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Liquidweb: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Are you in search of the best hosting service for your fully managed company? Liquidweb has been offering one of the best managed server hosting services on the market since 1997.

With a level of activity of 99.999% of the time and personalized attention 24 hours a day, we are in front of a high level supplier with a proposal of excellence oriented to the business or corporate sector.

Throughout this article we will help you decide if Liquidweb is the hosting service you were looking for your company, agency, business or enterprise, always keeping in mind that it offers a high level of personalized service and reflected in the price.

Pros and Cons of Liquidweb Hosting


  • Personalized attention 24/7.
  • High-end service.
  • Time guarantee over 99.99%.
  • Very easy to use managed cPanel.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Business Webmail.
  • Managed WordPress.


  • Not suitable for amateurs.
  • The price is high.

LiquidWeb Offers and Plans

PLAN Compartido


al mes

15 GB

Ver plan

Plan VPS


al mes

100 GB




al mes

500 GB


Why Choose Liquidweb Hosting in 2021?

It offers its users an excellent service. In that sense, it is more than a hosting service or hosting on a server. It is a company that develops high level digital solutions.

It provides a fully managed hosting service, with complementary products also managed to achieve the best results in web space management.

It is important to emphasize that because it is a personalized service that carries a high price and was designed to meet a particular audience: Companies. We can thus understand any business or enterprise, but we understand that the service does not fit the needs of individual users.

The company has a strong interference in the maintenance of the server, but also in the simplification of processes. In return, to handle options in a different way from what is set out, there is an extra step that is to request changes that you might otherwise make yourself.

Liquidweb es un proveedor internacional de hosting con buen funcionamiento en todos sus planes.

Liquidweb Hosting Analysis and Features

So that comparing hosting services does not become a task of weeks, we offer you this analysis of all the features to take into account when choosing Liquidweb as your ultimate choice or compare it with any other hosting service.

1. Ease of use

This is a managed hosting service, which means greater provider involvement to simplify user tasks. Using it is very simple, its cPanel is very comfortable and you always have the human support at a single click.

This user-friendly policy also covers the rest of the products such as your cPanel or your auto-installer-managed version of WordPress that make it significantly easier.

2. Domain Names

Provides users with the possibility of registering domains. The procedure is similar to that of any hosting, you must first check that the desired domain is available and register it before selecting the duration of the registration that determines the price.

The search, registration and hosting of a domain is very simple thanks to the organized and very easy to use cPanel offered by this provider.

3. Webmail

It guarantees a premium managed business webmail hosting service. This means that they provide an easy to use solution developed especially for corporate users who may require from a handful of accounts to thousands.

Among the features of this service are antispam and antivirus, mailboxes from 25GB with basic plan, automatic settings, aliases, webmail chat and in the higher plans public folders, calendar, active directory and many more functions.

4. Databases

Among the services highlighted are the high-availability database with instant replication between two redundant nodes for absolute protection.

At this point we can see that it is a company dedicated to developing products for a professional public, always in pursuit of the highest quality. This in turn means that it does not develop economically priced versions of ordinary features.

Liquidweb cuenta con aplicaciones y herramientas para sus planes de hosting.

5. Applications

Its high service managed application hosting solutions. Allows development teams to take care of their own tasks with the Liquidweb team as a partner to do the dirty work of updates, maintenance and patching.

6. Storage

The services offered include storage space on the chosen media which can be physical or cloud. You can opt for storage on a dedicated, shared, or cloud server also dedicated or shared.

The storage space varies along with the price and support, which is finally chosen based on the advice of the team to always obtain a perfect solution for every need.

7. Transfer

To transfer a domain from or to Liquidweb the procedure is very simple. First you must unlock the domain and request the sending of the EPP code through the cPanel or request ticket depending on the hosting where it is registered or hosted.

That EPP unlock code must be forwarded to the professional in charge or registered in the new hosting through the cPanel. The delay depends on the registration authority and is usually less than five days.

8. Multisite

The programs for your users have no limitation on the number of sites you can host on a server. Whether it is a dedicated server program, cloud hosting or some other, the limit will be the amount of resources (memory) included in the selected plan.

Liquidweb hosting tiene planes variados con diferentes precios para sus usuarios.

9. SSL Certificate

Obtaining an SSL certificate can become essential so that your site can receive all kinds of visits with peace of mind about security when entering personal information or making payments.

Among the services offered you will find the possibility to manage through its cPanel or webmail the obtaining of a SSL certificate for your site hosted in the hosting

10. Quality of Support

Above average. Liquidweb leaves nothing to chance and the attention to its users is one of the firm’s strengths. The managed service involves taking care of simplifying any complications beforehand, but also the highest predisposition to solve problems on the fly.

With an abundance of professional experts, solutions and help in this managed hosting service find quick response via phone or 24-hour live chat, plus an outstanding ticketing service for forms.

Services offered by Liquidweb Hosting

Liquidweb offers its users a fully managed proposal. This means that the services it offers have a much higher incidence, support and pre-configuration at the expense of the provider than a standard hosting service.

The experience at Liquidweb will be personalized even before hiring your services. To choose the perfect plan, the firm offers personalized help by phone or through its live chat, where you will also receive advice for site or application migrations.

The contract includes the proactive management of the server hosting in terms of security, availability and network issues. The maintenance of the updated server and operating system is also carried out by your professionals for greater security.

The products are classified as: dedicated server, VPS hosting, dedicated cloud, private VPS parent, webmail, private cloud VMware, managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce.

It is clear that companies or projects with matching needs require the greatest attention and their human resources are always available to provide solutions and complete management of hosting environments.

In addition, on the site you will find all kinds of tools grouped into managed hosting, solutions and managed applications. They also offer freelance programs, business, agencies and resellers.

How to Install Liquidweb for Hosting your Website

To use Liquidweb the most convenient is to take advantage of their product advice service from the beginning to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Then you will have to create an account by selecting the service and the payment method to be used.

The next step is to install the cPanel to manage your online server from where you can add, migrate or register domains, upload your website created with managed WordPress or other CMS and the rest of the functions related to your server.

It also offers a pre-installed managed WordPress service to make creating and managing your site easy. All installations can be done with supervision from the support service so that they are always quick and successful.

For any questions you may have, including installing and configuring WordPress with cPanel, please contact Liquidweb customer service and technical support will be happy to answer them.

They will help you solve any problems you have during the installation of your Liquidweb provider. To do this, you can contact them by phone, which means a more personal treatment immediately.

But if your question is not in a hurry, it is best to use the contact email. They will respond as soon as possible to any problems that may arise during the configuration of the hosting.

Price and Promotions of Liquidweb

After talking about the excellent quality of the service and the amount of resources that Liquidweb makes available to its clients, we can imagine that the most difficult thing to talk about is the price.

And the feeling does not fail, Liquidweb is not a hosting service available to anyone but one designed for customers with particular professional needs and the ability to pay the price to meet them.

1. Liquidweb prices

To talk about cost it is important to understand that it offers a wide variety of products at a very varied price, although it always has the value of a service of the highest quality and demand.

As for the standard service dedicated managed server, it has a value of $199 per month that can be upgraded in a longer contract. The price range reaches $549 for the intel gold server 6130 package.

Liquidweb offers other services with varied prices like VPS hosting from $15 per month, private VPS parent from $109, dedicated cloud from $99 and private cloud from WMware for $1599.

In addition, you will find managed tool packages such as managed WordPress or managed WooCommerce for a price of $19 per month.

2. Liquidweb promotions

Liquidweb offers some discounts on its prices related to the duration of the contracts. You can also find higher quality or more complex packages at a higher price than the basic published price.

Uno de los planes más adquiridos de este proveedor es el servidor VPS:

3. Liquidweb Payment Methods

Liquidweb accepts payments made with major credit cards, PayPal, check or bank transfers. The payment of the initial order must be made through PayPal or credit card.

Service offer Price Savings
Dedicated server $199 per month from $119 per month for 2 years
VPS Accommodation $59 per month from $15 per month for 2 years
Dedicated cloud 169 per month from $99 per month for 2 years
VMware Private Cloud from $1599 per month
Managed WordPress 19 per month from $16 per month for 1 year
Managed Woocommerce 19 per month from $16 per month for 1 year
Private VPS parent $329 per month Depending on availability there may be a more economical suggested price

Opinions of Liquidweb Hosting

The first thing one notices when reviewing opinions from Liquidweb users is that they mostly come from professional or business users. “Friendly service, timely assistance and quality hosting” is a frequent phrase in the reviews section.

“Paperstreet uses Liquid Web to power over 400 websites in our proprietary content management system” we noted the firm’s profile and ability to serve corporate users.

“The technical support is first class” is one of the recurring opinions on this aspect of the service that evidently generates more than conformity among its users.

Both the cPanel and the managed version of WordPress and the operation of webmail are other services that are weighted in the opinions of users.

Liquidweb Hosting Conclusion

Definitely Liquidweb offers a quality managed hosting service with products of the highest level developed especially to meet complex business or professional needs.

As far as their customer service is concerned, we checked what users’ opinions were about their professionalism and effectiveness. We also noticed the diverse range of products such as cPanel, webmail and WordPress managed have the distinction of being conditioned for professional use.

Liquidqeb te ofrece todo lo que puedes buscar en un proveedor de hosting a un precio competitivo.

But we understand that Liquidweb’s managed hosting service is not developed to meet the needs of individual users, or those who want personalized control by leveraging deep computer knowledge.

For its price and services it is highly recommended, but we only do it for users with specific business needs.

Alternatives to Liquidweb Hosting

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Liquidweb Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Liquidweb Hosting
Price from $19.00
View offer
Shared hosting from $19.00
Dedicated hosting from $199.00
VPS hosting from $59.00
Warranty 30 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 2
Charging time 500ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space From 40GB
RAM memory From 2GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Liquidweb

⭐️ What is Liquidweb?

It is a provider of high-end web hosting services. They offer a managed service (configurations, updates and patching are done directly by the provider) developed especially for business or professional use.

⚡️ How to Transfer a Domain to Liquidweb

Transferring a domain to Liquidweb is very easy. The first thing you must do is unlock the domain where it is registered and request the sending of the EPP code. This code must be forwarded through the corresponding ticket to a specialized professional.

The hosting service will do all the work so that you only have to verify that it is already hosted at Liquidweb hosting.

✅ Is Liquidweb Safe?

Absolutely. Liquidweb has a long list of computer security certifications regarding its software as well as the quality of each server offered.

👌 Why Choose Liquidweb?

It offers a service of the highest quality, both in its professional personalized attention and in each product offered to its users. But to choose it you must have specific business or professional needs and be willing to pay the price for its high-end service.

❤️️ What are the benefits of Liquidweb?

Liquidweb offers web hosting and a wide range of services always in the highest quality. In addition, being a managed hosting service allows you to forget about everything related to maintenance and updating that is in charge of the provider.

It is a service of the highest quality available in the market with excellence in every product offered.

💼 How to Install Liquidweb?

Installing the tools is always very simple. The nature of the managed service means that each installation has been designed and prepared to be simple, with the help and supervision of the Liquidweb team.

You only need to create your account, select the service and pay its price through one of the payment methods. The installation of the cPanel to manage the hosting either in a dedicated server or in a cloud is very easy as it is to use it.

As for the rest of the downloadable products such as WordPress managed, they come with a pre-installation configured, so that the delay is minimal and can be quickly used.

️⛳️ Will you provide me with my own domain name?

Through Liquidweb you can get your own domain. In the administration section you can find the option to generate your domain name before consulting the availability and paying the corresponding price.

✨ What is the price of Liquidweb?

The price will depend on what type of service you contract, but you should know that the service and the excellent products they offer have a cost that is not within the reach of anyone.

🙌 What is the main difference between Liquidweb and Wordpress?

These are very different products. Liquidweb is a hosting and web hosting service provider, that is, it allows you to register the name and give physical support to the website or use a dedicated space on a server.

WordPress is a CMS, the most popular and easy to use one that serves to manage, update and maintain the website. Therefore, Liquidweb serves for the reservation, registration and hosting of the domain, and WordPress for turning it into a managed and meaningful site.

🚀 What is the main difference between Liquidweb and cPanel?

The difference is substantial. Since it is a hosting service provider, it allows you to register a domain and host the site or any content on a server, while cPanel is a control panel for managing the hosting server.

Have you come this far? You know everything you need to decide if Liquidweb Hosting is the service you were looking for. Remember to visit our web hosting page to keep up to date with the opinions of the best professionals.

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Opinions and Experience of Liquidweb Users

Have you used Liquidweb before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Liquidweb hosting service in the comments.

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