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The Best Hosting for Minecraft: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Minecraft hosting is indispensable because of the infrastructure they have, allowing them to be the best on the market in Minecraft-related hosting. The best web hosts have a dedicated, professional team and work to help all users without exception.

With the best Minecraft hosting you can have at your disposal high quality minecraft servers. We recommend you to take into account all the options before buying any service.

You can hire a plan that suits your requirements. You will have at your disposal a great amount of minecraft hosting that will accommodate every need.

It is important to take into account the location of the servers either in America or Europe. With Minecraft hosting providers like Shockbyte, GG Servers, Apex Hosting or Bisecthosting you can have your quality minecraft hosting, to share with friends or add new users.

These providers count on the help of Dream Compute to optimize your server. Using this engine on your Minecraft server will help you enjoy a complete and optimized experience.

Find the Minecraft Hosting you need

Hosting Victory intends to offer all the information related to the service of the best Minecraft hosting in the market. In this post, you can get detailed information about the providers that give you the possibility to play Minecraft online.

Whether you want to play Minecraft with a small group of friends or set up a server with lots of users who can share the game at once, you’ll find all the useful information in this article.

Exsiten muchos proveedores que ofrecen Minecraft hosting.

Among the vast number of host service providers in the world, there are a select number of companies dedicated to offering Minecraft hosting services so you can play with several people at once in the same game. If you’re looking for the best hosting for Minecraft you’ve come to the right place.

Comparing all your options moments before your choice of Minecraft hosting will help you get the provider you need. For this reason we bring you a section dedicated to the comparisons between hosting services.

All Minecraft Hosting

There are thousands of providers worldwide, all of them claim to offer the best hosting service. Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

The Best Hosting for Minecraft

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Minecraft Hosting

What is Minecraft Hosting?

A Minecraft Hosting is a dedicated server hardware for playing Minecraft. In a Minecraft hosting you can host your virtual Minecraft server to play this game with whoever you want. In the last years, these have gained a lot of popularity.

Minecraft is java-based and its performance depends mainly on the branch. The number of players on a server depends on the amount of ram. Minecraft hosting more players will present performance problems due to the speed of reading and this can cause lag and other disagreements when playing.

Existen planes de Minecraft hosting baratos y otros más avanzados.

Don’t worry, because you can have a server with the best minecraft hosting for a reasonable price, which is the main topic of this post. Providers like Hostgator, Bluehost and Dreamhost are excellent options. Either to create a server and play with your friends or to buy a service that allows you to have a server with many players.

Once you have your server ready, you should get help with the administration of your server. It’s a good option to have the help of Spigot. When you download Spigot it will add useful features to your hosting. In addition to options that will make your job as an administrator easier and faster. Just download Spigot and enjoy its benefits.

It will be useful to have Spigot, to automatically prevent many possible technical complications in your hosting.

Why Does Minecraft Hosting Affect Playtime?

Minecraft hosting is essential for the perfect functioning of your server. A good Minecraft hosting provider is the best option because it brings multiple benefits to your server, such as the stability of the connection that guarantees a correct download speed.

A Minecraft hosting service provider must offer you a good plan, must ensure the stability of your page and must have a specialized and functional technical service. You will achieve this by using specialized Minecraft hosting such as Shockbyte, BisectHosting, GG Servers and Apex Hosting.

Puedes adqurir diferentes planes de Minecraft hosting.

A basic rule is that before you purchase a Minecraft hosting service, you should consider the features you need. These are the number of players, where the players will connect from, how much bandwidth you have, or the location of the server, among others, as we will see later.

The above mentioned hosting services are excellent providers recommended to take your Minecraft hosting. They are reliable providers and have all the necessary features for a good hosting. That’s why you should take them into account when hiring a hosting service for this video game.

Stability is key to getting a good, uninterrupted game experience with all the speed you’d get when playing Minecraft offline. Keep in mind that by inviting more players to your server, you need to have the features necessary for everyone to play smoothly.

But don’t worry, with the specialized providers you’ll find in Hosting Victory, the stability and speed of the server won’t be a problem.

Why is it important to choose a suitable Minecraft Hosting?

Before connecting to a host, it is important that you review opinions about it to see if it suits your requirements. Most importantly, it should offer a good bandwidth and high speed. This way, you can play without experiencing lags. Those tedious time freezes that happen in the middle of a game and that everyone wants to avoid.

It is also important to choose a suitable hosting to avoid experiencing large FPS drops. This refers to the frame per second ratio at which you will see the image. The more FPS, the more quality. It’s important that your Minecraft hosting provider guarantees to play at 60 fps minimum.

Un Minecraft hosting es todo lo que necesitas para jugar online a este juego

As you can see, the importance of hiring some of the best Minecraft hosting on the market comes from the gameplay. If we play on non-game servers we run the risk that the FPS rate drops, which can worsen the quality of the game experience and that’s something we should avoid anyway.

But a high FPS rate is not the only reason to choose a Minecraft hosting, ping and latency are other key elements. The ping is a number that measures the bandwidth of your connection. The ping ranges from 0 to 1,000, with 0 being the most preferable and 1,000 the worst value to play with.

An optimal connection will give a ping between 0 and 80. From 100 ping points, we will be suffering from small lags and very uncomfortable falls. At around 300 pings, Minecraft will be virtually unplayable. The hosting companies do their job in this sense, offering dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth.

However, the ping depends a lot on your connection and how you connect. If you use an 8 Mbps connection you may experience pinging and if you connect via Wifi, even more so. But with 40 Mbps connections onwards, don’t be afraid because that’s enough bandwidth to play Minecraft. In addition, we recommend always using ethernet cable to connect to the Internet and enjoy Minecraft hosting to the fullest.

Sign up for Minecraft Hosting: Features to keep in mind

In this section we will tell you all the aspects to take into account to know if a hosting for Minecraft is of good quality. Being sure of what you are going to get is essential for all those who are starting in the world of Minecraft hosting. As a preview, the features to take into account are easy to identify and choosing the best Minecraft hosting won’t take much time.

1. Load Speed

Upload speed is directly related to the quality of your server. You should take this into consideration, because if the players on the server do not get the desired speed, they may end up leaving.

The specialized hosting providers for this game have the speed aspect as one of the most important, since their success depends on it. A provider that offers a lot of lag and slow loads will cause users to ignore it and opt for a higher quality one. Consequently, this Minecraft hosting will disappear due to lack of use.

Antes de elegir un alojamiento para un servidor de este juego es importante conocer sus carcaterísticas.

2. Server Availability

This necessary feature is one of the most important for obvious reasons. A good Minecraft hosting has to have a server fully dedicated to the game. Just as there are other types of projects that can use a shared hosting, due to the weight of Minecraft maps it is recommended to use a dedicated server for this game.

There are Minecraft hosting providers that do not ensure optimal stability, although this will never happen to you if you use the hosting services we recommend on our website. That’s why you should take this point into consideration whenever you start a new project.

3. Support Quality

The quality of the technical support offered by the suppliers is of vital importance in case you have a technical problem. It is important to have a quality customer service available 24 hours a day. No one likes to interrupt your Minecraft game because of a server error, and if this happens, we always want to get quick answers to solve the problems.

Any Minecraft hosting company you choose from our selection should have excellent technical support and a live support chat. Available 24 hours a day. Although we advance that the quality of the Minecraft hosting providers in our comparison offer hardly any problems of configuration or operation.

4. Requirements for your Minecraft servers

In the world of Minecraft hosting a huge variety of service plans.

Es importante esta característica de host, ya que podréis contratar el plan adecuado según sus requerimientos técnicos

It is important this characteristic of host, since you will be able to contract the suitable plan according to your technical requirements.

Before buying the right Minecraft hosting service you should see all the plans offered by the recommended companies. If you only want to play with your friends on a private server you can choose a plan with limited player space at a good price.

In case you want servers with capacity to maintain about 1000 or 2000 people, you must buy a plan capable of maintaining the server without problems. Also, you should take into account the possibility of having a high amount of visitors in your Minecraft hosting.

5. Where the servers are located

Server locations are important to consider for any Minecraft hosting service. In this particular case the companies recommended to have your minecraft hosting are specific to certain territories and have many countries in their lists of servers.

So it has servers in different strategic locations for your Minecraft hosting. This ensures the stability of your server and optimal operation with possible immediate solution. If you are going to use Minecraft hosting with players from your own country, it is always recommended that the server is located near all the users that are going to play.

What makes the difference between the best and the cheapest Minecraft hosting?

Sometimes it’s better to buy a hosting that offers a lot of features than a cheap one with few features and poor quality. So some time later I presented you with some malfunctions.

The best Minecraft hosting have more servers and the quality of these is higher. As we have seen, this is something fundamental for a good game experience of all the users of the server. We never want our guests to leave the room because of lags or loads.

Minecraft hosting takes measures to prevent this from happening and uses specific tools so that you only have to play and not worry about anything else. This allows you to have no problems during the game and ultimately improves the entire gaming experience.

Los proveedores de Minecraft hosting cuentan con soporte.

In addition, a quality Minecraft hosting will also be able to offer more efficient customer service. You’ll have support phone numbers, email for incidents, and even a live chat for the most urgent queries. This kind of service is, of course, included in the Minecraft hosting plans we recommend in our website.

Therefore, it’s best to use quality hosting for Minecraft, which will cover all the network needs that may arise during the game. The last thing you’ll want to experience while playing will be lags or server crashes that interrupt the gaming experience.

How to Install Minecraft Hosting

The configuration of Minecraft Hosting servers will depend on the hosting you want to use. Usually you will have to install some software, download the Minecraft server and run it. As it can be complicated, it is best to find out after choosing which hosting you want. Although there is usually a general guide:
  • You have to get the services of a Minecraft hosting provider.
  • Know the requirements you need for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the server.
  • Use the tools to control the server and the number of visitors.
  • After that you must configure the server for the administrators.
  • Finally you must access the game through the server for Minecraft and share the server address with the users you want.

As you can see, it’s something you can do for yourself and it doesn’t take much time. If you’re into the world of Minecraft, you’ll need to know a minimum of server configurations to keep the server running smoothly. Keep in mind that it will have to support quite a lot of data, so make sure you have the capacity you need.

Dependiendo del núemro de jugadores por sala, tendremos que escoger un plan de alojamiento para este juego u otro.

If you have problems during installation, your provider can help you set everything up through customer services. This means that you can contact them by phone, for closer and more urgent attention, as well as a live chat.

But if you consider your question is not urgent, you can also get help with the installation via email. Where they will be able to give you detailed information and step of all the processes of configuration that you need.

How much does Minecraft Hosting cost?

You can get excellent discount promotions with the recommended Minecraft hosting companies.

1. Price

Prices for Minecraft hosting are varied and specific. They have a high amount of options in plans. In addition, they all have competent technical support as well as a live support chat. The following rates are noteworthy:

  • BisecHosting: On the basic service, the most economical 1GB of RAM plan is priced at £2.70, per month. In the premium, the same plan is priced at $7.20, per month.
  • Shockbyte: Your most basic plan, with 1GB of RAM and over 20 slots, is priced at $2.15. An intermediate plan, with 6GB of RAM and over 120 slots, is priced at £12.90.
  • APEX Hosting: the first plan is priced at $4.11, per month and includes only 1GB of memory. If this doesn’t reach you, you have another 2GB plan for £6.85 per month, a 3B plan for £10.28 per month and a premium 4GB plan for £13.71 per month.
  • GG Servers: This provider offers a 1GB RAM plan for only $2.34 per month, a 5GB plan for $11.72 per month and a 12Gb RAm plan for $28 per month.

2. Promotions

Minecraft hosting promotions apply the longer you stay with your provider. You’ll enjoy offers of up to 50% off if you choose to stay with your provider for a year or more.

3. Payment Methods

The recommended companies offer you a wide variety of payment methods for your Minecraft hosting. Before purchasing the service you should check all the plans and prices on our site to avoid surprises. We normally accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or electronic checks among others. As well as electronic purses such as Neteller, Skrill and even the use of cryptomoney such as Bitcoin.

Conclusion about Minecraft Hosting

La correcta elección ayudará a conseguir todo lo que deseáis en vuestro Minecraft hostingThe right choice will help you get everything you want in your Minecraft hosting. Remember that choosing a good Minecraft hosting will bring a better gaming experience and more users to your server. This will translate into hours and hours of countless fun.

If you are a regular Minecraft player and have always dreamed of having your own server, where you can decide every last parameter of it, Minecraft Hosting is definitely for you. You have to take into account the loading speed, the bandwidth of your line and the hosting provider, and ultimately all the factors that will interfere with the games.

For example, the difference between just playing with a few friends and creating a server for about 1000 visitors is huge. For this reason, it is good to know what you want in the service you are looking for.

In the world of Minecraft hosting there are many options available. In Hosting Victory we recommend you a select number of companies dedicated to the subject.

BisectHosting, Shockbyte, APEX Hosting and GG Servers are some of the best options to hire a private Minecraft hosting service. Not only for their excellent service but also for the confidence they offer you in the rest of the services they provide. You will have certified quality, unlimited bandwidth and large amounts of RAM, plus excellent technical support dedicated to your solution in case of problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Minecraft Hosting

✅Which are the Best Minecraft Hosting Companies?

Companies dedicated to the world of Minecraft hosting must possess certain fundamental characteristics for proper functioning. Technical support is important as well as the stability offered.

For these reasons we recommend you to use the Hostgator service, Dreamhost and Bluehost, to buy your Minecraft hosting service.

❤️ If I Want to Play on a Private Server with a Friend that Minecraft Hosting Should I Buy?

In the case of all those who wish to create a server just to play with a select number of friends. We recommend you to buy a Minecraft hosting plan with few resources that allows you to play and have fun without spending much money.

✌️ Can I pay for the Minecraft hosting service with PayPal?

Most Minecraft hosting providers provide us with this payment method option to help users. Getting your Minecraft Hosting through the means most suited to your options will be critical.

We strongly recommend you to visit the official pages of the companies recommended for Minecraft hosting. This way you will be able to learn about payment methods.

⚠️ Do Bluehost, Dreamhost and Hostgator have a good technical service for Minecraft hosting?

Yes, all three Minecraft hosting companies are excellent in the area of specialized technical service. You can count on a 24/7 technical service that will help you when you buy your Minecraft hosting.

It will also help you a lot in solving problems in your servers. The servers can have simple occasional failures. For the solution of any problem in your server, having a quality technical support will help you a lot.

✨ Is Ram important in the Plan I am offered?

The ram in your Minecraft hosting is very important. The number of players that can visit your server depends on the service ram.

The ram helps your server to stay in perfect condition. Depending of course on the amount of players online. Larger servers have an adequate amount of ram.

⭐️ Is Downloading and Using Spigot Recommended?

Spigot is Minecraft’s most widely used server software in the world. Spigot ensures optimal performance on your server with high player traffic.

We recommend that you download Spigot and enjoy the benefits of administration on your server. Downloading this tool called Spigot will give you multiple benefits and will also speed up the administration process of your server.

We hope you have found all the information we have offered helpful. If you want information related to hosting services, we recommend you to visit the best hosting in the market.

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