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Zyro Website Builder: Specifications, Pricing and Reviews

Are you looking for the best Website Builder for your new website? If so, you’ll love to know how Zyro’s new platform for creating professional websites works.

Zyro is an easy-to-use website builder, ideal for people who are just starting out in the world of web design and don’t have a lot of knowledge. The platform makes use of complex functions, such as artificial intelligence to generate quality content and help you position your site very well.

Its design tools are simple to use, and will help you create your brand and design your own website quickly and without complications.

In less than an hour you can have your website ready, and if you have any questions their 24/7 support will be there to help you.

Learn more about the pros, cons and how Zyro Website Builder works in the next post.

Pros and Cons of Zyro Website Builder


  • Template layouts have a very simple mechanism.
  • It works with an easy to understand drag and drop system.
  • Offers free SSL certificates
  • Includes an automatic brand logo builder.
  • It has a good uptime.
  • Offers very useful IA tools.


  • It does not allow you to make template changes once you have activated your website.
  • It does not allow you to schedule blog posts.

Zyro Website Builder Pricing and Promotions

Professional Plan



per month

69% off!

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Basic Plan



per month

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Plan eCommerce



per month

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What is Zyro Website Builder?

At Hosting Victory we have made a review about Zyro to give you the best review. It is a platform dedicated to web development for people without coding knowledge, allowing them to create their own pages creatively, quickly and easily.

Despite being relatively new on the market and being simpler than other website builders, Zyro offers very good features in its WYSIWYG graphical interface, which allows users to make edits directly on the web page.

It includes a production script with AI content, maps reflecting focus control assistance, a large repertoire of images and many other useful elements.

Zyro Website Builder Review

Why choose Zyro Website Builder in 2021?

Nowadays we can find many websites that allow us to create our pages in a useful, efficient way and without the need to have great knowledge. Zyro is one of them, but there are several reasons to choose it over the rest.

Among the reasons we have determined in Hosting Victory we have its ease of use, the possibilities of creation, its many advanced tools and its ability to generate brand slogan using only the keyword you suggest.

It has for its users all the essential elements of a professional web creator, offers exceptional browsing speed and has a wide variety of templates ideal for all types of web businesses.

Zyro Website Builder Features and Benefits

Zyro has many features that stand out and differentiate it from other similar programs. It is a flexible platform that can be used by everyone.

Most of its tools are artificial intelligence, which means you can let it completely take care of your branding and online marketing of your goods and services.

Zyro Website Builder Template

Pre-Designed Template Library

Their template library is quite extensive, offering you the possibility to create one completely from scratch, or search through their options for one that resembles what you’re looking for and need.

The templates are divided by categories that will help you have a centralized search and much faster and you can choose between:

  • Online shops: they offer you the possibility to create a beautiful online shop and start your sales as soon as possible.
  • Miscellaneous services: ideal for businesses of non-tangible goods and explain perfectly what you offer.
  • Photography: ideal for creating the best portfolio on the internet.
  • Restaurants: allows you to show all your variety in a complete dining experience.
  • Portfolios: make your work stand out by creating professional-level, well-optimized portfolios.
  • Resume: create a useful and effective resume to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Blog: share your thoughts and ideas with everyone by creating the most creative blog.
  • Websites: you can create the best landing page ever for your business or brand.
  • Events: you can create the best event creation website helping others to have the best celebrations.

Design Options

Zyro offers a quick and easy web design, for people who have little knowledge and who are starting their venture, as well as small and medium businesses.

It contains templates thought and designed to adapt to different brands and business in a skillful way, so you just have to choose the one you like the most. Then the design is done in 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose the colors of your site, combining them with your brand.
  2. Add elements as needed, such as contact forms, links, maps, buttons, etc.
  3. Upload your original images, or you can also select images from zyro’s library of over 1 million ideas.
  4. Start writing your content, in this aspect, the artificial intelligence writer will help you a lot.
  5. Finally, modify and take control of the SEO, modifying the titles and meta-descriptions of each page.

ZYRO’s design is thought for you to create a functional and aesthetic site without the need of having design knowledge, making your website stand out and being a responsive design.

Editing and Styling

Its editor offers a style with several tools and functions that are appreciated considering that it is a fairly inexpensive platform:

Zyro Website Builder Opinions

  • Professional templates: you can find several templates that are ideal for your business and customize it to make it completely unique.
  • No coding required: if you don’t have web experience you don’t have to worry, it’s not a problem, you can create a functional and eye-catching page without touching complicated code.
  • Creative control: its handy grid function and drag-and-drop editor allow you to edit, add or remove any elements you need.
  • Blogging tools: Drive constant traffic to your blog with images and other eye-catching, creative additions. It gives you tools that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Responsive Design

With Zyro it is extremely easy to build a website that can work optimally from any device. No matter if it’s through a laptop, tablet or smartphone, your visitors will be able to enjoy all your content.

It allows you to preview how your website will look on mobile devices so you can offer good performance and an attractive design. The functions for a mobile website are mainly focused on responsive templates on any screen and operating system.

Creating a website that is mobile friendly is a way to rank well for your site, as this is a feature valued by Google search engines.

Zyro Website Builder Features

In this sense Zyro offers you:

  • Responsive templates: which allow you to create websites completely from scratch and are available in free versions.
  • Mobile SEO: the platform automatically optimizes to be favored by search engines.
  • Preview: when it comes to your brand or business website you can’t leave anything to chance, Zyro allows you a complete visualization of how your visitors will perceive your website from their mobile devices.
  • Ultra-fast loading: the less waiting time your website has and the less load it represents for mobile data, the longer your visitors will stay on your site.


It offers a good support service. The section is located at the bottom of the official Zyro website, where you will have access to frequently asked questions, where you may get some answers to your doubts. Their user help center is divided in two ways:

Customer Support.

From the technical support section you can go to their customer support center, where you can write to them and you will get answers in no time as they have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To do this you must enter your name, email address, select one of the default topics and write your questions about Zyro.

Tips and answers

This is a section very similar to a forum, in it you can have access to different collections on particular topics, and inside you will find articles written by other users and by the Zyro team.

Zyro Website Builder Support

How does the Zyro Website Builder interface work?

Zyro Website Builder’s interface is simple, drag-and-drop operation that is useful and intuitive. This platform is mainly characterized by focusing on:

  • Your customers: they look for the best way to provide all the necessary tools to small businesses, inexperienced entrepreneurs and hobbyists who want to have their own website to share their way of seeing life and help others connect through their ideas.
  • Their team: they make sure they have an excellent team of professionals trained to help you in everything you need, creating the best tools and offering quality elements so you can generate a high level website without much effort.

You can customize pre-designed templates to showcase the best of you, uploading quality content on specific topics, engaging a wide audience of internet users who can connect with what you have to offer.

Create a basic website with Zyro

Creating web pages on Zyro is pretty easy. After you’ve checked it out, you really only need to follow 5 steps to get a useful, eye-catching site that represents your business:

  1. Registration: go to Zyro’s official website and register by creating a user account. You can use an email address or synchronize it with Facebook or your Google account.
  2. Choice of templates: the platform offers you a wide gallery of templates that you can consult and choose the one that best suits your type of business.
  3. Add all kinds of elements: this will allow you to customize your website. From texts, images, icons and everything you consider necessary to show the world how you are and why they should choose your brand.
  4. Use artificial intelligence: in terms of creativity if you are not sure of the best names for your company or where to place certain elements Zyro will help you. It is intuitive and effective for online marketing.
  5. Generates user traffic: this can be achieved by making publications, sharing on social networks and looking for partners in the same field.

Zyro Website Builder Reviews

Overall reviews of Zyro are pretty positive, with a few exceptions. Most users agree that it is a quality, simple and functional platform that allows anyone to have an eye-catching and well-designed website.

It has several points in its favor, and although it is quite basic compared to other Website Builders, it offers excellent tools for all types of pages. At Hosting Victory we’ve compiled some of the most relevant reviews you can get on Zyro.

Positive Zyro Reviews

  • One of the features that users have praised the most is that it is very easy to work with the templates it offers. They are easy to interpret and the interface is dynamic.
  • Those who have little knowledge of web development say that it is easy to use with good quality results without having to work too hard.
  • Users say that the templates are their favorite part. They look elegant, are easy to customize and are compatible with all types of websites.
  • The symmetry between the web platform and the mobile version is another reason for good feedback from regular Zyro users.
  • Those who have had problems or questions say that the customer service is excellent, they respond in a short time after you make your query and are available at all times.
  • Other statements we have been able to get is that even the most complicated parts of web creation such as domains are extremely easy.
  • Users appreciate that Zyro gives them full control over the photos, videos and texts that are posted .

Negative Zyro Reviews

  • Some people have complained that the AI-generated web titles in the free version are difficult to understand and unattractive.
  • Several users were unhappy that back-ground videos cannot be used on the homepage.
  • It has been mentioned several times that the flame designs and integrations can be limited compared to others, but the Zyro team makes sure to work on improvements all the time.
  • We could notice some complaints regarding the lack of more button customization options.
  • Overall the negative points that stand out the most about Zyro is that it is a platform with a lot of limitations when compared to other similar platforms.

Zyro Website Builder Pricing and Promotions

Zyro has free hosting services for each of its plans, however, it is ideal to purchase the services to be able to enjoy all the tools and features it can offer.

Each of their plans comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Zyro Website Builder Pricing

When you enter the Zyro plans section you can select the currency in which you want to know the prices, an excellent list to ensure availability to users around the world.

Basic Plan Professional Plan eCommerce Plan eCommerce Plus Plan


$9.90 $9.90


(87% off)

(64% off)

(64% off)

(50% off)

  • Blogging tools.
  • Proper use of SEO.
  • SSL security.
  • Connectivity with your own domains.
  • 1 GB of storage.
  • 3 GB bandwidth.
  • Access to all templates.
  • Tools with AI.
  • Possibility of online payments, with multiple options for it.
  • Publication of 100 products.
  • It is totally free of commissions.
  • Discount coupons and gift cards for customers.
  • Efficient inventory and order management.
  • Shipping and tax management.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Possibility of online payments, with multiple options for it.
  • Publication of 100 products.
  • It is totally free of commissions.
  • Discount coupons and gift cards for customers.
  • Efficient inventory and order management.
  • Shipping and tax management.
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Shopping cart recovery.
  • Product specific filters.
  • Multiple web languages available.
  • Publication of 2500 products.
  • Shop on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Product publication on Amazon.

Zyro Website Builder payment methods

Payments are made securely, Zyro has SSL security, an advanced encryption so that no one can know your bank details.

Among the payment methods allowed are:

  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay.

How to Install Zyro Website Builder?

Zyro comes with its own hosting, allowing you to create basic websites without any complications. All you have to do is sign up and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Within their website you can find out which plan you need, as through a series of questions they will show you the most recommended plan.

Then you only have to choose the template and adapt it to your identity, with the colors of your brand, your own images and original content.

Zyro Website Builder Conclusion

The website creation industry is very competitive and in high demand, our final opinion about Zyro is that, although it is a bit basic compared to other platforms that operate for the same purpose, its features make it unique and definitely worth it.

Ventajas de los Website Builders

The review of Zyro here at Hosting Victory is quite promising. Are you a new entrepreneur? Don’t have the knowledge to build a website from scratch? This may be the perfect solution since its interface is designed to provide opportunities for novices.

It offers good features and tools, however, the free version is too simple to be considered good, their plans are really affordable and quality even the most basic of all .

Frequently asked questions about Zyro Website Builder

✅ What is Zyro?

It is a basic and simple website builder. It has an intuitive operation that will allow you to have a useful, eye-catching page that expresses the personality of your brand even if you have no knowledge about web design.

👋 Is Zyro free?

It has a free plan, but it has ads and its tools are quite limited, so we recommend that you review their paid plans and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

🙌 Is Zyro better than Wordpress?

Both platforms are excellent, on the one hand, WordPress has more potential, but Zyro is much easier and intuitive to use, besides not belonging to the same category. Zyro is a website builder, and WordPress focuses on website content management.

🔒 Do I have to install SSL for the web with Zyro?

You don’t need to install any additional SSL software, it will be done automatically when you create your website as Zyro includes this type of coverage on all its websites.

❓ How can I register with Zyro?

It’s very simple, just complete the registration form that you will find on their website.

❤ How is the process of building and hosting the site?

You will have to follow the steps to create the site with their tool designed for this, after your site is ready, you will have the option to host it for free. It should be noted that you do not need coding knowledge for this.

⌛ How long do Zyro contracts last?

The free account has no time limit, while the plans are paid once a month.

✨ Does Zyro take SEO into account?

Zyro has a very complete SEO toolkit, so that your website will rank correctly without complications. You can also take control of SEO by changing or modifying the parameters manually.

Do you have any doubts? We invite you to visit the following link, where you can get much more information about the most popular website builders in the market. We are waiting for you!

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Zyro Website Builder User Experience and Feedback

Have you used Zyro Website Builder before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Zyro Website Builder service in the comments below.

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