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The Best Free WordPress Themes by Category

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably interested in Free WordPress Themes for your website. WordPress Themes allow you to customize your website by installing templates, which are downloaded directly from the Internet. There are different types of themes and templates, although free ones are, in many cases, the most popular.

In this post we will review what WordPress Themes consist of, the requirements that a template must meet to be the perfect one for your site, the best WordPress Themes you will find in the market and, finally, we will also teach you how to install a template for your WordPress CMS. Read on to find out everything.

What are Free WordPress Themes and what are they for?

WordPress Themes are pre-designed templates that define the design and structure of a website built with the WordPress CMS. These templates are usually Free WordPress Themes, so they do not cost extra money, although there are also paid WordPress templates, known as premium.

We will now go into more detail about the installation process of Free WordPress Themes, although we are progressing with the fact that it is a very simple installation and that it is usually done directly from the template provider’s website. In addition, you can develop WordPress Themes yourself if you know PHP language and MySQL database management.

Free WordPress Themes allow you to create an easy and fast website.

It is also possible to install WordPress Themes directly from your CMS. You simply have to access the template management area and select the template that suits you best. This will then be automatically downloaded and installed on our website.

There is a type of template for each web project. Thus, many WordPress Themes have specialized designs for various types of web pages. Thus, we find templates for e-commerce, bloggers, professionals, media, etc.

Pros and Cons of Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is a software tool for creating and managing an open source website. Although there is a payment method for WordPress, the most widely used CMS from this provider is the free one, which serves as a necessary boost for many new websites to quickly climb up the Google search results.

This is the main advantage of using WordPress and WordPress Themes, that you don’t have to pay money to start building your website. But in addition to this, below we will list other advantages of using WordPress Themes and disadvantages compared to other types of web design and structure:

1. Pros

  • Price: This is one of the main reasons to use Free WordPress Themes, as it is a cheaper option to build a page or a website. Think that if you split your web project with a template of your own design or commissioned to a design professional, you will start your project with quite a few expenses.
  • Speed: if you choose WordPress Themes, you won’t waste as much time designing your website either, so besides being more profitable, it is also faster to use, since you won’t have to decide on any aspect of the design.
    No technical knowledge required: if price and speed are good advantages, the fact that you can have a fully customized template without touching a single line of code does not stop making the Free WordPress Themes offer more appealing. The templates are pre-designed and ready for plug and play.
  • Many options: for the modest price of 0 euros you can have thousands of customization options for a website. In addition, within the same template you can also customize the layout of the design, fonts, colors and more variables. This provides flexibility and originality to your website.
  • Updates: Many Free WordPress Themes have periodic updates, so your website will not be stagnant and will be totally updated.

Free WordPress Themes are designed for e-commerce, affiliate marketing projects and much more.

2. Disadvantages

  • Customization: Sometimes Free WordPress Themes bring a lower degree of customization in case you don’t choose an underused template. If you decide to use a widely used Free WordPress Themes, you run the risk that your site will not be 100% original. Although the variety of templates is enormous.
  • Code: a clean code is fundamental for the functioning of a website. Keep this in mind before choosing Free WordPress Themes, since there are many that have badly made code that can affect the loading time of your site, harming the user’s browsing experience.
  • Loading: the previous disadvantage leads us to loading times, since many Free WordPress Themes have many applications and tools that can slow down the loading of a website. Use a template with just the applications you need.

Requirements to Keep in Mind before Purchasing Free WordPress Themes

In order for you not to have problems when purchasing Free WordPress Themes, we offer you a series of requirements that you should take into account before deciding on a template for this CMS. Take into account each of them to make the right decision of the template you need for your website:

1. Relatively New Design

Do not use outdated Free WordPress Themes, as they will affect the look of the website, giving it an old and even obsolete image. The best thing to do is to check out the competition’s Free WordPress Themes and get an idea of the design theme of the niche where we want to position our website.

2. Updates

It is preferable to opt for Free WordPress Themes that have plenty of design updates and plugins. The reason is very related to the previous point, since if we choose a template without updates, we will have to change it over time, since the design will end up in disuse.

3. Features

One of the advantages of WordPress Themes is precisely that they incorporate extra functionalities and plugins that can enrich your website. Depending on the type of page you want to create, it is convenient that it has functions adapted to it. For example, an online shop will need Free WordPress Themes with e-commerce functionalities.

4. Code Quality

The best Free WordPress Themes have to have a beautifully written code. This means that it should not be too heavy but it should include everything necessary for a good website navigation. Very heavy templates or templates with too much code can severely affect the loading speed of a web page.

Free WordPress Themes are the easiest way to success in an online business.

5. Responsive Design

This type of design refers to the fact that the Free WordPress Themes we use on our website have an adaptive design that fits each type of device. That is, that your website can be browsed through a desktop computer or a smartphone with the same fluidity and that the design and structure of the content is adapted to the device.

6. SEO

This has a lot to do with the two previous sections. In this way, Free WordPress Themes cannot have junk codes that hinder the indexing capacity of Google’s spiders that allow your website to be identified by the search engine and to be positioned in the first positions of the SERP.

7. Contents

The contents will be 80% of a SEO optimized website and you have to make sure that the Free WordPress Themes you choose are respectful of them. So, if your website is content driven, it is essential that the template highlights the content and makes it easy to read for your website users, which will improve the SEO of your website.

8. Price

Free WordPress Themes are not the only option. If you have an initial budget for your website, you can always choose payment options. In this case, these options are recommended if you want to opt for more personalized websites and, in general, with a more optimized operation.

When to order Free WordPress Themes?

You are probably wondering if Free WordPress Themes are what you need for your website. Here are some reasons why you should buy pre-designed WordPress templates for your website. This way, you will know if it is what you need for your web project. It is recommended to acquire Free WordPress Themes for:

1. New Websites

If this is the first time you are going to make a website from scratch and you don’t have the help of a developer and a designer, Free WordPress Themes are definitely your thing. It will allow you to create a fully functional and well designed website in a few moments and best of all, you don’t need any technical knowledge to do it.

2. Startups

These have a great deal to do with the previous point. When undertaking, one must keep many things in mind. At the end of the day, when you start a website or business you are responsible for everything and Free WordPress Themes are the ultimate help to take away the problems of the entrepreneur, since you will not have to spend much time and resources in designing the web pages of your site.

A template is an efficient solution to design a webpage.

3. Websites with Little Funding

Free WordPress Themes are the ideal choice for bloggers who start their web project without funds and with long-term monetization possibilities. If you are not going to monetize your project from the beginning, which is more than normal, the best thing to do is to start with a free template, since you will have to pay for the hosting and domain, it is best not to accumulate more expenses and opt for smarter options like Free WordPress Themes.

4. Temporary Websites

Are you migrating your website and need something temporary in the meantime? The ideal option is to create a website quickly with WordPress pre-installed and opt for one of the Free WordPress Templates that best suits your needs, allowing you to set up a temporary website in no time and without spending any extra money.

WordPress Themes for Bloggers

It is undoubtedly one of the most used Free WordPress Themes of all. Blogs are personal websites that are usually built in WordPress, so it is the natural environment for this type of template. Here are some of the WordPress templates most used by users:

1. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is one of the most used and popular WordPress Themes for bloggers. In fact, it’s one of the oldest and simplest options available and is perfect if you want to make a sober, lightweight website with clean code and no unnecessary extra features.

Free WordPress templates are heavily demanded in e-commerce and personal blogs.

2. Schema Theme

If you know a little about Free WordPress Themes oriented to search engine optimization, you’ll surely hear about Schema Theme, since it’s one of the best options to position niche blogs. It has a free and a paid version. Besides, it has everything a personal blog needs: light, clean and SEO optimized.

3. Ocean WP

Finally, we would like to recommend one of the most popular Free WordPress Themes for bloggers, Ocean WP, which works with the main page-builders in the market and has both a paid and a free version. This last one is more than enough for a web project that is just starting.

Free WordPress Themes for Ecommerce

Without a doubt, one of the most common uses of Free WordPress Themes is e-commerce. These are nothing more than online shops that present the products in a well organized website with the contents properly structured. All with the aim of obtaining the highest possible traffic and conversion.

1. Spacious Store

Spacious Store is one of the most popular Free WordPress Themes for ecommerce. It is a clean, robust and flexible template that also allows you to use it with WooCommerce, one of the most used ecommerce plugins in WordPress. It allows you to add multiple categories for your shop’s products, as well as select the most outstanding offers, new products, etc.

Using a template for your CMS is simple and fast.

2. Zakra Shop

If you have a fashionable e-commerce project on your hands, Zakra Shop Free WordPress Theme is highly recommended. It is an elegant template that allows you to display any product you want to highlight on the homepage. In addition, you can also create categories for different types of products and highlight those that require greater visibility.

3. AccessPress Store

AccessPress Store  is one of the most outstanding Free WordPress Themes in the ecommerce sector of technological products. It has a modern, clean design and is fully integrated within Woocommerce. It also has integrated responsive design and more features that will optimize your ecommerce page without much effort.

Free WordPress Themes for News Sites

If you want to undertake a web project based on the publication of news or content, you will need Free WordPress Themes aimed at achieving the greatest possible exposure on the Internet. This is achieved with templates that highlight your news by placing them in the most visible position within your website. In this category we find:

1. Grace News

Grace News is one of the Free WordPress Themes created exclusively for blogs with news or content that needs to be constantly renewed. It has a minimalist design that highlights a main image with a headline, everything you need to attract the attention of your readers.

It has useful features to get more traffic and is compatible with Yoast, one of the most used free SEO tools in WordPress.

Free WordPress Themes could be used to launch a news website.

2. Magazine News Byte

Magazine News Byte is one of the free WordPress templates that work best for blogs that are looking for a look similar to an online newspaper. This way, you can create a front page section, where you can highlight the most current content, as well as secondary sections useful for organizing your articles. All this without hindering the speed of your website and allowing you to optimize the positioning of your website.

3. News Base

Another of the cleanest and most well designed Free WordPress Themes you will find for your news site is News Base. It has a more modern design than the previous ones and the installation is done completely in one click. In addition, it allows you a high level of customization without technical knowledge of programming or web design. The perfect choice for the inexperienced because of its ease of use and configuration.

Free WordPress Themes for Portfolio and Creative

These Free WordPress Themes are intended for artists, designers, photographers or any professional who wants to exhibit their work on a website. Therefore, these templates are thought to include some information about you and your work but the whole weight of the web falls on your portfolio. We highlight the following ones:

1. FolioPress

If within your portfolio website you want to highlight your work first, FolioPress is one of the Free WordPress Themes that you are most interested in. This way, you can show your work directly on the homepage and at the same time add categories to your website with your personal information, different design collections, etc.

Free WordPress Template are used to save time and money when creating a website.

2. TheGem

Within the Free WordPress Themes, TheGem takes the palm of the most modern and current design. It is the ideal template for designers who want to highlight personal information over content. This is very useful if you are looking for a portfolio page in which the focus is on your resume, for example.

3. Shibui

Minimalism is a trend and Free WordPress Themes for portfolios do not escape this. Proof of this is Shibui, a free template with simple design and unlimited image gallery support. These features make it the ideal choice for visual artists looking for web positioning for their works.

Free WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing. These are websites that obtain economic benefits when a visitor acquires a good or service from a third party through the website. These templates share many features with ecommerce, although with certain particularities.

1. aReview

aReview is one of the most used WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing. The reason is that it allows you to write detailed reviews of all your partners’ products or services.

This is very advantageous since you can mask your intention to sell a certain product in a complete analysis of it, so that the user of your website will not perceive you as a mere sales page, but as a comparison of products with the possibility of purchase.

templates allow you to create a custom website in minutes.

2. Juliet

Juliet is a nice WordPress template for affiliate marketing with a design that emphasizes the images on your website. It is recommended for this purpose, as you will be able to highlight the images of the products you want to sell on your site. In addition, it is a WordPress Theme that can be adapted to any device and has a paid version, designed for scalable affiliate marketing sites.

3. Advanced Ecommerce Store

If you look at the many WordPress Themes that exist for affiliate marketing with an e-commerce look, you will see that this template, Advanced Ecommerce Store, stands out from the rest. Its design is reminiscent of traditional online stores and gives all the prominence to your products.

The Best Free WordPress Themes from Flexithemes

If you are looking for a website where you can find the best Free WordPress Themes on the Internet, we recommend you visit Flexithemes. Here you will be able to download and install in your WordPress the best templates for your web, without extra cost and with the quality of a premium template.

Free WordPress Themes are used by both novice and expert web developers to create clean and easy to create sites.

Among the great variety of WordPress Themes they offer, we highlight the following:

1. Direct Free WordPress Themes

Direct is one of the most used templates of Flexithemes and will bring a professional and simple look to your website. It features responsive design, which will make your website fit the screen of virtually any device. In addition, it allows you to install WooCommerce so you can market goods or services from your own website.

2. Simply Free WordPress Themes

We continue with WordPress Themes with responsive design and simple layout. Simply WordPress Theme is similar to Direct but puts more emphasis on the images you publish on your page. This way, it is a much more visual design. In addition, it is fully SEO friendly and has several templates for each of the pages of your website.

3. Techblogger Free WordPress Themes

Techblogger is perfect if you have in your hands to carry out a website with a theme that is totally adaptable to different devices and with a simple but effective design to ensure that the visitor remains browsing your page. In addition, it also allows you to customize the template to adapt it to the design you want for your blog.

4. Paste Free WordPress Themes

Pasta is one of the best Free WordPress Themes most used for online marketing of restaurants, undoubtedly one of the areas of digital marketing with greater demand today. It is a simple and elegant design that works perfectly on all devices and, of course, totally SEO friendly.

5. Dara Free WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for WordPress Themes from Flexithemes for a corporate blog or news site, Dara is an option to consider. It has the possibility of including widgets to highlight the articles you need from your homepage and, in addition, you can install other useful features for your news website.

How to Install Free WordPress Themes?

If you have arrived here, you are probably interested in how to install all these wonderful WordPress Themes that we have just presented to you. As it could not be otherwise, these themes are easy to install and you will not need the help of technical support to do so. Read on to find out how:

  1. First, you will need to go to the WordPress Themes directory. Here you can directly install WordPress Themes by searching for them in the search bar, but also select one of the pre-installed ones.
  2. Once you have decided which Free WordPress Theme you want for your website, you will have to install it. To do this, click on “Add New”, find the name of the theme and click on “Install” again. Once it is installed, select the “Activate” button and you will be able to preview your website with your new theme.
  3. At this point we will have one of the WordPress Themes we have selected installed and it will be ready to be used and filled with content, images, widgets or whatever you decide fits your web project.

It is always advisable to follow the instructions of the Free WordPress Themes provider when installing and configuring the theme. Thus, some themes require a series of extra steps that we have not covered here, as we seek to provide a simple and general installation guide for all WordPress Themes.

In addition, you can also install templates for certain pages of your website that you want to look similar. To do this, simply access the WordPress page editor and if your theme has pre-installed templates, you will simply find them in the attributes section of the page you have opened. Click on preview and, if you are convinced, proceed to install it on the page you are going to publish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Wordpress Themes

📜 What are Free Wordpress Themes?

Free WordPress Themes are a set of files that produce a design and structure for a web page without having to pay anything. It is the best way to start a website if you do not have enough funds to use paid WordPress Themes.

This way, it seems to be the best option for beginners, websites that are just starting up or simply to carry out a temporary website.

💻 Where is the Wordpress Themes Folder?

Inside the WordPress administration page you can find the Themes folder inside the appearance section. It will show the themes that you have pre-installed and will allow you to add new themes for your WordPress. It also allows you to preview how your website would look using a certain theme.

👍 What are the Best Free Wordpress Themes?

Flexithemes is one of the best providers of Free WordPress Themes you will find in the market. They have an extensive catalog of free themes that you can install on your website in just one click. In addition, they have customized templates for each use you want to give them: ecommerce, corporate blog, affiliate marketing, etc.

✌ How to Use Free Wordpress Themes?

Once you have installed a theme for your WordPress you can start using it on your website. To do this, you will simply have to start adding publications with content that enriches your page and that are interesting enough for users to stay long enough to browse your website.

🤷‍♀️ How to make Free Wordpress Themes?

You can make your own Free WordPress Themes if you know PHP language and MySQL database management. We are not going to say that this is something easy to learn, but that is why there is a huge variety of Free WordPress Themes so you can select the one you like best and you don’t have to spend time creating your own.

✨ How to Use Free Wordpress Themes?

As we have indicated, you will simply have to go to the appearance section of your WordPress and go to Appearance. Here you can use your WordPress Theme by installing it. In addition, at this point you can also configure and customize certain configurable variables of the Free WordPress Theme you have chosen.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about WordPress Themes, you can also take a look at the best website builders, the best domain registrars or the best CDNs.

In turn, you can review everything you need to know about web hosting on our homepage.

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