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Arvixe: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Arvixe Hosting en hosting provider that stands out for its quality, which has been verified by most of its active users. It works with cPanel and WordPress and offers a good technical service available 24 hours a day.

It’s totally functional on Linux and also with Windows. Unlike other hosting providers, Arvixe Hosting has an excellent variety of extensions for your domain.

Below, you will find all the necessary information to know if Arvixe hosting service is the right one for you.

Pros and Cons of Arvixe


  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Quick configuration
  • Private SSL certificates.
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 24/7 technical support
  • He’s got cPanel.


  • Below-average speed
  • Less than 99% availability

Arvixe Hosting Offers and Plans

Shared Plan


al mes


Ver plan

Plan VPS


al mes

50 GB

Ver plan

Dedicated Plan


al mes

256 GB

Ver plan

Why choose Arvixe Hosting?

Server crashes can directly affect your web project. You must hire a good quality hosting service for your domain. It is also very important that your service provider’s technical support works properly.

Razones para elegir este proveedor.

For these reasons, it is essential to hire a reliable and high quality international hosting provider. You can be sure that it will solve any problem in the future.

The service offered by Arvixe hosting is reliable and high quality. You have at your disposal an online chat to solve any of your doubts or technical problems in general.

It has an optimal and very remarkable 99.9% server availability. Free transfers in all your service plans and an automatic configuration setup.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Hosting?

This decision is crucial for the correct development and evolution of your web project. It is important to choose the provider and the plan that best suits your project.

Arvixe tiene muchos planes muy diferentes para todos sus usuarios.

If you don’t have a quality hosting provider, you can find countless obstacles that will complicate your project.

Reduced loading times due to poor service are a frequent problem with all poor quality suppliers. This is a very important point that you should always take into account.

If your website visitors do not enjoy a good loading time, they will quickly leave the site. This brings with it a high bounce rate, something highly detrimental to your SEO positioning.

Features of Arvixe Hosting

The perfect functionality of a web hosting, with WordPress or other CMS, depends on certain elements. The following are very important.

1. Load speed

The speed that your hosting provides is of utmost importance. Most of you have probably come across some slow web browsing. For this reason you know how annoying it can be from the visitor’s point of view.

To avoid bad timing for your users, you must contract or be sure of the speed that your web hosting provides.

The proper functioning of this section in your project is essential for the SEO positioning of your website. This will help in the evolution and development of the project.

Arvixe Hosting is an excellent option for all those who want good speed on their web. It gives you security and confidence.

2. Availability of the servers

If a server presents stability problems, your website will also present them. This will bring about serious problems that you will have to take into account if what you want is a serious and quality web project.

Arvixe Hosting has 99.9% availability on all its servers. This guarantees that your website will be online permanently.

3. Support Quality

It is important to have a high quality specialized technical service.

Arvixe cuenta con un soporte técnico formado por profesionales del hosting.

This will help you when any technical problem arises in relation to the contracted service.

Arvixe Hosting has excellent technical support that is available to all its users 24 hours a day, without interruption.

4. Technological requirements of your project

Every project has different technical characteristics depending on many aspects. The amount of traffic, for example, must be taken into account when choosing a service plan

For this reason, you must take into account each and every requirement of your project. This is the only way for it to develop and evolve correctly.

5. Location of Servers

The location of the servers is fundamental for the perfect development of your project. Arvixe offers you servers in several countries. Arvixe is available in all countries of the world. It is a high quality and capable international provider.

Services offered by Arvixe

Arvixe ofrece un plan VPS dedicado a aquellos que buscan obtener el mejor hosting.

Arvixe offers you a wide range of services. This is done with the purpose of satisfying any need of your web projects. So that you can improve the functioning.

Among the services offered by Arvixe are

1. Hosting Service

Arvixe offers you a traditional hosting service, in which you can find different plans for any kind of project. From shared hosting to dedicated servers with features that include personalized cPanel service for WordPress.

2. VPS servers

Also, Arvixe offers you VPS servers, optimized and managed. All at a cost that fits your budget whether it is a simple or a very complex web, with the best cPanel services customized for better functionality.

3. SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is very important for your website, since it is fundamental for the security of your website. Therefore, Arvixe offers you a great variety of SSL plans.

This guarantees the protection of all your information, as well as being installed through cPanel.

Arvixe cuenta con diferentes planes para todos sus usuarios, dependiendo de sus necesidades.

How to Install Arvixe Hosting?

With Arvixe you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to be able to install this hosting service. On the contrary, it is extremely simple.

This is a suitable type of hosting for those who do not want to spend a lot of time doing the different configurations needed to complete the installation of a hosting. The DNS and URL is configured in a few seconds and all the technical aspects of the installation of an Arvixe hosting will be reduced to a minimum. Being very advantageous in some cases.

This has this advantage, that it is fast and safe. However, it also has a consequence, since it is lost in website customization. Therefore, if the project has professional aspirations, it is advisable to use paid hosting, which are affordable nowadays, and which allow to configure many more features.

To do this, when you install a hosting, you will have tools that allow you to configure each of the elements. Therefore, you will have to install practically everything after contracting the service. Therefore, it is highly recommended to “fight” for a good technical support when hiring this kind of services.

They will guide you through every step of the installation of a hosting of any kind. In case you need personalized help, you can always use the phone to contact them and they will advise you at all times.

And so, you can count on the technical support to assist you, as it is not an easy task. In any case, if you have any complications and do not know what to do, we recommend you contact technical support. Only in case you have this feature included in the subscribed plan.

Instalar este hosting es sencillo y tienes personal capacitado para ayudarte en todo momento.

Arvixe Hosting offers you an excellent way to obtain detailed and specialized information about it.

You will be able to contact the technical support through a chat, something really useful.

Prices, Promotions and Payment Methods of Arvixe Hosting

Arvixe brings you different options in terms of plans, payment methods and promotions, suitable for your different needs.

1. Prices of Arvixe Hosting

Arvixe offers good prices with excellent features in all its plans. It also has some variety. Therefore, you can hire the right plan for your project, taking into account its characteristics.

PlanClass for Linux: 6.36

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • 6 domains.
  • Free domain names.

PlanClass for Windows: £7.26 for Windows

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • 1 Domain.
  • Free domain names.
  • Free useful apps

PlanClass Pro for Linux: 9.08

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • Unlimited domains.
  • Free domain names.

PlanClass Pro for Windows: £9.99

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • 5 domains.
  • Free domain names.
  • Useful free apps.

2. Payment Methods

It is important that the provider you want to hire has various payment methods.

Arvixe Hosting offers you a select variety in this section, paying for your convenience. Within these options you have:

  • Paypal.
  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover Card.

Arvixe Hosting Plans and Rates

Plan Price for Linux Price for Windows
PlanClass $6,36 $7,26
PlanClass Pro $7,28 $9,99

Opinions about Arvixe Hosting

Arvixe offers an excellent hosting section that allows you to work with cPanel and WordPress.

The prices are very good considering the characteristics that they have, they have different plans depending on the project that you want to carry out. This is perfect to start little by little or to choose a professional one if you already have previous knowledge.

“Arvixe offers a good web hosting service. Webmail has presented me with problems in the past. I have contacted technical support and they have been able to solve my problem with Webmail”

“I have 6 sites hosted with Arvixe and they are satisfied with the quality they offer me. They offer me the quality of having cPanel on my sites. As well as the useful help of WordPress”.

“Technical support is very attentive and friendly. They have solved my doubts about the cPanel and also about the operation of the Webmail. Without a doubt Arvixe is a wonderful company”.

Conclusion about Arvixe Hosting

Hiring a stable and reliable service like Arvixe is important to get your project off to a good start. Besides, the technical service available 24 hours a day gives you confidence in functionality, because you can get the necessary help at the right time.

Arvixe Hosting is fully functional with both Linux and Windows, and offers good prices for both these operating systems. You can also count on the absolute certainty that your domain will have the perfect stability that you deserve.

It also works seamlessly with cPanel and you can install it into WordPress or any other CMS. It also has good prices in its different plans. It also has free transfers in all its service plans and an automatic configuration setup.

As an international provider it has very important server locations. You can choose the most optimal location for your project in a simple and easy way.

Alternatives to Arvixe

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Technical data and characteristics of Arvixe Hosting

Features Arvixe Hosting
Price from $7.70
View offer
Shared hosting from $7.70
Dedicated hosting from $144
VPS hosting from $47.30
Warranty 60 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 8
Charging time 500ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space 1 TB
RAM memory 32 GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Arvixe's Hosting

✅ Does Arvixe Hosting have cPanel?

Arvixe Hosting’s service has cPanel. You can visit install CMS such as WordPress. It is perfect for all users who are interested in the administration of their servers.

⚠️ Is Arvixe Hosting's Technical Service good?

The customer service offered by Arvixe is quite good. You can have it at your disposal 24 hours a day. They also have an online chat that you can use within your official website.

✨ ¿Arvixe Hosting Works with WordPress?

Yes, Arvixe Hosting works with cPanel. This means that you have the possibility to install WordPress or another CMS. You won’t have any problem.

❤ ️ What are the benefits of hiring Arvixe?

It is important to hire a server like Arvixe if you want to get certified and approved quality by the market. If your project is on a large scale this is an excellent option. Besides, the prices are affordable.

✌️ Does Arvixe Hosting work with Linux?

Yes, Arvixe Hosting works perfectly with both Windows and Linux. Besides, they have different plans for these two operating systems.

This has been Arvixe’s entire analysis. We hope that it is useful for you and that you can hire some plan of your service.

In case you are not convinced, we can help you to select another international hosting. We are sure you will find the best web hosting service for you.

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Opinions and experiences of Arvixe users

Have you used Arvixe before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using an Arvixe service in the comments

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