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The Best Online Store Hosting, Prices, Analysis and Opinions

Do you need an online store hosting? Are you thinking of an online store, to sell on the Internet? Then you should know which is the best hosting platform to create your website for your online business.

This type of hosting must bring together a set of hosting services and, in addition, information technology. These are designed according to the particular requirements of businesses dedicated to selling on the Internet.

Below you will find all the information you need to know about this type of online hosting, although we would like to tell you that they are not free.

The hosting for online shop is presented in two groups. Those that conform the storage with content managers like Magento and Prestashop and those that design the project according to the hosting platform made to each online store.

El ecommerce es esencial hjoy en día para ganar dinero en la red.

The former offer average solutions, which include web hosting and the corresponding software license. These plans are generally cheaper.

Even so, these types of online hosting do not support much resource customization, programming and design. As well as, difficulty in expansion processes.

The second type of online store hosting is more elastic and scalable, and requires continuous redesign during execution. It also requires constant review and testing of each element.

Find the Store Hosting you need

To find the hosting you need for your online store page, you must know what kind of business you want to create.

The best online hosting of this type must meet the technological requirements and scope of your project. Starting from the beginning, you must know what products you are going to sell, what kind of online store you want. You will look for the most suitable web hosting for each online business.

This way you can find out which online shop hosting is most suitable for your project. There is this type of shared hosting developed by WordPress or Prestashop, even medium sized shops, with moderate traffic. The dedicated one is recommended for shops evolved by Magento, made in applications adapted to their specifications.

VPS is the most suitable type of hosting for stores created in custom applications, which exceed 10 thousand products, developed by Prestashop or Magento. If your project demands from the beginning to be hosted in a VPS, ask about the scalable prices.

All Shop Hosting for your Web

There is a diversity of hosting providers worldwide, but Hosting Victory provides you with a list of providers with extensive and proven experience in various web services including international online store hosting.

Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

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Why Contract a Hosting for Online Shop?

Selecting the right online store hosting, more than important, is a key decision for any page but, especially for a shop. Several factors must be considered, which will directly affect the customer experience and the success of the business.

In addition, of the factors that will determine the outcome of the business, there are many reasons, so it is of utmost importance to choose a good shop hosting. Below we will give you four reasons:

1. Permanence and Reliability of the Servers

An eCommerce is active 24/7/365 so, the stability and reliability of the server that serves as hosting for online store will be essential. A proper server, efficiently managed and operated will translate into excellent loading speed. Everyone will appreciate it.

2. Customer Service

An online store hosting needs the specialized and timely presence of the hosting provider’s technical staff, as many times as required. So you have to make sure that the technical service is accessible, fast efficient and permanent.

3. Managed and Scalable Hosting

As you know, operating a server requires mastering technological notions that, in many cases, can be complicated. That is why we recommend that a hosting for an online shop is fully managed by the web hosting provider.

4. Security and Privacy

Legality is basic in an e-business. You must know how the web provider handles the privacy of user data. As well as SSL certificates and having a good anti-malware and antivirus plan is crucial in an online store hosting.

Podrás encontrar un plan de alojamiento para venta de productos que se adapte a tus necesidades.

Benefits of Finding Good Online Store Hosting

In the web services market there are several types of hosting and various kinds of e-commerce. So, you should know that you will get benefits as long as you find the right online shop hosting for your project. Among other benefits you will get the following:

  • It allows you to expand your database and your business clients
  • Offers 24/7/365 Internet business hours
  • Allows interaction with customers
  • It favors the pre and post sale attention to the client
  • Reduction of important costs, in HR or administration.
  • Promotes customer comfort, saving time, effort and transfer
  • Allows you to find better prices and offers.

All these benefits help to increase traffic, customer satisfaction and, consequently, business success after hosting an online store.

Contract Store Hosting: Features to keep in mind

It is advisable to take the time to review the characteristics you should consider in order to make the best decision. You should think carefully before making your choice. We suggest that the hosting company you choose offers you the following:

1. Load speed

Many hosting companies do not provide in the plans information about the speed of the hosting to be hired.

But, there are indications that indicate if the server is suitable or not to have good speed. If you have solid state drives (SSDs), they are faster than standard hard disks.

It is of utmost importance that your online shop hosting loads as quickly as possible. It will not be pleasant for any user to wait more than 3 seconds for the page to load. It will be a bad experience, you will go to another one and probably not come back.

In addition, Google includes speed as part of its comprehensive assessment of the quality of a page. So this quality has multiple consequences for your online store, increased visits, high sales, excellent SEO rating.

Therefore, the hosting to be chosen must ensure an appropriate speed for the good performance of an e-commerce platform.

Un hosting tienda online hará realidad tu objetivo de e-commerce

2. Bandwidth

This factor is the measure of the amount of data that circulates from your website to users in a given time frame, usually for one month. Some providers penalize you for exceeding the contracted bandwidth limit. It is convenient to contract the projected.

To avoid mismatches in this respect, choose the hosting you need for your online store correctly, and you will have the right bandwidth for your business. It is something crucial in the choice of online hosting.

3. Server Availability

The corporate work and commercial activity in general, are handled under a context of 24 hours, schedule marked by the Internet.

Therefore, having stable, appropriate and available servers is essential for the activity of an online store. It is something really important in hosting.

When a server fails for any reason, your website comes to a complete standstill. Your shop has no visitors and stops selling its products. This indicates the importance of stable availability of appropriate servers for your online shop.

The online shop hosting must guarantee the user access to the shop at any time and place. Some of the services indicated to guarantee this resource are: load movement, exceeded designs, HA platform or CDN services in indispensable countries.

4. Quality of Support

Technical support in an online store is paramount. The provision of this particular service must be precise.

You must know at once the opening hours and the different ways, if they have it in your language or not… Besides if it is by phone, chat or mail.

In short, you must know in detail how it works and what the scope of technical support is. Stay away from those who use tickets, because they take a long time to answer. It is important to choose the hosting for the online shop.

Technological Requirements of Your Project

Knowing what the technological requirements are that your project demands will give you the necessary prudence to make the right decision and you will be able to choose the appropriate service plan. This is essential when choosing an online hosting.

The technological requirement of a website to host more than 1,000 people is not the same as a high traffic website with more than 50,000 visits. Most online sites run in PHP and use MySQL database WordPress, Magento, Prestashop.

5. Where the Servers are Located

The data center of the online store hosting provider, besides being resilient, must be located in a neutral traffic exchange point and have peering agreements from where it intends to manage e-commerce. Latencies must be minimal.

In relation to location, the closer you are to your potential customers, the faster the load will be. This is something to consider before selecting an online hosting.

Location absorbs everything from SEO to user experience. That’s why it’s critical that an e-commerce business responds easily and continuously. For which, technology and programming are also important.

You require a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This feature will increase the speed of your page. CDN is a group of locations around the world that redistribute content locally from servers and cache files that do not require constant updating.

Con la adquisición de un hosting tienda online disfrutartás de atneicón al cliente.

How to install an Online Store Hosting?

Many online store hosting comes with one-click or automatic installations, including the migration you need, total local processing area, backup and site updates. Just download the one you choose and follow the steps:

  • You have to take over the services of a domain.
  • Know what the requirements are for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the server.
  • Use the cPanel tools to control the server.
  • After that you must configure the server for the administrators.
  • Finally, you must access your website through the online shop server.

Also, you must remember that each type of hosting has a different installation process:

A professional hosting has all the help of the technical support for the installation processes. That is why it stands out in the hosting comparison. Many plans come with everything pre-installed. However, since it is a service normally hired by specialists, they offer all the administrator access.

Cheap hosting varies quite a bit, as some plans come pre-installed and others do not. For example, CMS plans that are cheap usually come with everything ready to use. A good thing about a hosting comparison. On the other hand, in a shared service, you usually have to configure everything.

In a free hosting the thing is quite simple, you have to configure everything yourself. And additionally, we won’t have any technical support, your most important feature in the hosting comparison, even to fix problems with the service.

What is the Price of a Store Hosting?

Online store hosting prices can vary a lot. Depending on the one you choose, and also the plan within it can be quite different.

1. Price

You will always have to choose the one that is within your budget. The most basic plans are between 2 and 7 euros, and from there on upwards depending on the plan.

2. Promotions

The same goes for promotions, which will vary depending on what you choose. Store hosting companies offer more promotions depending on how long you stay with them. Thus, the longer you stay with them, the more promotions they will give you, reaching more than 505 of the base rate.

Existen planes de hosting tienda onlinme diferentes en función de las prestaciones.

3. Payment Methods

Finally, the payment methods can also be different, although they usually accept at least different credit and debit cards and PayPal. Some also accept bank transfers or crypto-currencies such as bitcoins.

Hosting Price Promotions
GoDaddy From 7,28 ? to 18,21 ? From 33% to 20% discount
HostPapa 7,28€ 33% discount
Fatcow 3,70€ 43.89 in annual payment of your plan

Conclusion on the Best Online Store Hosting

If your project consists of e-commerce, you have to take into account that you will need to hire the service of an online store hosting.

There are many providers who provide these services with a high quality.

The important thing is to know what steps to take to get a good online hosting.

It will be easier to create the appropriate content and maneuvers to publicize your products or services to be sold via the Internet.

Los proveedores de hosting tienda online ofrecen diferentes servicios.

As you may have read, e-commerce has many faces and it is important to know them.

That way you can create a work plan identifying in which e-commerce niche you are going to develop your project.

Choosing the right online hosting for your project can help you grow and make your e-commerce successful. You can see that it is of great importance to choose the right online store hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Store Hosting

✅What is eCommerce? Why do you need an Online Store Hosting?

Electronic commerce, e-eCommerce, or online store is the buying and selling of products, goods or services via the Internet and computer networks. The hosting for online shop will host your shop.

It is a true revolution in the new way of selling, buying, communicating and developing commercial activity 24 hours a day. To put it into operation you need a good online store hosting.

➡️Which Online Store Hosting is the most suitable for you?

Before creating your eCommerce you should look for a virtual location to host your online store. The hosting for online shop must be the right one for your project, since it can represent the success of your online project.

It is not possible to say which one is the most suitable in general, because it is very important that the hosting for online store responds to the needs of your project in particular, so you should investigate it.

✨What are the types of Online Store Hosting?

For the purposes of the type of accommodation, the most common online shop hosting is as follows.

  • Shared Hosting: this is the most common type of accommodation.
  • Dedicated Hosting: is the best hosting solution.
  • Virtual Private Server: is a hybrid between the dedicated shared.
  • Cloud-based VPS scalable hosting is less conventional.
⛳ What are the Benefits of E-Commerce and Using an Online Store Hosting?

The benefits of e-commerce and hosting it in an online shop are the following:

  • Develops the company’s database and customers.
  • The 24-hour business hours favor sales.
  • It allows for better interaction and feedback with customers.
  • Relieves cost reduction enormously.
  • It facilitates the comfort of the client in time and effort.
  • It allows you to find offers and better prices.
  • Saves time, effort and travel.

For all this to take place, it is necessary to hire the most suitable online shop hosting for you. Without this none of these benefits can be realized.

⚠️What is WooCommerce and what is it for? Is it used with an Online Store Hosting?

WooCommerce, the WordPress plugin, an online store hosting. It is a very easy and intuitive tool that allows you to create a small online store of no more than 50 products. It provides more functionality than other WordPress ecommerce plugins.

⭐Three Examples of E-Commerce Using Proper Online Store Hosting?

We give you three examples of e-commerce so you can see what can be achieved with a good online shop hosting.

  1. Amazon the best known e-commerce platform today and with proven success.
  2. Alibaba is a private Chinese consortium with 18 subsidiaries based in Hangzhou dedicated to e-commerce on the Internet.
  3. EBay is an eCommerce, known for offering auctions of all kinds of products.

You can see that they are three electronic shops that are a great success. Without the use of a good online shop hosting they would not have been able to achieve it. Part of the success of your e-commerce lies in choosing the right online shop hosting.

So far, all the information about the online shop hosting service. Have you decided to purchase one of the recommended online shop hosting services?

In case you need more information about the world of hosting, in our website you will find more information about CMS, international hosting and, of course, the best hosting. You can always make a comparative hosting to know more.

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