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Hostpapa: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

HostPapa is one of the most outstanding international hostels of the moment due to its good characteristics. Among them are the use of cPanel to install and configure WordPress.

HostPapa Hosting can depend on the type of plan you want to choose. This is why we offer various plans or packages with different costs, so that it fits your needs and your pocket.

Below you will find all the information you need to know if the HostPapa hosting provider is the most suitable for your project.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HostPapa


  • Money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited disk space.
  • Free SSL.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Install WordPress in 1 click.


  • Slightly expensive renewals.
  • No automatic backups on low plans.

HostPapa Offers and Plans

Shared Plan


al mes

100 GB

Ver plan

Business Plan


al mes

Unlimited GB

Ver plan

Plan VPS


al mes

60 GB

Ver plan

Why Choose HostPapa in 2021?

Finding the best international hosting can be a complicated task due to the large number of providers. HostPapa is certainly one of the best in this area.

Una de las razones para elegir este proveedor en 2020 es su variedad de planes disponibles.

Using the integrated HostPapa cPanel the web interface can be developed. This is because this cPanel has the necessary tools for the developer’s creativity. One of the most important points is the installation of WordPress through cPanel.

Still, it should be noted that installing CMS like WordPress is not the only thing that can be done through cPanel. cPanel will help you with many other themes even if the WordPress configuration is the most well known.

The HostPapa Hosting domain is essential to reserve the name that you as a user want to give to your web. Also, it has services to be able to create diverse subdomains to improve the web.

You will not miss the webmail when using the HostPapa server, since it has the highest technology. Unlimited access to webmail creation for a better experience

You should always consider choosing the hosting that suits your needs. This is to avoid future inconveniences regarding the hosting and security of the website.

Este proveedor cuenta con un gran abanico de nombres de dominio.

That’s why HostPapa always watches over the correct functioning of its servers to offer a quality service. Counting with the highest technology, HostPapa Hosting has an active service 24/7.

If you don’t have the necessary quality as the one offered by HostPapa you could have information leaks that could compromise the website. In addition, you could even lose completely the configuration and design of the site for not having the right requirements.

That’s why HostPapa is one of the most valued hosting providers. It has good features as well as good prices and promotions for you.

HostPapa Hosting Features

To know better what HostPapa has to offer, it is necessary to analyze some important characteristics. The following aspects that we will show you are essential for any hosting service.

If a hosting provider, either HostPapa or any other, does not comply with these characteristics you may have problems. They are vital for your website to work properly.

1. Domain Names

HostPapa has the domain registration service and does it very well.

En hostpapa tienes un buscador de nombres de dominio para saber si están disponibles.

They have prices ranging from 10.99 for a classic .com. to 29.99 for expensive domains like a .business.

Additionally, they have cheap extensions such as .club for 1.99 and .xyz for 4.99. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to transfer domains from any other provider to their servers.

We can say that your domain name registration service is quite good. They have several extensions which makes it quite versatile and, additionally, the prices are good in relation to the competition.

2. Mail service

They also have various mail services that are very good.

El servicio Mail de Hostpapa es uno de los más demandados.

You can buy a basic mail plan from 1 euro per month, a slightly more advanced plan for 2 euro per month and finally office 365 or G Suite from 5.99 euro per month.

The plans are very good. They offer good storage spaces and webmail interface. Also a permanent protection against spam and many other tools.

3. Available Databases

HostPapa is well covered in this respect. They offer a large number of MySQL 5.6 databases with all their plans. The basic plan has up to 25, which is a good number compared to other providers.

By scaling up the plans a bit, the databases become unlimited. It allows to develop the project in a better way in many ways.

4. Available Applications

HostPapa offers the ability to install many applications on your hosting. You can install from CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla or Typo3 easily. A few clicks and you’re done.

It also has an administration panel offered by Softaculous to install applications. In its store you can find thousands of free applications to develop any website.

5. Storage Space

HostPapa storage is a feature they take quite seriously. The most basic plan they offer has 100 GB of SSD space. From then on, everyone has unlimited storage.

This feature is rare in Web hosting services. It is also worth noting that they have excellent cache technology that allows websites hosted on their servers to burn data to SSDs at high speed.

6. Transfer Speed

Transfer speed is important for your users to enjoy optimal charging time. To guarantee this, HostPapa offers unlimited transfer speeds, which is a great benefit for your website.

This is a feature that is generally regulated in other providers, so it is quite good that they allow unlimited data transfer.

7. Multisite

This is another feature where HostPapa stands out, as they offer the possibility of multisite in all their plans. The most basic plan has hosting capacity for 2 domains, so you can create 2 websites.

All other plans offered by HostPapa include unlimited domain hosting. This is a great advantage for webmasters who have networks of Internet pages.

8. SSL Certificate

All HostPapa plans have a free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificate, so you can secure your green padlock.

El certificado SSL de Hostpapa viene incluido en el precio de los planes.

It should be noted that they also have Wildcard SSL, which is a certificate applicable to all the sub-domains you have added.

This is a great advantage, as you usually have to purchase additional SSL.

Services offered by HostPapa

To learn more about this excellent hosting provider, we will tell you about all the services they offer on their website. So that you can get what you are looking for.

1. Domain Registration

You can register domains from 1.99 ?, with a wide variety of extensions. You can get the most traditional ones like .com, .es, .org or .net. On the other hand, it offers the most innovative extensions, such as .store. xyz. business.

2. Website Creator

HostPapa has its own website builder, with a lot of templates available. You can start using it from 2.99 euro and they offer many interesting tools to design a website.

3. Website Design

If you are looking for someone else to do the web design work, HostPapa also has this service. You can consult and they will give you a totally free estimate based on your project.

4. Web Hosting

Their main service, they offer a large number of hosting plans for websites. From shared hosting, VPS and WordPress plans to reseller services for those interested in reselling servers.

5. Email Services

HostPapa offers various Mail plans, from some basic ones to much more advanced services for companies. On the other hand, they offer G Suite, a package of tools from Google. They also have the full Microsoft Office 365 package

6. Security Services

Among the various security services they offer is the sale of advanced SSL certificates. They have standard backup automation and security for websites, so they guarantee security against hackers.

7. Where Your Servers Are Located

It is currently based in the city of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Its offices were founded in 2006 by Jamie Opalchuk.

How to Install HostPapa Hosting

If you want to install HostPapa Hosting, you must take into account a series of steps that are not so complicated. Without any doubt the usability of this hosting has one of the best scores because of its customers.

La instalación de Hostpapa es sencilla y puedes pedir ayuda a su centro de soporte.

First, you must pay for the entire package you wish to purchase, whether it is personal or professional. After that, a file will be downloaded and saved on the user’s computer.

Then click on the file to configure the site. Changes can be made via cPanel. This tool is very useful when shaping the website in the client’s way. Through it you can install and configure WordPress.

HostPapa Hosting, in addition to cPanel for WordPress, offers several tools that are very useful for deepening. Through them the website developers can be more creative and build the website to the client’s liking.

The only thing you’ll have to configure by yourself are some variables of the hosting. As well as configuring the DNS and the service and storage space that you will want for the hosting. In a few simple steps, you will be able to complete this operation:

  • Hire the most appropriate plan
  • Login to cPanel with your credentials.
  • Assign the domain you will use.
  • Install WordPress or any other CMS.
  • You’re all set!

This hosting has the best technical support services for any situation that may arise. A fully trained team will be able to attend the requirements of the customers who have doubts to install the hosting.

They will be able to assist you by phone, for urgent queries, such as hosting configuration during installation. But if your doubt is not so urgent, they will be able to answer you to emails with all the detailed information needed to configure and install Hostpapa.

hostapap es un proveedor de hosting internacional con cobertura enorme.

HostPapa Hosting Rates and Plans

There are several costs when hiring HostPapa’s hosting services for you to choose from. This way you can have the plan that suits you best with the features that suit your needs.

1. Prices

For an Initial Plan you pay a total of £2.95 per month.

The Business Plan also costs £2.95 per month but has more benefits.

Finally, there is the Pro Business Plan, with a cost of 9.95 euros per month and many more features.

2. Payment Methods

There are several payment methods so that HostPapa’s customers have facilities when paying for the service. That is why they have adapted the following methods for almost all regions of the world:

  • Visa credit cards.
  • Visa Debit.
  • Mastercard.
  • Paypal.
Plan Prices Promotions
Initial $2.95 a month. N/A
Business $2.95 per month. N/A
Business Pro $9.95 a month. N/A

Opinions about HostPapa

Sure. HostPapa offers you a quick and quite effective guide to use in case you need it. If you want the guide you can request it through the technical support of the web.

El servicio de atención al cliente d ehostpapa es eficiente y rápido.

You can purchase different types of HostPapa versions with which you can download free scripts. These scripts are set up to extend the website and all its back-end.

Also, HostPapa can run MySQL databases unlimited for a better experience. This way, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress can be used as content managers.

Users from all kinds of websites, from blogs to online stores have used HostPapa to host their services.

Most are satisfied with the features it offers and the stability of its servers. Also with the price.

The pages hosted on this host have a fast speed and are almost always available.

When they are down, the technical support will attend quickly and efficiently.

Conclusion of HostPapa Hosting

We have just seen all the features of one of the international hosts such as HostPapa. There is no doubt that this hosting service is one of the best options on the market.

It stands out for the safety, speed and capacity that it guarantees to all of you. Thus, your website game or application is fully protected.

Even its modest price makes it worthwhile, so its features are in line with the amount of money they ask for. It only takes a few minutes to determine that HostPapa is an excellent choice.

The experience of this accommodation service will be tested from the first moment you purchase its services. It goes without saying that HostPapa is recognized worldwide for various customer opinions.

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Hostpapa Hosting data sheet and features

Features Hostpapa Hosting
Price from $3.95
View offer
Shared hosting from $3.95
Dedicated hosting from $12.95
VPS hosting from $19.99
Warranty 30 days
Server location Canada
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 4
Charging time 500ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space From 100GB
RAM memory From 2GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Hostpapa Hosting

✅ What is HostPapa Hosting?

HostPapa is a provider that performs the hosting function and, in the same way, a web hosting. Here you can store your website’s database anywhere in the world.

✌️ What benefits does HostPapa Hosting offer?

It offers you various benefits such as security, privacy, safe storage, unlimited bandwidth. In addition to:

  • Solutions for WordPress and other CMS with cPanel.
  • Register web domains.

Reliability of information website.

✨ What are the costs of HostPapa Hosting?

There are various costs when contracting HostPapa’s hosting services for you to choose from.

This way you can have the plan that suits you best with the features that suit your needs. Prices range from 2.95 ? to 9.95 ?.

➡️ How to Install HostPapa Hosting?

First you must pay for the entire package you wish to purchase. After that you start to download a file which will be saved on your computer.

Then you must click on the file to configure the site, taking into account that changes can be made through cPanel. This tool is very useful when shaping the website in the client’s way, not only for WordPress.

⭐ What are the Main Advantages of HostPapa?

The main advantages of contract this service hosting are:

  • It is almost 100% reliable to host your website.
  • Your plans include a minimum of 100 GB of storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • The energy that HostPapa Hosting works with is renewable.
  • Collaborate with the environment.
❤️ Is HostPapa's Technical Support Good?

Yes, it is important to emphasize the quality that HostPapa Hosting can offer you in terms of technical support. This is because many of you have doubts about various issues that you want to resolve quickly.

They offer you answers by different means such as telephone numbers, e-mails, special mails and fax. Even so, there are sometimes times when they fail in their service.

So far the analysis about HostPapa hosting. We hope it will be useful for you if you want to hire their services. In case you are not sure you can choose another international hosting from among the best services of web hosting  Have you chosen yours yet?

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Opinions and Experience of Hostpapa Users

Have you used Hostpapa before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Hostpapa service in the comments

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