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Westhost: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Are you looking for accommodation for your new website? Maybe Westhost is the perfect service for you. With an outstanding hosting offer in more ways than one, Westhost has unerring opinions among its users. We’ll see why.

Here at HostingVictory, articles rely heavily on the opinions of specialists. Thus, the analysis you read below will be based on and corroborated by experienced industry professionals. Nothing better than listening to those who know best.

Westhost Hosting not only has convenient prices for what is current in the market; it offers specialized services. You will pay exactly what you get.

Read on to learn more about this hosting, one of the most popular servers on the internet for hosting new websites.

Pros and Cons of Westhost Hosting


  • Great ease of use.
  • Compatible with wordpress and other CMS.
  • cPanel included.
  • Options to choose between .com, .co and .online domains among others with another specific value.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Free 30 day trial.


  • Servers only in North America (available worldwide).

Westhost Hosting Offers and Plans

Shared Plan



al mes

500 GB

Ver plan

Plan VPS



al mes

50 GB

Ver plan

Dedicated Plan


al mes

2000 GB

Ver plan

Why Choose Westhost Hosting in 2021?

According to the most highly rated opinions of web portals, this hosting stands out among the most popular services on the Internet. In this article, we will take a hard look at why it is so prestigious.

Perhaps it is first necessary to answer the question “Why are hosting services so popular in general? The answer is simple, but it is made up of a number of factors.

A large percentage of people and companies interested in opening a new website choose to hire a company like Westhost. This is because these companies save the hard work of opening a site from scratch.

On the other hand, opening a website on your own can be very expensive, especially if you make mistakes that, if you have no experience in the field, are to be expected. That’s why you can hire it for a few dollars a year, it’s worth it.

Westhost includes, for the same base price, very valuable services such as cPanel, to manage the content management systems (CMS), and webmail, to keep in touch.

Elegir Westhost Hosting es una de las mejores opciones que podemos hacer.

Westhost Hosting Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

When talking about something as important as your business or personal website, ease of interface is critical. It’s the difference between making the process of transforming or improving page functions easy or cumbersome.

Westhost is one of the easiest sites to use, because the cPanel feature is completely included in the initial cost. It is also compatible with wordpress, the most used CMS because of its simplicity and adaptability.

2. Domain Names

Westhost offers a unique possibility as far as the choice of domain name is concerned. With the possibilities being .com, .site and .online, among others, you will surely have no problem naming your website as you like.

Choosing a hosting service with a decent range of domain names is fundamental to your choice. The name you choose will be the face of your company: it will signify your home page, your webmail and visibility within the server.

3. Webmail

According to the specialists’ opinions, it is absolutely essential that your website has webmail. This greatly increases its visibility and your ability to receive criticism, comments, questions and opinions.

Having a webmail included in the base cost of your domain is much better than having an email address outside the site. The service includes webmail, no matter the name chosen, nor the price.

4. Data Base

The digital size of your company’s database is a true reflection of its size. Think about it: it is natural that the company’s activities are exactly the same as those of its virtual entity, the website.

Thus, the service you choose must be able to adapt to the virtual size of the database you need to host. Westhost offers three different plans to cover all of its clients’ needs in this regard.

As you can see below, in Westhost you can choose between plans that offer a maximum limit of 1Tb, 2.5Tb or unlimited band. That is, regardless of the chosen domain or the other hosting parameters.

5. Applications

The website you are creating will exist in the context of the world. That is to say, it will be accessible from the most popular browsers, and it will have to be constantly updated to continue attracting visitors.

Managing the server is easy, thanks to cPanel and WordPress support. However, Westhost also offers a quick and easy installation of the most used major apps, without changing the original cost (except for paid applications).

Las aplicaciones de Westhost son variadas y se encuentran presentes en la mayoría de planes.

6. Storage

Similar to databases, it offers different storage capacities depending on the customer’s needs. Each of these possible limitations are included in the different plans offered by Westhost.

So you can choose between 50Gb, 200Gb server space and unlimited capacity. It is unnecessary to clarify that this choice will severely influence the service you end up receiving, so you should not take it lightly. Sometimes, it is better to pay a higher cost.

7. Transfer

Some hosting services offer migration at no cost, others add a price to the original in case the customer decides to transfer his information to another one. In any case, Westhost is among the first, which is a definite advantage over other services.

Perhaps you feel that the domain you have chosen is not working, or that the name of your project or company has changed. Maybe you just feel like changing. Anyway, Westhost offers data transfer without changing the cost in any way.

8. Multisite

It is not common for a basic service to include multisite among its features. Westhost is by no means the exception. You can migrate, but to have more than one site at the same time, you must pay the cost of the more expensive plans.

9. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is a global security standard; a tool that ensures proper data encryption between the browser and the web service you are using.

Security is vital in all areas of life, but it is especially relevant in the cyber world. When you open a website with Westhost, nothing would be worse than seeing your security and privacy compromised.

Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for the most expensive services. The cheapest plan does not have an SSL certificate, so it is significantly less secure than its higher-cost counterparts.

10. Support Quality

Among the fundamental characteristics it offers, we can find the 24/7 customer service. This is key, as your website will be up and running during all hours of every day.

Having quality technical support, which works at every moment of the day, is fundamental when choosing a hosting service. Any problem that arises or is presented with the operation of the site or webmail, Westhost support will solve it.

Los servicios que Ofrece el Hosting de Westhost te dejarán personalizar tu web al máximo.

Services offered by Westhost Hosting

Among the services offered by Westhost, the inclusion of fully functional cPanel within the original cost ranges, WordPress support and free technical service have already been mentioned.

On the other hand, Westhost also has other characteristics, perhaps minor from a relative point of view, which tip the balance in its favour.

Among them we can name the webmail, which is activated from the same cPanel. With the webmail service you will be able to maintain an active communication with clients or curious people who want to know more about your project or company.

On the other hand, Westhost offers superior functionality when compared to other hosting companies. Expert opinions confirm that sites hosted on Westhost’s servers are online for a huge proportion of the time.

In addition, Westhost offers alternative services, such as web builders and online shop builders. You can view all the services Westhost offers on their services page by clicking here.

How to Install Westhost for your Website Hosting

Unlike many other hosting services, installation at Westhost is automatic. It happens in a matter of seconds. This becomes relevant when you consider that other servers take from hours to days to run the activation.

To install a website on Westhost’s servers you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Select the plan. You will be able to see the characteristics of each one shortly.
  2. After providing your personal data, you will have to choose the payment method. The most common options are Paypal and credit cards.
  3. When everything is ready, your account will be activated immediately and you can start designing the website with the CMS of your choice, although reviews strongly recommend WordPress for its popularity and ease of use.

With the inclusion of cPanel within the original cost, managing domain parameters within the server is a simple task. Remember that any inconvenience you may have with this service will be solved by Westhost support.

Prices and Promotions of Westhost

As mentioned, Westhost costs vary according to two main parameters. One is the domain name chosen, the other is the plan you want. In this section we will see how this works.

1. Westhost pricing

Westhost’s personal plan costs $1.99 per month. It includes a single website and excludes the SSL security certificate. Otherwise, the cPanel software and the WordPress utility, the two most important features according to users’ opinions, will be available.

The most popular of Westhost’s plans is the preferential plan. Costing $5.20 per month, this plan includes more disk space within the server, and significantly more bandwidth than the personal plan.

Finally, specialists agree that the executive plan is ideal for large companies. With unlimited server space, unlimited sites and unlimited database space, it is the ideal service for companies with high information flow.

Los Precios y Promociones de Westhost son diferentes en función del plan que se adquiera.

2. Westhost Payment Methods

Westhost is a first class company, so the most popular payment methods are available so you can pay as you prefer. As mentioned, the most used options are Paypal and credit cards.

The payment method you choose to pay Westhost does not affect in any way the features you will receive in return. cPanel will remain the tool, the domain name will remain perfectly selectable and not even the cost will be changed.

Service offer Price Savings
Westhost’s personal plan $1.99/month 68%
Westhost preferential plan 5.20/month 19%
Westhost Executive Plan 6.40/month

Opinions of Westhost Hosting

“I use Westhost for my small business; the site gets about 1000 hits a month. It’s not much, but Westhost gets the job done right. I give a thumbs up to their customer service, which has always helped me out quickly.

“Westhost is ideal for small ventures, like my dog grooming company. Since I’ve been with Westhost’s hosting service, my website has continued to flourish and receive more and more visitors every day.”

“The cost of Westhost is very fair for the service it provides. My project feels very comfortable with the hosting promoted by Westhost. I don’t know how it would work with larger companies, but my business works perfectly well hosted by Westhost”.

Westhost Hosting Conclusion

In short, we can conclude, according to the opinions just read, that Westhost is an ideal service for small and medium sized companies. The opinions of the specialists, moreover, highlight that it is key to choose a service that is suitable for the data flow.

This is because, if you hire a service with a larger server capacity, you may end up paying a much higher price than you would need to invest. Westhost is ideal for personal websites and companies with few employees.

The fact that it uses cPanel and is compatible with WordPress is a proverbial advantage. If it didn’t have those features, it wouldn’t be as well valued by users’ opinions. The same counts for webmail.

Los mejores servicios de alojamiento online se encuentran dentro de este proveedor.

Alternatives to Westhost Web Hosting

Westhost is not the only web hosting service we have reviewed here. Therefore, below you will find an extensive list of all the other hosting services that are available on our main web hosting page.

Top 5 Hosting Services in 2021


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Westhost Hosting data sheet and features

Features Westhost Hosting
Price from $1.99
View offer
Shared hosting from $1.99
Dedicated hosting from $124.95
VPS hosting from $16.00
Warranty 30 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 4
Charging time 1000ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space From 50GB
RAM memory From 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Westhost

⭐️ What Is Westhost?

It is a web hosting service. That is, if you need to open a website with your own domain name, Westhost will provide you with hosting for a small fee.

➡️ How to Transfer a Domain to Westhost

To make a transfer to Westhost you must make an account and activate it. Unlike other services, domain activation is immediate.

⚠️ Is Westhost Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe, as are all the services reviewed by HostingVictory.

✅ What are the benefits of Westhost?

Westhost is compatible with WordPress and has the cPanel software included in the basic price, two fundamental characteristics according to the opinions of the users. It also has instant activation and great technical support.

❤ ️ ️ Will Westhost provide me with my own domain name?

Yes, when you contract the services you will get your own domain name. You can choose, even the name. The most used options are .com, .co, .online and .site.

If you’ve come this far, you know all you need to hire Westhost as your best web service. This includes space within the server and a domain name of your own. Remember to visit our web hosting page to learn more about hosting.

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Westhost User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Westhost before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Westhost Hosting service in the comments.

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