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GG Servers: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

GG Servers is a Canadian hosting company that specializes in hosting servers for Minecraft and other game rooms. This service will allow you to use the hosting as a kind of big hard drive to play your favorite online game.

A Minecraft hosting will be needed whether you want to form a virtual game room to meet with colleagues or form a large Minecraft room with unlimited players. Hosting the content on a server outside of Minecraft on your computer is the most recommended option.

Having the Minecraft files on your hard drive will slow down your computer and disrupt the operation of the game. Whereas if you do it on your laptop, it is likely to overheat immediately because of its demand.

With your server you can create worlds, modify them and play them online with other users. For this, you will need to generate a domain name that allows you to identify yourself. The domain service, although independent from the hosting service, is often offered by the same company.

GG Servers offers hosting for Minecraft, Hytale, game and website servers. It is really a provider with many scopes, although they are specialists in Minecraft hosting. In the next article we will analyze their features. You will be able to discover all their advantages and disadvantages, price, promotions and more.

Pros and Cons of GG Servers


  • No overselling.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Specialized in Minecraft.
  • Good connection speed without lag.
  • 9 locations to choose from.
  • Great variety of plans.


  • MySQL database only included in premium.
  • SSD NVMe memory only included in premium.

GG Servers Offers and Plans




per month

1 GB

See plan




per month

4 GB

See plan




per month

12 GB

See plan

Why Choose GG Servers in 2021

Deciding on one hosting company for minecraft or another can be overwhelming. The knowledge needed to use it sometimes has to be specific. Especially if you’re just starting out in Minecraft game room development, we recommend that you read this review.

Although GG Servers is not one of the most economical accommodations on the market, it is recommended in opinions by the technical support that composes it and its good neighborliness to play. Even if you don’t have basic computer knowledge, they will help you to shape your Minecraft room.

GG Servers services are often used by users who are just starting out in the creation of worlds and choose to host them on a server. Possibly, this is because its management depends on the Multicraft panel, with the most used interface for this online game nowadays.

Although its cost, compared to other servers, can be a little high.

Por Qué Elegir GG Servers como Hosting Minecraft

GG Servers Analysis and Features

If you are still not clear about which features to pay more attention to when hiring a server, this section will help you. We have selected for you a series of points that you cannot ignore when defining your needs.

You will be able to know what each one is about and how GG Servers responds to them. Based on them you will be able to compare with other companies and compare with users’ opinions.

1. Ease of use

A Minecraft server can have a lot of issues to manage. This is why ease of use will be decisive when it comes to having a pleasant experience in its use.

Every Minecraft hosting has an indispensable tool for server management. GG Servers has the Multicraft panel. This is the most used one nowadays, so if you come from another hosting, you probably know how it works.

Although this is not the only facility you should sign up for. The availability of plans already set up to make the choice of package relevant is essential.

On the GG Servers site you will find, with distinction between standard and premium, an extensive list of server packages for Minecraft. Each one varies in performance and cost.

2. Domain Names

The domain is a fundamental part in the development of a Minecraft hosting. Both form an indivisible package. The domain will be the one that identifies your server and guarantees possible external visits from players.

Although it is indispensable, it is a service that is usually independent of the contract of an accommodation. Although most hosting providers also offer this service.

In a website the domain is what we type in the browser bar to access it. On a Minecraft server this is not so common. Instead, it is common to find the possibility to change the default number to a personal identification.

GG Servers offers within its packages, both standard and premium, the free personalized change of your subdomain. This will be the name by which other players will know your virtual Minecraft game room.

3. Databases

A database is an efficient tool for indexed storage of Minecraft game information. This means that the data will have a coding that makes it easy to find, in a fast way.

While it is an essential tool for sorting and classifying your server data for Minecraft, it is not a service present in every hosting.

In the GG Servers packages only the database is included in the premium plans. This service is provided by MySQL. A data base that over the years has copied the market, being chosen by all servers.

Análisis y Características de GG Servers

MySQL will be required in the use of certain Minecraft add-ons, so we recommend that your service includes it. In addition, you will be able to store useful operational data such as player names, environments and so on.

If you already have a previous database, MySQL will allow you to assimilate it. To manage your database, either existing or new, you will have to link it to the Multicraft panel used in the Minecraft server. In the case of GG Servers, their panel is Multicraft.

4. Applications

There are applications that, added to the hosting server, will allow you to modify certain original features of Minecraft. These modifying add-ons will give you the ability to alter worlds, textures, blocks, characters, and more.

These tools are called Modpacks. Through them, reaching the Minecraft game of your dreams will become a reality. With the modified versions you will also have optimization and performance.

Minecraft server hosting by GG Servers has support for the most popular Modpacks. Some of them are the well-known Spigot, PaperMC, FTB, Twitch, among others.

GG Servers will allow you to download in one click and facilities in the installation of the Modpacks.

5. Storage

Storage is the main feature of a hosting server for Minecraft. Your server’s hosting will be the large hard drive that will store all your game data and files. Storage refers to the non-volatile memory, i.e. it remains even after the session is closed.

The quality of the graphics in Minecraft games may suggest that powerful storage is not necessary.

The fact is, yes, Minecraft’s worlds are infinite, so they are permanently generated. In order to keep this from falling into a lag, the power of the storage is important.

GG Servers’ premium packages feature the most powerful memory, the NVMe SSD. This is six times faster than the classic SSD, which is included in the standard packages.

6. Transfer

Accessing your game files is the key to starting a game file transfer. Whether you want to upload or download information, you will need to be able to manage them.

GG Servers gives you full access to files and the ability to transfer via FTP protocol.

This is the tool most used by Minecraft servers, due to its efficiency and security in the procedure. There are a variety of add-ons that provide this service, which you can incorporate into your server using modifiers.

GG servers will let you load your own add-ons or modifiers, as well as use their add-on installer for Minecraft.

7. Multisite

In website server hosting, this feature can be distinctive. It means that in the same hosting you can have more than one site at the same time.

This has the advantage of managing everything with the same tools and sharing files common to all the websites you manage.

In Minecraft server hosting or virtual game rooms, this is different. It can be associated with the possibility of loading different worlds to play in. The creation of a world is contemplated in the Multicraft panel through the use of FTP.

At that moment you will have a world at your disposal. But if your interest is the availability of multiple worlds, there are plugins that bring you closer to it. Multiverse is a plug-in for the creation of multiple Minecraft worlds, each with its own cards, within the same server.

In each world you can manage who has permission to participate, or be an administrator with you. Users will be able to go between different portals, worlds and locations.

Características del Hosting GG Servers para Minecraft

8. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is another feature to pay attention to in traditional hosting, dedicated to the hosting of web site servers. It refers to a security protection on data exchanged on the site, under the HTTPS protocol.

If you are looking for this protocol with SSL certificate on the servers for Minecraft, you will not find it. However, in GG Servers you will have the protection against external attacks under the DDoS service. This is free and present in all your plans.

9. Support Quality

You will find this feature analyzed and detailed in the user reviews. It is they who have the experience to be taken into account.

The quality of support is extremely important in Minecraft server hosting. The difficulty of administration can be overwhelming. Sometimes you’ll need troubleshooting, and for that, qualified and prompt attention will make a difference.

Opinions on the support of GG Servers are varied. Currently, their service has been improving, reducing response times and improving the efficiency of the proposed resolutions.

They have been engaged in providing help with people in between, without automatic responses.

10. Use for Minecraft

GG Servers may be the best option if you are just starting out on Minecraft as their promotions on the first invoice will make you pay half their price.

The most recommended services of GG Servers for a good stability, power and security, are undoubtedly the premium ones. These have the most complete characteristics.

Always, when hiring a hosting for your Minecraft server, the first step will be to know in detail the use you will give to it. From this point on, you will choose the size and characteristics of the plan.

In addition, we recommend visiting opinion forums to get an accurate picture of those who are already using it.

What services does GG Servers offer

At GG Servers, all of Minecraft’s standard server hosting plan packages include the following services:

  • Instant configuration on all packages.
  • Free DDoS protection.
  • Free sub-domain.
  • Full FTP access.
  • SSD memory.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Multicraft Pnael.

In addition, in the premium services of GG Servers are added:

  • Unlimited free slots.
  • Global network to choose from 9 countries.
  • Free MySQL database.
  • Unlimited space with SSD NMVe.

All these services are essential for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience on Minecraft. However, depending on the features of the Minecraft room you want to create, you’ll need more or less powerful services. So, to play in a room with few friends you won’t need as many features as if you plan to make a room with unlimited players.

Whatever the purpose of your hosting for Minecraft, in GG Servers you will find a suitable solution in one of its plans. Although it is true that GG Servers does not offer the cheapest rates for Minecraft hosting, the opinions of users support the good performance of this provider, so we recommend you to try it yourself.

Why choose GG Servers for Minecraft?

Choosing a host for your Minecraft server is important. The hosting service is not only influenced by the features within each package, it is also important to check the cost and compare with other services and opinions.

As we have reviewed above, there are a lot of properties to consider. The most relevant for you will depend on your needs and wishes. At GG Servers the premium services are one of the most complete on the market.

We also know that one of the things that give us a complete picture of server hosting behavior for Minecraft, are opinions. Frequent users of GG Servers give their services a high rating.

One of the cons is that, compared to other servers, its price is higher. The advantage is that when you contract it for the first time you will have a 50% discount on your first bill.

As for usability, you will have no problem with its ease of use. Customer support is personalized, fast and efficient. In turn, if you come from another provider, the design of its interface will be familiar to you. Since they use the most reputable panel for Minecraft hosting today, Multicraft.

How to Install GG Servers

No matter which server you choose, installing a hosting for Minecraft can be a difficult task. Especially if you don’t have basic computer skills. It would be a bit short to describe this whole procedure in one section.

Usually you will have to install some software, download the Minecraft server and run it. As it can be complicated, it is best to find out after choosing what hosting you want. Although there is usually a general guide:
  • Acquire the services of GG Servers for Minecraft
  • Know what the requirements are for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the server.
  • Use the Multicraft tools to control the server.
  • After that you must configure the server for the administrators.
  • Finally you must access the Minecraft game via the Minecraft server.

Anyway, you mustn’t be alarmed. GG Servers has a live online support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With them you will be able to clear up all the doubts and problems that the installation of your server in the hosting may cause you.

Before installation, you will have chosen the package that best suits you. You will already have previous configurations in it, so you will have less to do afterwards. However, after the installation you will have to configure your panel. In this task you will also have their assistance and the advantage of operating with Multicraft.

Prices and Promotions of GG Servers

As we have said, characteristics are not the only thing we should pay attention to. When contracting a hosting, depending on which server and package we choose, the price will vary considerably.

1. Prices

Within GG Servers you will find a different price for each selected plan. Broadly speaking, its offer is divided into two categories, standard and premium. Within each of these you will see pre-configured packages.

Among them, both the RAM memory contracted and the slots allowed may vary. In its diversity it will be extremely easy to find the most suitable hosting service for your Minecraft server.

According to the opinions, in GG Servers, the most prominent are those in the premium plan. They have the features that will make the performance of your server stand out. The truth is that they have a higher cost compared to the economic plan.

2. Promotions

The first thing you’ll probably see on the official GG Servers site is a great offer. They often have a limited time to access it. But this one is renewed in time, so you will almost certainly get a discount for hiring it.

In traditional hosting it is common to find discounts for hiring a long period of service. In Minecraft hosting this is usually exceptional. In the case of GG Servers, you will find quarterly, half-yearly or annual discounts.

The variation of the price between packages, will be proportional to the contracted. As you increase in gigs and slots, the price of the plan will increase.

3. Payment Methods

The payment methods that GG Servers has are

  • Credit Card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
Service offer Price Savings
1GB Annual Standard 2.34 per month 15%
2GB Annual Standard 4.68 per month 15%
5GB Annual Standard 11.72 per month 15%
12GB Annual Standard 28 per month 15%
1GB Annual Premium 4.68 per month 15%
2GB Annual Premium 9.37 per month 15%
5GB Annual Premium 23.44 per month 15%
12GB Annual Premium 56 per month 15%

Opinions of GG Servers

Nowadays it is common to use hosting servers for Minecraft, since it represents the best option. As a result, it is common to come across opinions about the performance of companies.

GG Servers has one of the best reputations among opinions. Among its positive aspects are the excellent willingness to help and the speed with which they do so.

And they point out that one aspect to be improved is the relationship between the price and the content of the packages. Although the service of the premium plans is one of the most complete among the variety of hosting for Minecraft.

“GG Servers is the best hosting for Minecraft I’ve ever tried. I wanted to have a small room to play with my friends and they have been able to satisfy this need since the first minute. The price is not expensive if you share it with several friends”.

“My Minecraft server project has been scaling up thanks to the implementation of a GG Servers hosting. At first, I wanted a small server, but little by little, I have transformed it into a server with unlimited players, which makes the game a very fun experience”.

“If you’re not sure which Minecraft hosting provider to choose, I recommend GG Servers. Their customer service is first class and they have Multicraft, the best panel to configure the Minecraft server in my opinion”.

Conclusion about GG Servers

After all the information we have collected about hosting for Minecraft servers, we are in a position to choose. We can say that GG Servers is a great option to consider.

Although his specialty is hosting servers for Minecraft, you can find other scopes on his site. Among them you will see that they stand out in the development of other virtual game servers and web hosting.

Análisis de los mejores proveedores de hosting minecraft

The wide variety of plans and packages offered for Minecraft hosting, along with the guidance provided by its support, are a great advantage. Because if you are still not sure what is best for you, this will help you.

Don’t forget to visit and check out the sites and forums. The opinions of like-minded users will be a guarantee and confirmation of what GG Servers has to offer.

All in all, GG Servers has everything you can look for in a hosting for Minecraft. They are specialists in this service and it shows a mile off. Their servers work well, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition, if you have any problems with the data transmission speed, you can always contact them to provide a quick solution adapted to what you are looking for.

Alternatives to GG Servers hosting

Below we offer you a list of the best web hosting of our page:

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Customer Service

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GG Servers technical data and characteristics

Features GG Servers
Price from $6.00
View offer
Plan Stone desde $3.00
Plan Gold desde $12.00
Plan Emerald desde $36.00
Warranty 24 hours
Server location London
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 1
Charging time 480ms
Control Panel Multicraft
Disk space Unmetered
RAM memory From 1024MB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about GG Servers

⭐️ What is GG Servers?

GG Servers is a Canadian hosting company that specializes in hosting virtual game rooms. While it excels in Minecraft performance, it also offers web hosting. It has one of the most positive reputations in opinion forums.

⚡️ How to Transfer a Domain to GG Servers

Domain transfer in a hosting is allowed according to the cPanel with which it is associated. In the case of GG Servers, Multicraft’s cPanel will allow you to manage your domain. However, this is not a free service.

The dedicated IP in GG Servers is obtained for a price that you will find specified in your purchase. While the subdomain is totally free in both its standard and premium plan.

✅ Is GG Servers Safe?

GG Servers has as its motto to be powerful, safe and affordable. Security is provided by DDoS protection, which will stop possible attacks on your Minecraft server.

❤️️ Why Choose GG Servers?

GG Servers is one of our chosen ones. The main reason for this is the reputation he has built up over the years of service.

In the user reviews you will find recommendations for hiring GG Servers. Its simple design and dedicated and personal customer support are determining factors in the choice.

👌 What are the benefits of GG Servers?

One of the greatest benefits of GG Servers is the affordability of your first payment. With the discount obtained on it, you will be able to make use of your hosting and evaluate its performance. In addition, you have discounts depending on the hiring you choose, monthly, semiannual or annual.

💼 How to Install GG Servers?

Installing a Minecraft server on a hosting is not easy if you do not have basic computer skills. But this should not be a concern, as the specialized technical service of GG Servers will help you.

✨ What is the price of GG Servers?

The price for a Minecraft hosting at GG Servers will vary depending on the plan and package you choose. The price starts at £2.75 for the basic 1GB RAM plan package.

🚀 Can I have GG Servers Free?

GG Servers does not offer free services.

In case GG Servers is not your chosen hosting, you can choose another hosting for Minecraft or learn more about the world of web hosting in general.

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Opinions and User Experience of GG Servers

Have you used GG Servers before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a GG Servers service in the comments.

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