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Ionos: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Ionos was founded in 1988, with a single goal, to make information technology easy to understand and use. Thanks to the commitment to offer a reliable and secure product and to the design of its own database architecture.

It has a huge network and strategic locations in Europe and the USA. Opening up the market to many customers. Giving them the possibility to have a presence on the Internet, and take advantage of digital services.

Ionos Hosting offers services available to freelancers starting out in the online world. To business owners in full development and to big companies. Ionos is the largest web hosting company in Europe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hosting Ionos


  • Excellent telephone technical support.
  • The panel is very easy to use.
  • In all the plans that you contract you will have a totally free domain.
  • It gives you an excellent loading speed.
  • Backup copies for the users.


  • Although the panel is totally customized, if you are one of those who are used to use cPanel it will be a problem.
  • You can’t try it out without signing up first.

Offers and Ionos Plans

Shared Plan


al mes

2 GB

Ver plan

Plan VPS


al mes

80 GB

Ver plan

Dedicated Plan


al mes

1000 GB

Ver plan

Why Choose Ionos in 2021

Ionos is a company committed to offering quality in all its services. This can be seen in the customer service, when using the technical support you will notice the experience and speed in the solution of your problem.

Los beneficios de Contar con el Servicio de Alojamiento de Ionos son muchos, como obtener un certificado SSL incluido

The service offered by Ionos, offers you 24/7 assistance. This means that you will have at your disposal specialized assistance teams. Advice by phone is a viable and practical option. Also e-mail or chat.

Ionos offers one of the best cloud infrastructures, offering high performance products adapted to all your needs.

One point to take into account is the experience of this company, they have more than 30 years in the business.

You will be very comfortable with its customized panel, very similar to cPanel.

Ionos Analysis and Features

The characteristics of all suppliers are important. You must always take into account all the distinctions of each service provider to find the best hosting for your web project.

1. Ease of use

Ionos hosting has this feature. Since they have a very friendly interface with the user. Intuitive to use and easy to access. Although it doesn’t have cPanel, the panel that offers you is excellent for the ease of use that offers you.

2. Domain Names

Specific domain names to gain visibility on the web are widely used. Ionos Hosting offers you a large number of popular and specific domain names that can be tailored to your project.

3. Mail

It is important to build trust by creating a business with a personalized email address and your own domain. Ionos has an excellent variety of email plans.

4. Data Bases

This provider gives you security in the operation of the database. It is important because it allows you to store a large amount of information in an organized way. In this way you can find and use the stored information easily and quickly.

5. Applications

By contracting this service you will be able to have more than 30 apps available for your use.

Las aplicaciones de Ionos son variadas y se adaptan a las necesidades del usuario.

Applications such as WordPressa, Dokuwiki. Dolibarr, Concrete5, Magento and many more.

Although it does not have cPanel, if you are a user of this service, you will feel comfortable with its control panel.

Besides having a large number of apps available, Ionos hosting offers a pre-installation made by them so that you only have to think about the development of your project.

6. Storage

You have a large amount of storage available in your plans. The basic plan has 50gb of storage available. This is good because you have different plans with different amounts of storage for different types of projects.

7. Transfer

As with storage, the service offered by Ionos gives you a large number of available transfers. This is a point to keep in mind as it is crucial for certain projects. From the basic plan you can count on unlimited transfers.

8. Multisite

Ionos Hosting has WordPress multisite which will allow you to manage more than 2 websites in a comfortable and appropriate way. This is good for all those who want to manage more than 2 websites simultaneously. Its control panel, similar to cPanel, makes things even easier.

9. SSL Certificate

Ionos offer you a Wildcard SSL certificate totally free when you contract a dedicated hosting service.

It will be very helpful to you in the development of your website to have this feature on your website.

It provides security for your customers and visitors. Having the SSL certificate is synonymous with security and quality on your website.

10. Support Quality

Thanks to the company’s dedication to providing quality service, over time they have developed a high quality technical support, specializing in providing assistance to all its users.

They even have dedicated support for WordPress in their plans related to this important CMS.

What services does Ionos Hosting offer

From Ionos they offer a huge variety of hosting services for their clients. They will be available in your project depending on the plan you purchase and are as follows:

  • Domains.
  • Control panel similar to cPanel
  • Domain transfer.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Create a web page.
  • Easy start online.
  • Shared hosting.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • VPS servers.
  • Dedicated servers. (functional for Linux and Windows).
  • Managed WordPress hosting.
  • Online marketing. (company locator, SEO tools: rankingCoach)
  • E-mail marketing tool.
  • Professional e-mail.
  • Cloud storage and backup.

How to Install Ionos Hosting for your website

Unlike the hosting services offered by other companies, with Ionos Hosting you can get rid of this installation burden. They offer you automatic installation of the service and even personal technical assistance.

La instalación de Ionos para página web es sencilla y puedes contar con soporte para ayudarte.

This is great for anyone just starting out in the world of web hosting. You will find the attention that this company gives you very useful. It will even help you if you have experience, because of how fast Ionos works in the installation of the hosting.

Anyway, installing a hosting and domain can be done without the need of advanced knowledge or any specific knowledge.

Mainly you must take into account which name or domain you want to use in Ionos and how crucial the Internet can be.

Then you must:

  • Acquiring a domain name.
  • Determine the technological requirements of the project.
  • Buy the right plan.
  • Point the domain DNS to the hosting.
  • Use the Cpanel installatron to install the CMS.
  • Configure options such as administrator users and site name.
  • Enter our new website using the URL of the Ionos domain.

As you can see, nowadays the installation of a hosting in Ionos does not involve any complications. It is a process that can be done by anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge. Therefore, every day there are more users who decide to install their hosting by themselves. But there is also the case of those who prefer more done things.

Prices and Promotions of Ionos Hosting Services

As we know that prices and promotions play an important role in your We bring you a section dedicated to the prices and promotions offered by Ionos Hosting.

1. Prices

Essential Plan: 1 ? the first month, then 3 ? (1 free domain, 50 gb web space, 10 e-mail accounts of 2gb capacity each).

Business Plan: 1 Euro the first month, then 8 Euro (2 free domains, 1 Wildcard SSL certificate, 100 gb web space, 100 e-mail accounts of 2gb capacity each).

Expert Plan: 1 euro for the first month, then 10 euro (3 free domains, 1 Wildcard SSL certificate, 250 gb web space, 250 e-mail accounts of 2gb capacity each)

Premium Plan: 1 Euro the first month, then 15 Euro (4 free domains,, 500 gb web space, 500 e-mail accounts of 2gb capacity each.

As we know that WordPress is very useful and that most of you know this CMS, we show you the prices of the managed wordpress hosting plans offered by Ionos.

  • Essential WordPress Plan: 1 ? for the first month (1 managed WordPress page, 25 gb SSD storage, 10 email accounts. 2 MySQL databases of 1gb capacity, 2 free domains).
  • WordPress Business Plan: 1 ? for the first month (2 managed WordPress pages, 100 gb SSD storage, 100 email accounts. 10 MySQL databases of 1gb capacity, 2 free domains).
  • Expert WordPress Plan: 1 ? for the first month (5 managed WordPress pages, 1 certificate, 200gb SSD storage, 500 email accounts. 50 MySQL databases of 1gb capacity .).

2. Promotions

Ionos doesn’t have any big promotions. But it allows you easy access to the first mer of the service you want to hire. In all the Hosting plans they have available they offer you the service the first month for only 1 ?.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to try the service before hiring it for much longer. Or for everyone who is just starting out in the world of hosting and wants to try out the service offered by a high quality company.

Tratamos un proveedor de dominios y hosting con sede en España

3. Payment Methods

With Ionos you can make your payments by direct debit (SEPA), credit card and Paypal.

Ionos Plans Price Promotion
Essential Plan The first month 1, then 3 First month’s cost 1 ?.
Business Plan The first month 1 ?, then 8 ? First month’s cost 1
Expert Plan The first month 1, then 10 First month’s cost 1
Premium Plan The first month 1, then 15 Cost of the first month 1 ?.
Essential WordPress The first month 1, then 7 First month’s cost 1
Business WordPress The first month 1, then 11 First month’s cost 1
Expert WordPress The first month 1, then 15 First month’s cost 1

Opinions on the Ionos Hosting Service

Enjoy the opinions of Ionos users to learn more about their hosting service:

“I am happy with every service I have contracted with Ionos hosting. The technical support has solved my problems very quickly”.

“The hosting offered by Ionos is of high quality. I have 8 websites hosted with this provider and they all work perfectly.”

“I don’t have much experience with web hosting services. But despite being my first service provider under contract I am happy. Their control panel, similar to cPanel, is very easy to use”

Conclusion About Ionos Hosting Service

The service offered by Ionos hosting has been specialized and perfected. Thanks to the great time of the company in the market. The technical support offered by Ionos is remarkable for its 24/7 availability.

They also have a variety of plans for all types of web projects. From projects with few technical requirements, to more advanced projects that require a higher capacity.

It offers you the facility to acquire the Ionos hosting service at a low price in the first month. It is very useful for all those who want to try the service and then tell you about it if you are convinced.

The service in general offered by Ionos Hosting is of very good quality, you can see the effort is to improve. It gives you confidence and web stability. It is also important to highlight the speed of load that they offer you in their hosting services.

Alternatives to Ionos Hosting

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Ionos Hosting technical and characteristic sheet

Features Hosting Ionos
Price from $1
View offer
Shared hosting from 2€
Dedicated hosting from 20€
VPS hosting from 5€
Warranty 30 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 4
Charging time 910ms
Control Panel IONOS by 1&1
Disk space From 10GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Ionos Hosting

✌️ Does Ionos Hosting work with WordPress?

Yes, in fact it has a special hosting service for WordPress. in which they offer you a managed WordPress service. You can forget about wasting time installing and managing WordPress on your website.

✅ Does the Hosting that offers Ionos have a good technical service?

For the time of the company and the excellent quality of the service. The technical support of Ionos is of very good quality. It is fast in solving problems by trained personnel available to you 24 hours a day.

✨ Does Ionos Hosting work with cPanel?

No, Ionos offers you a good alternative to the cPanel. The Ionos panel is very easy to use and allows you, if you are new to the hosting world, to manage your site with great ease and confidence.

⚠️ How do I install WordPress on Ionos Hosting?

If you have this doubt you probably don’t know anything about it. Ionos is perfect for all new users who want to start a project. It allows you to count on the automatic installation of this service after the hosting plan contract.

❤️ What are the Disadvantages of the Ionos Hosting Service?

Although the Ionos panel is totally customized, if you are one of those who are used to use cPanel it will be a problem. Because it does not come directly with the conventional cPanel service.

You can’t try it out without signing up first. This is a disadvantage to take into account if you are one of those who prefer to try the services before hiring them.

For those of you who have come in search of the best hosting, there are many options. One of the best known is the Ionos hosting service, but here we will talk about more options available for web hosting.

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Ionos Users' Opinions and Experience

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