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Thrive Architect: Specifications, Pricing and Reviews

Are you looking for an efficient front-end designer for your new website? In that case, you’re going to enjoy all the features of the Thrive Architect platform where you can make impressive creations like a pro.

Thrive Architect is the only visual front-end page designer focused on speed of implementation. It allows you to make website pages, landing pages and blog posts in a short time.

It is likewise the WordPress page builder that focuses on conversion available, which indicates that every template or element is created with the way it will be able to help you attract more users who will later become customers.

When creating a blog, it becomes essential to know how to create sales pages, subscription, Landing Page or just to give a visually stunning touch to your visitors.

This is where you should take into account Thrive Architect, which is a new and improved version of Thrive Content Builder, another visual editor for WordPress that will take your online project to a professional level by having a lot of templates, customization, drag and drop tools and optimizing your design.

Pros and Cons of Thrive Architect


  • Its ease of use and design visualization allows you to create unique and professional designs.
  • It has a lot of special features for mobile devices.
  • The element control panel is much more intuitive and includes options with greater accessibility.
  • When uninstalling the Plugin does not lose content.
  • You can include fully configurable vertical columns.
  • It has more than 100 landing page templates that can be fully customized.
  • It has different elements based on the conversion of a call to action.


  • No warranty cards.
  • Some templates look outdated.

Thrive Architect Pricing and Promotions



Per month

Annual payment ($228)

View plan



Per month

Quaternary payment ($90)

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What is Thrive Architect?

We at Hosting Victory have done our best to give you a great review of Thrive Architect. It is a platform focused on web development for both beginners and professionals who want to expand their knowledge about the creation of pages in a simple, fast, creative way.

Thrive Architect is a Front-end layout and WordPress Plugin dedicated to conversions and business growth. This platform seeks to facilitate the efficient and fast use of the same, eliminating any barriers in business ideas and the presence of this on your website in a professional manner.

Thrive Architect

It is a widely used builder thanks to its short learning curve, as it is a page builder with drag and drop process of various elements, which allow you to have fully customized websites and ensures a building process and an excellent final design.

Why choose Thrive Architect in 2021?

Nowadaysthere are several websites that make it easy for us to create effective pages, without having to be a great designer. Thrive Architect has made such a big change that they have renamed it so that it is not related to the old Thrive Content Plugin.

By using Thrive Architect, you can eliminate the Plugins that you used to use on your site for various functions, this can be possible, since this layout has a variety of features that are constantly used with other Plugins.

Designing tables, maps, columns, buttons or calls to action among others, is very simple. You can count on pre-designed templates to create attractive and personalized Landing Pages, as well as Plugins linked to different functions. With all this, you won’t believe the professional results you can get from this efficient platform.

Thrive Architect Features and Benefits

Thrive Architect platform contains different outstanding features that make it different from other similar platforms. Its flexibility of use will allow you to use it with ease.

Many of its tools will help you work much faster during the process of creating pages and Landing Pages in a simple drag and drop manner.

Pre-Designed Templates Library

Thrive Architect includes a series of pre-designed templates that can be used for different functions, these templates are fully optimized to achieve the goal you want, they can also be customized and you can save them as new templates for you to reuse them in other designs.

Thrive Architect Templates

This plugin has more than 300 different templates, it also has a search engine so you can get some that are more adjustable to what you are needing to turn your page into a whole online business. Some interesting options are:

  • Import Landing Page: With this option you can import another Landing Page to reuse the content.
  • Save Content as Template: If you create a page and incorporate elements that you will use again in other pages, you can save them as templates and thus use the ones you have selected in other documents without having to look for them again.
  • Chage Landing Page Template: This option is quite interesting, as it has a collection of templates that provide you with the work already done. That way, if you have to create a page from scratch, visit this selection first and see if some of the templates have the features you’re looking for, that way you’ll save time.

Design Options

The design that Thrive Architect provides is simple and very fast, so it is suitable for people who do not have more knowledge.

It has a series of pre-designed templates that adapt to any type of function and can also be customized to your liking. Once you have made a selection you must do the following:

  • Add elements: You should only include the necessary ones, such as links, buttons, images, contact forms, maps, and more.
  • Writing content: If you need help with this, you can find it with the artificial intelligence writer.
  • Color selection: Combine as many colors as you want to make the design more eye-catching.
  • Placing images: You can insert images that make an impact just by looking at them.

The design that Thrive Architect offers adapts to what you want to create on your site so that it is captivating and functional and that way you can make it stand out from the rest.

Editing and Styling

Thrive Architect’s editor offers styling with a variety of outstanding tools and features such as the following:

  • Youdon’t have to use codes: You can create a functional and attractive page, without having to worry about using codes that can be a bit complicated.
  • Website tools: You can get noticed with a variety of tools that are creative, attractive and make you stand out from other websites.
  • Highlighted templates: On this platform you have a wide catalog of templates that can be perfect for your website, the best part is that you can customize them to be totally innovative.
  • Controlled creativity: The practice of its functionality and drag and drop editor, make it easy for you to edit, include, change or remove the elements you want.


You can achieve replace all the add-ons you want through conversion-focused elements contained in Thrive Architect, such as testimonials, lead generation forms, customizable buttons, and countdown timers.

Thrive Architect Widgets

The Thrive Architect dashboard has had several modifications in relation to its previous version, which indicates that you can also count on all the new elements and customize the aesthetics of your website. Some of these elements are:

  • Text / Paragraph: This element is used to include text in any area of the page.
  • Image: To insert images found in the library along with your customization options.
  • Content Temple: This is a tool that saves designs and templates that will later be used in other pages.
  • Credit Card: Displays credit card logos, it is perfect for displaying different payment methods.
  • Click to Tweet: It is suitable for including a tweetable element.
  • Background Section: It is a background section that is used to add content sections containing background images or videos.
  • Button: Buttons are buttons with various colors to take action, also allows the incorporation of icons and the execution of various visual effects.

Responsive Design.

It is a feature where you can choose whether to enable or disable some of the elements available to create a page that is compatible with all devices. This will be very useful if you want to increase your experience, which is very important if you want to keep your readers on the page and get favored by Google.

The Responsive option offered by Thrive Architect is ideal for you to adapt your site to mobile devices. When you’re done editing the text content, before you move on to the next tool, you could click the center icon in the Save line so you can check the result on the different screens.

Thrive Architect comprises three mobile responsive features which are:

  • You can preview the page at the time of the process, in different screen sizes that you can check with just one click.
  • You can change the details through mobile responsive editing, to make it faster and much easier, you can change the position and layout of the elements to have different sizes on the screen. This does not require duplication of elements with mount or hide.
  • You can combine the display of elements with the full content blocks, to define the screen size to be shown or hidden, that way the layout can be created perfectly in each type of size.

Thrive Architect Responsive


This efficient platform offers excellent unlimited support. It has an efficient support team that is always available to help users in case they encounter technical difficulties at any time. It also has a section of frequently asked questions that serve to clarify some doubts.

How does the Thrive Architect interface work?

One of the most relevant points of Thrive Architect is its interface, since it is intuitive, efficient and very easy to use.

If you are going to use it to create custom pages for your website, improve the design of your WordPress posts or because you need to create professional quality Landing Pages, you will be able to do it with the help of the advanced technology of this platform.

Once you start creating or editing your page, the Thrive Architect platform opens a page for you to do your work with ease. During the working process, you can check how the modifications look in real time and use some tools like the following:

  • Writing on the fly: With this platform you don’t have to look for boxes that can change texts in hard to find places, this is because it gives you the opportunity to make modifications to any text on the screen with just one click. Thanks to this, you will be able to design and modify your page quickly and easily.
  • Drag and drop: This professional Plugin allows you to drag and drop all the elements you are including to your page with complete ease. You can even place them next to others above or below and those you have already designed.
  • Reviewer: It has a reviewer that allows you to undo the modifications you have made in your design without difficulty and also has buttons that will serve to undo and redo.
  • Save reminder: The Trhive Architect system gives you a reminder every 10 minutes informing you that you have not saved your work.

Thrive Architect reviews

Most of the reviews of Thrive Architect tend to be positive, as it is a visual editor with excellent features that allow it to stand out from the rest. A high percentage of users have expressed how functional and efficient this platform is in the creation of designs.

Thrive Architect Review

This plugin has a lot of features and tools so you can create captivating designs with a professional finish, even if you have no experience. In Hosting Victory, we will show you some comments that you can surely find about Thrive Architect.

  • For many users it’s a plugin that has a pretty favorable price point, as the value of its packages is affordable for most people who can’t afford to pay high amounts of money.
  • Users who are just starting out in this world of website design, are pleased with how easy Thrive Architect has been to use in terms of the quality of design and how fast it works during the process.
  • It is a visual editor that is at a level of quality, which can help them get better at building a business that can grow financially from it.
  • Some users who have digital businesses, who have started using Thrive Architect have been impacted with all the benefits that they have gained through the use of all the tools that this visual editor offers.

Thrive Architect Pricing and Promotions

To enjoy the features, tools and all the services that Thrive Architect offers you, you have to choose some of their plans that have three different modalities.

All plans have a single payment, with all of them you are entitled to all updates, to enjoy the support for the duration of the license that you can renew later for only a low fee and all the services offered to create professional designs.

An important point is that, if you are not convinced by the services of this platform, you can request your money back within the first 30 days of purchasing the license.

Thrive Architect Pricing

In Thrive Architect there are three plans with different payment methods that differ according to the utility you need:

Annual Plan Quaternary Plan
Priced at $19 per month Priced at $30 per month
No discount No discount
  • Annual fee ($228)
  • You have support during the year of service.
  • You have a license to use the plugin on 25 websites.
  • You have the right to use all the updates of the plugin service.
  • Quaternary payment ($90)
  • You have support during the year of service.
  • You can use the license on 25 websites.
  • You are entitled to use all updates of the plugin service.

Thrive Architect Payment Methods

In Thrive Architect, you can make payments with total security, this is because all your bank details are protected because it has an encryption with advanced technology. Some of the methods that allows this plugin are:

  • Visa credit card.
  • MasterCard credit card.
  • American Express.
  • PayPal.

How to Install Thrive Architect?

The installation process of Thrive Architect, is simple and fast. When you finish downloading the plugin to your computer, you must go to the plugin section in your WordPress installer and click on Upload Plugin. Then go to where you downloaded the file and click Install Now.

Website Builders Review

When the installation process is finished you must click Activate. Enter your email and your license number found in the control panel of your account in the plugin and click Activate License.

With this, you will have the copy activated and installed so you can start working on your website design.

Conclusion about Thrive Architect

The rating that Hosting Victory gives to Thrive Architect is favorable, because fortunately it is a competitive plugin in the market, for having a good process when offering an editor and visual builder to the creation of your page that will generate the best results.

Thrive Architect is a visual editing plugin that is at the height of the best. It offers ease of use, optimized templates, great versatility and its price is quite reasonable for everything it offers and compared to other options on the market that are much more expensive.

If you really want to have a high quality Plugin, where you can create complete and fully optimized Landing Pages to get fast and effective results, do not hesitate to use Thrive Architect. With it you can build your subscriber list with ease and this is due to its stunning customizable designs.

Thrive Architect Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Can I use Thrive Architect on a blog?

You can’t, as Thrive Architect is only functional for websites that are hosted on

⭐ Does Thrive Architect work with my WordPress theme?

Yes it can work by installing Thrive Architect in conjunction with your current WordPress theme as long as you have a valid subscription.

💪 Can Thrive Architect edit content made by WordPress?

Directly no, you have to upload a post with WordPress content in Thrive Architect and there you will see that all the original content is kept, as it is placed in a WordPress content container.

⚡ Thrive Architect is not the only one that can keep your content if you uninstall or disable it How do the other visual editors do it?

After researching several visual editors, it has been shown that Thrive Architect is the only visual editor that you can disable or uninstall, does not change the layout of the contents, does not add spaces or margins, does not modify the styles, or remove images. In other visual editors perform some or several of these features when deactivated.

🔍 What happens to pages created with Thrive Architect if it is disabled?

If this happens, all content supported by WordPress will always remain visible. However, it only supports text and images, but not layouts, so your content will probably have some differences, but the content will remain clear and visible.

Do you still have doubts? If so, come visit us at the following link, where you can see a lot of information related to the most wanted Plugins and Website Builders in the market today. Be sure to visit us, we’ll be waiting for you!

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Thrive Architect User Experience and Feedback

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