use of tools.

If they are available at any time of the day and for all kinds of eventualities, accessing in real time with a telephone number whose communication is free, technical support is usually considered even better.

4. Security

You need to hire a reliable, stable and secure provider with no problems to complain about. With good SSL certificates that encrypt personal information, your payments and those made by users every time they make a transaction in your online store. This prevents this data from being passed on to third parties.

In addition to being important to protect your users, Google has announced that having SSL certificates now will help you rank better in search engines.

5. Technological requirements of your project

Each project requires different technical specifications, depending on several aspects. Size, number of visits, so it is essential that you have clear all the requirements of your project. That is why we will check the services to be contracted and the appropriate plan for the online shop.

6. Where are your servers located?

Knowing the location of the servers is substantial to any project. Depending on how close it is located it can significantly improve the loading times of your website.

How to Install a Hosting for Joomla

The installation of the hosting for this application is really simple. You will only have to contract the plan that interests you most and you will be able to start using it by following a few small steps.

La instalación de los hosting para esta aplicación son realmente sencillos

Most of the Joomla hosting companies offer a manual so that you know the steps you have to follow and that everything is easier.

From this point on, it would be necessary to install Joomla, but the truth is that practically all the hosting for this application have it already pre-installed, so you should only start your project. We offer you a quick guide, so you know how to do it, just in case.

We access the site using FTP. If you have other sites you must create a folder with the name of the section. Create a database by adding the database name and password. Then click on create.

Once you have your database and all the files in your hosting you can set up hosting for Joomla on your website. You must go to the installation address and there you will see an announcement containing the terms and conditions.

In the screen that will show you after the terms and conditions you must put the requirements that they ask you. In the next window, put the parameters of the database you created a few steps ago.

In the next window put the address of the project and the base to enter the admin. Finally create the administrator account. Put the name, mail and data requested.

The providers recommended in this analysis on CMS hosting for Joomla have specialized technical support. This provides you with help on various didiomas 24 hours a day.

Price, Promotions and Payment Methods for Joomla

configurar hosting para cms joomla

Due to the large number of web hosting providers that exist today, there are many plans and prices available for each user to choose the one they consider best in terms of project requirements and budget.

The prices available in the Joomla services are very accessible for all those interested in having this CMS.

It is important to emphasize this point since it facilitates access to all new users interested in managing their own websites.

1. Prices

The prices of the hosting that can host this application are very different. These will depend on both the Joomla hosting you choose and the plan within each of the hosts.

The lowest prices, for the most basic plans, can go from 3 to 8 euros. From there, the better the plan you need, the more the price will go up. You can find an average plan for around 20 £-30.

2. Promotions

Like prices, promotions vary greatly. You can find options in which the more expensive the plan chosen, the greater the promotion can be. In others the percentage of discount is lower in terms of the better plan chosen.

Since each hosting has different promotions and some of them don’t even have them, it is best to find out about each hosting separately. You will always have to choose one that fits the requirements of your project as well as your budget.

3. Payment Method

There are many payment methods available for the different hosts for this application.
Below we name the most typical or the most repeated in the different hosting, mainly the first two.
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Crypto-Currencies
Hosting Price Promotions
Hostinger From 0.80 euros per month to 33.50 euros per month From 50% to 70% discount
HostGator From 3.61 euros per month to 5.44 euros per month 60% on all your available hosting plans
BlueHost From 3.59 euros per month to 16.69 euros per month From 40% to 60% discount

Hosting opinions for Joomla

Here are the opinions of 3 Joomlas users, so you can have more clarity when deciding for them:

“Joomla gave me total comfort in creating my website and constantly updating it. Its interface is easy, intuitive and user friendly. My opinions are more than positive”.

“I was a cPanel and WordPress user and wanted to try out more CMS. That’s when I read reviews on the Internet and decided to buy Joomla services. I do not regret it, since it has been economical and fulfills all the functionalities. I would certainly repeat the experience.

“Joomla makes it easier for me to write articles for my corporate blog. I didn’t know what CMS to use and I chose Joomla after seeing the good reviews and reviewing its ease of use. Creating SEO-oriented content to improve my e-commerce sales has never been easier”.

Conclusion about Joomla Hosting

Joomla is the second most popular content management system for many types of sites. It allows you to get your site ready quickly without having to know about coding or other technical issues.

However, the only thing you need a site made with Joomla is a web hosting solution capable of giving you the right support.

configurar hosting para cms joomlaFortunately, there are many options to choose from that will give you exactly what you need.

In fact, most of the web hosting providers noted in our analysis have programs included in their service that intuitively install the Joomla CMS with just one or two clicks. This allows you to create a shop or website quickly.

To make it easier, these companies offer various levels of hosting, and all of them work well with shops or websites created with Joomla.

That said, the providers and their different plans offer good results, so they are all worthy of your trust.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting for Joomla

❤️️ Why choose a Hosting for Joomla?

Having a hosting for Joomla will make the whole process of creating and maintaining your web project much easier. Due to the features that your project offers you will be able to climb positions in Google more quickly.

➡️ What is Server Availability in a Joomla Hosting?

Server availability is the capacity that allows a service run smoothlyThe system is designed to be able to respond to a software or hardware failure. A solution in the hardware guarantees that the server works in an interrupted way.

So it usually uses redundant power systems, network hard disks and more tools to maintain your website or online shop available. It is very important to contract a hosting with good availability of the server.

⛔ What are the Cons of Free Joomla Hosting?

Usually free hosting has many limitations. In addition, there is no guarantee of satisfaction, no backups, usually no up-to-date software and poor technical support. The only advantage is that you don’t pay.

⚡ What is cPanel and what is it for in a Joomla Hosting?

The CPanel is a control panel designed to manage your hostingThis is a hosting account manager. In it you can make changes like: Create accounts and mailing lists. Create FTP accounts (directories), create subdomains, etc.

⭐ Is Joomla Hosting Easy to Manage?

Yes, it is very easy. Anyone can to use a hosting for Joomla, even those who do not have computer knowledge. Everyone can access the different options, both via FTP and with system administrators from the control panel.

️⛳️ Is Hosting for Joomla Good for Creating an Online Store?

Joomla is one of the most appropriate CMS for the creation of an online store. It will allow you to manage all your products in a simple way. It will also facilitate the purchase process for your customers. No doubt Joomla is an excellent option to consider for creating your shop and hosting it in a Joomla hosting will help.

✌️ What is Joomla and what is the purpose of having a Joomla Hosting?

On the web it is known as the second Content Management System (CMS) after WordPress. Joomla is a flexible platform used to create and manage any store. It allows the manager and the user to interact on the web by publishing contents and comments. Having a hosting for Joomla makes the process easier and more successful.

➕ What kind of websites can be created with Joomla?

Joomla provides freedom of action and hosting it in a good Joomla hosting will make the result even better. This gives you the opportunity to set up different types of websites, such as

Blogs, Analysis Pages, Offer Sites, Portfolios, Online Shops and endless possibilities, thanks to the library of free extensions that Joomla puts at your disposal.

✨ How can I migrate my existing Joomla website?

To transfer your existing Joomla site, you must first create a full backup. The easiest way to do this is with a plugin like Akeeba Backup. These allow you to easily make duplicates and restore Joomla-based sites.

Some hosting for Joomla has the feature of allowing data to be transferred from an existing website to Joomla directly. This will make the process even easier.

⚠️ Can I use Joomla for eCommerce?

Of course I do, and there are many ways to do it. Inside the free Joomla plugin directory, you will find several extensions that will turn your website into a virtual store. Each plugin has particular features and you can try them out before deciding which one is right for your needs. Using a hosting for Joomla will make the online shop reach more people.

This has been all about the best hosting for CMSJoomla. There are a lot of them, so it is best to make sure in advance that you are making the right choice.

You can consult in Hosting Victory analysis and opinions about the different web services, so that you can take them into consideration and make the best decision when choosing a hosting for your project.

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