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Inmotion: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Inmotion is a company that has been providing hosting services since 2001. It has earned a excellent position on the market thanks to the quality of its service and the variety of its plans. Among them are excellent services for WordPress and an easy to use cPanel.

Currently, Inmotion is a supplier that has more than 300,000 registered domains and hosted. This is a pretty good figure in such a competitive market. Additionally, it allows its users administrator access through cPanel.

Below you will find all the information you need to know if Inmotion hosting provider is the right one for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inmotion Hosting


  • 90 days money back guarantee.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Private SSL certificates.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • +310 applications to install.
  • He’s got cPanel.


  • Server location in the U.S. only
  • It’s in English.
  • Not the cheapest.

Offers and Plans of Inmotion





100 GB

See the plan





45 GB

See the plan





1000 GB

See the plan

Why Choose Inmotion in 2022?

Choosing a good hosting is the beginning of any successful project. Remember that all the data of your project will be stored there. It will be the point where your users will connect to view the content.

If you don’t choose the right hosting for a project, you will have many problems with the development of your website, from crashes to a very slow speed that damages the experience of your visitors.

Inmotion hosting cuenta con una amplia variedad de planes para sus usuarios.

The services offered by Inmotion are perfect for developing any project. These have quite optimal features and very affordable prices for any pocket.

It is of vital importance that you make the right choice of hosting provider and plan. Each, including Inmotion, has different specifications and are intended for different types of project.

If you want to make a web with WordPress the best thing is to look for one that has cPanel, as is the case of Inmotion. With cPanel you can both install WordPress and configure it later.

Characteristics of a Quality Hosting as Inmotion

1. Ease of use

Ease of use is an important feature when starting out in the hosting world. Inmotion offers you ease of use in all its services, which makes it a useful hosting for all new users.

It is important to have this feature even if you have experience, and that speeds up the times of use. It also speeds up the development of your web project.

The interface they offer and the use of the cPanel are points that collaborate in the ease of use. Inmotion, undoubtedly, takes good care of this aspect in all its services.

2. Domain Names

The domain names are necessary to give identity to your website and your project. Because of this you must obtain a good name that adapts to your site taking care of semantics and aesthetics.

Este proveedor ofrece nombres de dominio diferentes para todos sus usuarios.

Inmotion offers a wide variety of extensions. They have a select variety designed to satisfy all users and their projects. Specialized extensions for a specific sector or country.

It is very important to make a good choice in your domain extinction. Choosing it will often help you in the SEO positioning of your website.

3. Mail

Inmotion is a company that excels in offering incredible features in their plans. As for the mailbox is not left behind. It offers unlimited emails in many of its plans at excellent prices.

Having a professional email gives you certain benefits that should be taken into account, especially if your project starts to develop. Having a corporate image gives an excellent impression to all those interested in collaborating with you.

In addition, the security provided by having a professional email is also very positive. We recommend you to count on Inmotion and its plans with excellent email services available.

4. Data Base

As for the database, being a company located in the United States, it has its data centers located in that same country.

It has two databases, one located in Herndon, Virginia and the other in Los Angeles, California. The location of the data centers will help you to ensure the proper functioning of the same.

Inmotion has state-of-the-art technology in its data centers. This guarantees quality assurance. In addition, optimal security for all its active users.

5. Applications

With Inmotion Hosting you can have all the necessary applications for your website. They give you the possibility to work your site with a wide variety of applications available for it.

En inmotion podrás tener tu cms wordpress preinstalado sin coste extra.

As you enter the world of web hosting you will realize that not all providers have this important feature. It will be useful for your site to have certain applications.

Very useful CMS such as WordPress or Joomla are also available for your sites. This way, you will be sure to have an optimized and high quality site.

6. Storage

The storage in the hosting plans with Inmotion are not a problem, because they offer you a great storage in all their available plans.

In all cases of websites that you may be creating or thinking of creating, having a large capacity storage will help you to solve problems in the future.

If your web project obtains a high growth in the development of the same one you are going to need more space. The latter is normal with other providers available on the network. With Inmotion this is not the case thanks to the excellent features they offer you.

7. Transfer

In inmotion you can not only start your journey in the world of web hosting. You can also transfer your websites created by other companies for free.

Una de las ventajas de este proveedor es que te permite hacer transferencia de sitios web Inmotion

If you already have experience in this area, you know that you can transfer websites free of charge. This is a very good feature that stands out from the competition.

For this reason we highlight this point so much, as it is very convenient for the transfer of domain. If you are interested in transferring your site to a better hosting, Inmotion is your right choice.

8. Multisite

This company offers the option of multisite hosting. This is to be welcomed, as most web developers nowadays want to create many websites.

Having a multisite option in the same hosting service will solve many headaches. It solves management and production time problems.

Speeding things up is always important in any project, web or otherwise. For this reason, Inmotion meets the expectations and offers you quality in this section too.

9. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is a key feature of any website that wants to be taken seriously. That little padlock that you can see in your visitors’ browsers helps you to show that your site is trustworthy.

Features like these should be offered by all hosts who wish to be recognized by the community as one of the best.

On a business level, the SSL Certificate will help you make a first impression. Not only that. Google positions you better if you have it.

As you can see, having the SSL certificate gives you many benefits that must be taken into account.

10. Support Quality

The quality of technical support offered by Inmotion is of a very high standard. It stands out among its competition due to the security and trust that all its users provide.

La calidad del soporte de inmotion está avalada por los usuarios del proveedor.

They have very qualified and professional staff that will be available to all of you if you hire this service.

We recommend that you hire a hosting company that has good technical support, as it will help you solve any doubts and problems that may arise with your contracted service.

Inmotion’s technical support is one of the best on the web hosting market today.

Services offered by Inmotion

Inmotion is a company committed to offering quality in all its services. Each of the services offered by Inmotion has a guarantee of correct operation and guaranteed stability.

Entre los servicios que ofrece Inmotion está el hosting para empresas.

  • Shared web hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Server
  • Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Resellers
  • Agencies
  • Domains

How to Install your Web Page with Inmotion

Installing a hosting is a procedure that can be difficult if you do not have the necessary knowledge. A bad configuration can derive in future problems for your web.

La Instalación de página web con este proveedor es rápida y se realiza en unos sencillos pasos.

Quality providers, such as Inmotion, offer assistance to all their customers with respect to the installation of the service. Ensuring that this is configured correctly and does not generate subsequent problems.

For any questions you may have, including installing and configuring WordPress with cPanel, please contact Inmotion customer service and technical support will solve it.

They will help you to solve any problem you have during the installation of your Inmotion provider. To do this, you can contact them by phone, which means a more personal treatment immediately.

But if your question is not in a hurry, it is best to use the contact email. They will respond as soon as possible to any problems that may arise during the configuration of the hosting.

In the same way, if you think you can do the installation yourself, here are a few steps you can take. These are indicative and general, so you’d better also check the instructions of Inmotion when you hire their service.

  • You have to get the services of a domain.
  • Know what are the requirements you need for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the hosting.
  • Use the cPanel tools to control the hosting.
  • After that you must configure the server for the administrators.
  • Finally you must access your website through the hosting.

Esta empresa es un proveedor de hosting con sede central en USA.

Plans, Prices and Promotions of Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion offers a variety of plans for all of you. Among its services are various types of hosting. You should choose the one that best suits the requirements of the project you are going to create.

It should be noted that all Inmotion plans have the use of cPanel, which is an advantage for the development of any project. It also offers specialized hosting plans for WordPress.

1. Pricing

Inmotion offers 4 different types of plans, which have their own technical specifications. As we have already indicated, you should choose the one that suits your project.

The plans offered by Inmotion hosting provider are the following:

  • Hosting for WordPress from 6.34 euros per month.
  • Dedicated servers from 95.93 euros per month.
  • Hosting for businesses from 5.80 euros per month.
  • VPS servers from 19.10 ? per month.

Each of the plans of Inmotion has other sub plans that may interest you. On the official website of the provider you can consult more specific details.

The plans offered by Inmotion hosting provider are the following:

  • Hosting for WordPress from 5.71 euros per month.
    • WP-1000S 5.71 EURO.
    • WP-2000S 8.15.
    • WP-3000S 10.60 EURO.
    • WP-4000S 16.32
    • WP-VPS $26.47.
    • WP-DEDICATED 95.23.
  • Dedicated servers from £95.93 per month.
    • Essential 95.93 euro.
    • ADVANCED 150.56 EURO.
    • ELITE 206.80.
    • CC-500 308.38
    • CC-1000 975.50
    • CC-2000 470.73 EURO.
  • Hosting for businesses from 5.80 euros per month.
    • LAUNCH 5.80 EURO.
    • POWER 7.71 EURO.
    • PRO 13.34.
  • VPS servers from 26.47 euros per month.
    • VPS-1000HA-S 26.47
    • VPS-2000HA-S 42.98 EURO.
    • VPS-3000HA-S 62.89 EURO.

2. Promotions

In order to compete in a market as overwhelming as hosting, it is necessary to offer good promotions. In the case of Inmotion, each plan has a different discount if contracted for more than 2 years.

The discounts offered by Inmotion in each of its plans are as follows:

  • Hosting for WordPress 22% discount.
  • Dedicated servers 33% discount.
  • Business hosting 20% discount.
  • VPS servers 39% discount.

Each of the service’s sub-plans has other discounts. You can consult them on the official website of Inmotion at the time of hiring.

3. Methods of payment

The payment methods offered by Inmotion are not very varied.

The only possible ways to pay for the service are Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The absence of online payment processors such as PayPal may make it a little difficult to obtain the service.

Plan Prices Promotions
Hosting for WordPress $6.34 a month. 22% discount.
Dedicated servers $95.93 a month. 33% discount.
Hosting for businesses 5.80 per month 20% discount
VPS servers $19.10 a month 39% discount

Opinions about Inmotion Hosting

Many opinions highlight users who have more than 5 sites hosted by Inmotion hosting after having been satisfied with the first service contracted. It offers a very good quality and stability in the websites. On the other hand, the customer service and technical support, a very important feature for most of the users, stands out.

“Inmotion Hosting is easy to use and you don’t have to wait long to have your website set up. If you want, you can leave it in their hands so that everything is ready without doing anything.

“I chose Inmotion after reading positive reviews of the service. Their low price convinced me and I am very satisfied with their work”.

“If you’re looking for a simple, but not over-the-top pre-configured hosting, Inmotion seems like one of the best options.

Conclusion about Inmotion Hosting

In conclusion, we can tell you that Inmotion’s services are quite good. The features it handles on its servers are among the best in the market and prices are very accessible.

Also, its technical support is very attentive to its clients responding quickly and with timely solutions to any inconvenience. This is something that is very much appreciated for this type of service.

Also important is the fact that it offers cPanel in all its plans, which is very convenient. This will allow you to install many additional add-ons, such as WordPress, for any project.

Their payment methods are somewhat limited compared to other providers. However, it is still quite feasible that they accept credit cards.

Without a doubt, Inmotion is one of the suppliers to take into account today. They guarantee that your project takes the best course.

Alternatives to Inmotion

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Inmotion Hosting technical sheet and features

Features Inmotion Hosting
Price from $2.79
View offer
Shared hosting from $6.39
Dedicated hosting from $75.69
VPS hosting from $29.99
Warranty 90 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 4
Charging time 180ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space Unmetered
RAM memory From 4GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Inmotion Hosting

✅ Is WordPress Compatible with Inmotion?

Yes, WordPress is fully compatible with the services of Inmotion and can be installed with cPanel. In fact, this hosting provider offers a plan specialized in websites designed with WordPress.

You can hire an optimized service for this CMS with a good performance and configure it with cPanel.

➡️ Does Inmotion Plans Have cPanel?

Yes, all of this hosting service provider’s plans have administration via cPanel. This is a very big benefit, since it allows you to install many features, such as WordPress, that provide utility and value.

✌️ Can I connect a domain from another provider to Inmotion?

It is possible connect a domain from another supplier. It’s actually very simple. Just go to the domain management panel of the provider where you are registered and change the DNS. You must place the ones assigned to you by Inmotion for your plan.

⛔ Is It Possible Pay Inmotion with PayPal?

No, this hosting service provider does not accept PayPal. The only way to pay for your services is by using a credit card.

⚡ Is Inmotion's Technical Support of Quality?

Inmotion’s technical support team is attentive to any inconvenience you may have during the service. They are also fully available to help with the configuration and installation of any element within your hosting.

If you have problems configuring WordPress with cPanel they will help you. We can say that it offers a quality support without a doubt.

This was our entire analysis of the services provided by Inmotion. We hope it will be useful to you if you want to hire him.

In case you’re still not convinced, you can find another international hosting or see other services of web hosting to see which one is best for you.

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Opinions and Experience of Inmotion Users

Have you used Inmotion before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using an Inmotion service in the comments

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