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TSO host: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

TSO Host is a company that has been praised by critics and specialists. With more than 17 years on the market (it is still operated by its owners), TSO Host’s servers are stable, economical and reliable but what is hosting?

Web hosting as TSO Host are services more and more required by young entrepreneurs to open their first website. They are also hired by companies with great experience in their respective markets to enter the virtual world.

What this service does is basically save you the cumbersome process of opening the website from scratch, as well as providing you, within the same cost, with a virtual site to host the site. Other services, such as cPanel as a tool to manage it, are included.

Besides being highly compatible with WordPress and offering domains (i.e. the name of the site) included from the lowest cost plan. Opinions agree: TSO Host’s servers are among the best on the market. Read on to find out why.

Pros and cons of TSO Host Hosting


  • Same owners since 2003.
  • Fast and efficient customer service.
  • Compatible with WordPress and other CMS.
  • cPanel included.
  • Good reviews across web portals.
  • Decent range of plans and costs in line with.


  • Servers installed in the United Kingdom (far from America).

TSO Host Offers and Plans

Shared Plan



al mes

100 GB

Ver plan

Plan VPS


al mes

20 GB

Ver plan

Dedicated Plan


al mes

600 GB


Why choose TSO Host in 2021 ?

Like many other hosting services reviewed by HostingVictory, an ideal service for small and medium businesses. This statement is based on the fact that it is not a functional hosting to a large data flow, but works well on a medium scale.

It is very common that regional premises such as appliance or electronics shops, supermarkets and other smaller businesses use TSO Host to open their website. The great customer service you have is a fundamental benefit for this to happen.

At TSO Host you can choose the domain name, from the cheapest to the most expensive plans. The compatibility with the latest tools, such as WordPress and cPanel, puts you at the forefront, ahead of other less updated hosts.

The best way to check the quality reflected in each of the opinions is to try it yourself. After all, you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Elegir TSO Host para crear un sitio Web es un apuesta ganadora.

TSO Host Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

Thanks to the enormous amount of regular updates that a website requires, the simplicity of the interface is of utmost importance when choosing a web host.

In this sense, you can rest assured. TSO Host has cPanel included in the basic price, so you can manage your site with total ease, thanks to this very popular tool.

2. Domain names

The domain name is nothing more than the name of the website. The one that you must enter in the browser to visit one or another page. It is not necessary to clarify that the chosen name is of vital importance for the face of your business.

Thus, this provider includes free domain names (i.e. included in the base cost) and a number of migrations included within each plan. This is essential in case you need or want to change your name once the site is up and running.

3. Webmail

Working with this provider, you will receive periodic newsletters, company information and updates about your site via webmail. This is nothing more than a messaging service included within your browser when you enter a given site.

Whether or not to have webmail is a decision of each individual. Some customers want it and use it avidly, while others do not see the utility.

4. Databases

Databases are generally consistent with the size of the company. A multinational company will not, of course, have a data flow similar to a project of a few people.

This is what the specialists’ opinions refer to when they say that this supplier is not viable for large companies, but it works perfectly well when used in small and medium-sized companies.

5. Storage

The storage space you will have available within the servers depends on the plan you select. TSO Host offers, as we will see later, four plans, with prices according to the characteristics of each one.

We’ll review the options later, plus you can see them on the home page. However, the storage alternatives range from 100Gb in the most economical plan to unlimited space in the most expensive one.

6. Transfer

In this sense, this provider is not a particularly remarkable hosting. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The reality is that there are very few hosting services that offer immediate transfers.

Los análisis y Características del Hosting de TSO Host favorecen el buen funcionamiento del servicio.

7. Multisite

In this sense, TSO Host stands out from the competition, according to the criteria of specialists and regular customers. This is because not all hosting services offer the multi-site option; that is, more than one website for the same price.

As mentioned, the selected names are free. Therefore, for the basic price of any of the plans, you can open any number of websites you need, always within the storage frames of the chosen plan.

For this reason, and although it is true that the multi-site option is included in even the lowest cost plan, the most recommended thing to do according to the specialists’ opinions is to opt for the maximum plan if you require more than one web domain.

8. SSL Certificate

Security is fundamental to all aspects of life. Cyber security, of course, is no exception. With over 17 years on the market, this provider is fully aware of this.

This way, you’ll get an SSL certificate even within the lowest priced plan. That’s right, the economic plan of this provider includes this global security parameter, so important, according to the critics of the specialists, in terms of virtual security.

9. Support Quality

Some companies seem to have it all, but they are weak in this respect. When it comes to solving problems, it is important to have a remarkable technical support service, since it is included in the basic cost.

We are talking about one of the best quality support companies in the virtual hosting market. Any problem you have, server space, WordPress support or cPanel interface, support will solve it instantly.

Services offered by TSO Host

In addition to the basic hosting service, it also offers many other services that will make your experience as a customer a pleasure. Some of them have already been named, others we will see below.

As already mentioned, TSO Host offers its customers both the tools to start a website from scratch and those needed to transfer an existing domain to its servers. You can check the amount of services on their homepage

On the other hand, they put a lot of emphasis on security, so you can opt for tools such as Firewalls and Malware Defense with your service. Some tools are included in the initial cost, while others are paid for separately.

How to install TSO Host for your Website Hosting

The installation of the site on TSO Host takes very little time. Opinions agree that the site is visible, most of the time, in less than a day. This is especially important in cases of domain transfer.

To install a website on TSO Host’s servers, you must first choose a plan. Then, provide your personal data, and later choose a payment method. As with almost all services, the most popular options are PayPal and credit cards.

Your account will be activated immediately, after verification via email or webmail. You will be able to start designing the website with WordPress, if you wish, or any other CMS.

Remember that cPanel is included in the original cost, so you can use it from the first moment to manage the features and use of the server storage.

TSO Host prices and promotions

1. TSO Host prices

TSO Host divides its benefits into four different plans according to cost and quality.

On the one hand, there is the economic plan. With a monthly price of £3.99, it includes 100Gb of storage, domain name and SSL, unlimited bandwidth and webmail with an inbox and outbox of up to 200Mb.

Then there’s the Deluxe Plan. Its monthly cost is £5.99, webmail inboxes and outboxes can occupy up to 1Gb and storage within the server is unlimited.

The definitive plan is the most popular, costing £8.99 per month, it has all the features of the previous plans, with a webmail capacity of up to 10Gb and two free online store migrations.

Finally, the incredible maximum plan, at just £14.99 per month, adds unlimited webmail capacity and online store migration over the ultimate plan, for free.

Entre los servicios que Ofrece el Hosting de TSO Host se encuentra un soporte técnico excepcional.

2. TSO Host Payment Methods

TSO Host’s most popular payment methods are PayPal and credit cards. This is probably, according to customer feedback, to avoid handling cash and for the immediacy of transfers.

As always, we prefer to clarify that the payment method you choose to pay TSO Host does not affect in any way the features you will receive in return. Even the cost is not modified, as there are no accessory fees for the service.

Service offer Monthly Price Savings
Economic £3.99 73%
Deluxe £5.99 60%
Definitive £8.99 40%
Maximum £14.99

TSO Host’s opinions

“My store is about to celebrate 15 years of activity in the community. I have been with TSO Host since the beginning. The site never crashes, and they have promptly solved all the problems I have had”.

“My business is still flourishing, and I have been recommended to open a website to advertise my activities. Since I have decided to transfer my domain to TSO Host, customers have not stopped coming”.

“I had to go through three different companies before I felt comfortable with the effectiveness of my website. With TSO Host, and largely thanks to their support for WordPress, I’m better than ever and my project keeps growing”.

Conclusion about TSO Host Host

In short, TSO Host is an option that really deserves consideration when hosting a website with a medium flow of visitors. As we have seen in the reviews, WordPress compatibility is of fundamental importance, and TSO Host has it.

Plus, managing your server space and other features with a tool as simple and effective as cPanel is unparalleled. You won’t regret choosing TSO Host, and to a large extent, cPanel has to do with that.

Finally, and beyond what has been said about customer flow, even that won’t be a problem if you opt for the maximum plan. As there is no storage limit on the server or on the webmail, there is no reason why TSO Host will be insufficient for your company.

Este proveedor de hosting cuenta con excelentes opiniones de usuarios en la red.

Alternatives to TSO Host

As we have seen, we are talking about an excellent option, but it is not the only one. Below, you will find a list of all the reviews we have done in HostingVictory so you can get informed about all the options in terms of web hosting.

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TSO Host data sheet and features

Features TSO Host
Price from $3.50
View offer
Shared hosting from $3.50
Dedicated hosting from $277
VPS hosting from $44
Warranty 30 days
Server location United Kingdom
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 1
Charging time 580ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space From 100GB
RAM memory From 512MB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about TSO Host

❤️️ Is TSO Host Safe?

Yes, even the cheapest of TSO Host plans offers SSL certifications, which puts it at the forefront of cyber security.

⭐️ What are the benefits of TSO Host?

The two outstanding features of TSO Host are its great technical support service and the accessory tools that greatly enhance the security of your website.

🚀 Will TSO Host provide me with my own domain?

Exactly, TSO Host allows you to choose and maintain your own domain name for life, which will be reserved and given to you as soon as you activate the website.

✨ What is the price of TSO Host?

The cost of the cheapest TSO Host plan is £3.99, while the most luxurious is £14.99. These are monthly costs. You can read about the features of each plan in this article.

🙌 Is TSO Host Compatible With Wordpress?

Yes, of course. TSO Host is compatible with many CMS, including WordPress. This is very important given the simplicity of this tool.

All right! If you’ve come this far, you know all you need to immerse yourself in the world of hosting and hire TSO Host to open your website. Be sure to visit our web hosting page to learn everything about hosting. Good luck!

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Opinions and Experience of TSO host users

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