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Earthlink: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

If you’re looking to develop a blog or website, you’d better take a look at Earthlink. If you haven’t heard of this hosting company yet, you should pay attention to this article. Earthlink offers certain advantages that you should consider for your web projects.

Earthlink’s service as a web host is useful and attractive to both new entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses. With more than twenty-five years in the internet market, this hosting guarantees a great speed in your web pages and unlimited data.

Earthlink has four data centers located in the United States. These centers are located in the cities of Dallas, San Jose, Marlborough and Chicago. Customers agree that this is one of the fastest and safest services available.

One of the great advantages that this web hosting offers is the possibility of designing your page at a really affordable price. It is a resource made available to those who do not have the time, but who want to improve the efficiency of their projects.

In this review you will find everything you need to know about Earthlink: plans, offers, benefits and drawbacks. Through WordPress and cPanel you will be able to manage your pages and webmail with data protection and at a convenient price.

Pros and Cons of Earthlink Hosting


  • Design your website in a professional and modern way.
  • Access to WordPress, FTP and webmail.
  • 3 GB storage per email account.
  • SSL certificate.
  • A free domain name for the first year.


  • Exclusive web hosting service for clients.
  • Below-average live chat support.

Erathlink Offers and Plans



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Why Choose Earthlink Hosting in 2020?

Earthlink is a company with a history of over 25 years in the market. In addition to the quality of its service, the confidence and security it provides to its customers keeps it so chosen. If you haven’t tried their hosting service yet, maybe it’s time.

The web hosting services of this company are exclusive for their clients. In this way, the company preserves its quality service by prioritizing customer loyalty. If you are looking to improve the positioning of your business, this is your opportunity.

The opinions of the users agree on the advantages of entrusting the development of your website to the professionals of Earthlink. For those entrepreneurs new to the internet world, or without time, Earthlink presents a definitive solution.

Through the Earthlink hosting server you will get results in a short time. If you already have previous knowledge and the capacity to develop and design your website, you will have the best tools to give free rein to your project.

Por Qué Elegir Earthlink Hosting

Earthlink Hosting Analysis and Features

Ease of use

Earthlink’s web hosting is primarily intended for those with little or no knowledge. In fact, the company offers plans where its professional team develops websites and blogs for its clients.

In this way, Earthlink is trying to broaden the spectrum of web hosting by encouraging inexperienced or timeless people to create their websites. Good website design can change the course of your business forever by improving your position in the networks.

It is also compatible with WordPress. Once WordPress is installed, you can manage all your activity through cPanel, without requiring much previous knowledge. This way you’ll have control of your website, blog, and webmail without needing to be an expert.

Domain Names

This hosting offers with its initial plan a free domain. The domain name will be the same as the user’s. Before registering your domain, Earthlink will help you find out if it is an original domain or not. Remember to choose an original domain.

Free registration domains include .com, .net, .org and .club. It is also possible to enter the completion of other domains, but with additional charges. According to users’ opinions, free domains meet a wide spectrum of registration.

If you wish to register more than one domain, you will be charged from $20 per year depending on the specificity of the domain. This modest price is paid only once a year, for the administration that the company’s server performs of it, without monthly charges.

Since Earthlink is compatible with WordPress, you can manage your domain from your cPanel. In addition, the hosting server will notify you when a domain similar to yours is registered. User reviews say that this is a very useful tool.


Users agree that this server has many tools for email management. Whether you plan to use web hosting for a blog, or for business use, Earthlink will suit your needs.

Depending on the web hosting plan you choose, you can have from 100 to 1000 branded email accounts. The storage of each account is 3 GB, regardless of the plan you choose.

Servicio de email de Earthlink hosting

Earthlink has webmail in every plan it offers. In turn, from the standard plan to the premium plan, all include antivirus and spam filtering. Earthlink provides its customers with calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and many more tools.


The Earthlink server has the MySQL database. This database is the most popular in the world and the most recommended through user feedback. The speed, efficiency and ease of use make MySQL stand out from other databases.

In the case of enabling Windows services, you can also use MSSQL. This way, you can store and retrieve data when you request it, through your cPanel. If you decide to access your database externally, you must include your IP in the Security section.

Because the Earthlink server is WordPress compatible, you can manage your databases from cPanel. In addition, WordPress will automatically back up your data after fourteen days.


The Earthlink hosting server is compatible with WordPress. Once installed, WordPress, through cPanel you can download many applications in one click. Earthlink offers you the most useful applications for the development of your website.

Among the applications offered by this hosting, you will find Joomla, the PhpBB installer, Secure Shell, and many more. All these applications will allow you to manage your website, blog and webmail in the most effective and secure way to get the best results.

Remember that you can opt for plans that do all the work for you. However, if you decide to develop your own website or blog, you will have many practical and simple applications according to the users’ opinions.


The Earthlink server provides different storage capacities depending on the plan you choose. For example, the standard plan offers 10 GB of storage.

In addition, with Earthlink’s web hosting you will have 20 GB of bandwidth per month. It also offers 3 GB storage per email account on each and every one of your plans.

Crear una página web con Earthlink


To transfer a domain to the Earthlink hosting server, you must do so from cPanel or DNR Manager. You will need to send an EPP code to your webmail to transfer your domain to Earthlink or another registrar.

Then you must select the domain name you want to transfer , as long as the domain is unlocked. To finalize the domain transfer, once requested, you will simply have to wait for final authorization from the Earthlink team.

Earthlink has the FTP Manager application. This application allows you to share with your clients the FTP user to upload or download files from a certain website. This function can be done anonymously, as long as you enable it previously.


Because it is compatible with WordPress, the Earthlink hosting service will allow you to manage many websites and webmails through cPanel. In addition, Earthlink has a live online builder to help you manage all your websites.

The applications that Earthlink makes available to its customers will allow you to administer and manage as many websites as needed. If you are not yet a professional website manager, you can rely on the tools that Earthlink will provide.

SSL Certificate

The security of your websites and blogs is really important. Not only because you must protect your information and data, but above all because of your customers. A website that is not secure, can never thrive on the networks.

The Earthlink hosting server has the SSL Manager application, which you can manage with WordPress from your cPanel. Through SSL Manager, you can purchase and install your SSL certificate and associate it to your website’s domain.

It is essential that your websites, blogs and webmail have the SSL certificate. Especially if you are going to use your website to make online payments or collect confidential information. The SSL certificate will guarantee the protection of all your transactions.

Support Quality

This web hosting server has technical support 24 hours a day, all week. You can contact the technical team for any questions.

Soporte y servicio de atención al cliente de Earthlink

To communicate with the technical support you can communicate by phone, via email, or through the live chat. The opinions of the users agree that regarding the hosting service, the best way to communicate is by a phone call.

Although the live chat is not the highlight of this hosting, there is a lot of information available on the official website. However, if you communicate by phone or by email, the technical team will not take long to solve your problems.

Services offered by Earthlink Hosting

Earthlink’s web hosting server provides the most practical and simple solutions for its customers. If you want to develop a website for your business to prosper, or your blog to reach a wider audience, nothing better than the designs you will find here.

The designs that Earthlink hosting offers its clients are suitable for all mobile devices, and have SEO optimization. In turn, you have the option of having your website professionally designed by their team, or you can do it yourself.

Earthlink‘s hosting server will design for you a modern and attractive website that will give a great boost to your business. You’ll have professional writing, webmail, spamming, anti-virus and spam filtering, and many other benefits.

If you prefer to design your own website, you will have a personalized website builder. You’ll also get a free domain name for a year, a drag and drop editor, premium design options, webmail, and more advantages according to the plan you choose.

Servicios de los mejores proveedores de hosting web

How to Install Earthlink for Your Website Hosting

To host your website in this hosting, it is a prerequisite to be a client of the company. Earthlink is an internet and telephone server with more than 25 years of experience. Therefore, if you are already a client of this server, you will have no problem in following the next steps.

The first step to take is to log in with your username and password through your cPanel, to log in to Earthlink. The username will match the name of your webmail or domain associated with your account. The password will be the one selected during registration.

Then, you must select the plan you decide to subscribe to. Earthlink offers different plans, depending on the webmail accounts you want to have, storage capacity, data transfer speed, and other factors you will need to consider when choosing.

The next step is to install WordPress. Simply click on install the application from your cPanel. Users agree that if you don’t have a database yet, it’s advisable to create one before downloading WordPress.

Earthlink Pricing and Promotions

Being an internet and telephony server, Earthlink offers many promotions for its customers who want web hosting. Prices and promotions vary depending on the plan you subscribe to, so it is important to be clear about your needs.

The prices are mainly divided in two. There are three plans for those who decide to leave the development of their websites in the hands of Earthlink’s professional team. There are also three other plans for those who wish to create their own websites.

If you decide to buy convenience, you can trust that your websites will be designed in the most modern and attractive way. However, you will have to pay extra for it. On the other hand, prices will be more affordable if you decide to develop your own website.

Planes y precios del servicio de hosting web

Earthlink Pricing

If you decide to leave the development of your website in the hands of the professional team, prices range from $79.95 to $199.95 per month. Users agree that the best price is the Foundation plan, which starts at $129.95 per month.

The prices are considerably reduced if the websites are developed by you. The initial plan starts at $12.47 per month, while the premium plan starts at $42.47 per month. The most recommended is the Business Website Plus plan, starting at $17.47 per month.

Earthlink Promotions

Earthlink hosting offers certain promotions for its customers. These include the offer to register a domain name for one year free of charge. In turn, the three plans within “design your own website” cost half of their price for the first three months.

Earthlink Payment Methods

Earthlink hosting accepts traditional payment methods. You can use your credit card, Visa or Mastercard. You can also make bank transfers. Payment via mail through checks or money orders is also allowed.

However, this web hosting does not yet accept payment through crypto-currencies, nor the use of Paypal. If you have any questions about how to pay for your services, you can contact us at 888-327-8454. You can also contact us by email at

Price Summary

Service offer Price Savings
For the first three months 50% 50%

Opinions from Hosting Earthlink

Before selecting a hosting to host your website, blog or webmail, it is important to consider the opinions of the users. Below are some of the user reviews from Earthlink.

Thomas G. commented: “I have been looking for a long time for a way to relaunch my business. Thanks to Earthlink’s Foundation plan, I have placed my company on the net. Although the price was not the cheapest, I would choose it again.

Karen S. observed: “I hired Earthlink as an Internet server a few years ago. Since I found out that they offer web hosting plans, I decided to host my website, since I trust their 25 years of experience. I would like to see them improve the live chat”.

Kenny O. has written: “Earthlink offers solid tools for hosting websites. I have five domains hosted, and thanks to WordPress I can manage them really efficiently. However, I think the prices could be lower.

Earthlink Hosting Conclusion

It is a server that has been a leading provider of Internet and telephone services in the United States for more than 25 years. However, it also offers high quality web hosting, with many benefits.

Earthlink will offer you two options. The first is to develop a website for you. You won’t have to worry about anything. The excuses of lack of time or experience are over with these three plans. You will have a modern design, professional writing and SEO optimization.

In addition, you can design your own website. Earthlink offers you to add a free domain name for one year, to which you can add other sub-domains. You will be able to manage your website with WordPress through cPanel. You will also have many self-installable applications.

While the prices may seem a little high, you should remember that their professional team does everything for you. After all, the time you don’t spend designing and maintaining your website, you can use it to generate more money.

For all customers of Earthlink’s Internet and Telephony server, it will be really convenient to host their websites, blogs and webmails. You will have a secure and reliable hosting, easy to use thanks to WordPress and cPanel.

Alternatives to Earthlink Web Hosting

After reading this review, you will have noticed that this is a hosting with many benefits and advantages. However, if you are not a customer of this company, you may want to broaden your horizon and check out other possibilities.

Before hosting your website, blog or webmail, it is essential that you have a clear idea of your needs. Not all hostings offer the same services, nor do they stand out in the same way. The choice of a hosting depends a lot on what your objectives are.

In the official page of Hosting Victory you will find the most complete information about web hosting. You’ll find all the information you need in the hosting reviews, as well as how to use WordPress, cPanel, and create webmail accounts.

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Earthlink Technical Data and Features

Main Features Earthlink
Price $12.47
See offer
Website Plus Plan $12.47
Plan Business Website Plus $17.47
Plan eCommerce $42.47
Money back policy 30 days
Server location United States
Disk (SSD or HDD) SSD
CPU cores (number) 1
Loading time (ms) 500ms
Control panel (cpanel, etc.) Earthlink Control Panel
Disk space (up to GB) Consult
RAM (up to GB) Consult
Website builder?
Free site migration?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions About Earthlink

⭐️ What is Earthlink?

It is an American company that specializes in providing internet and telephone services. At the same time, it offers its clients web hosting services for websites and blogs.

➡ ️ How to Transfer a Domain to Earthlink?

To transfer a domain to Earthlink you will need to login to your cPanel. Then, you will need to go to the domain management application. Finally, you will need to request the EPP code for the domain transfer.

✅ Is Earthlink Secure?

Earthlink is a company with more than 25 years of experience backed by the opinions of its users. Through cPanel you can purchase the SSL certificate. This is an application that will keep all your transactions safe, as well as protect your and your customers’ data.

❤️️ Why Choose Earthlink?

Earthlink offers excellent services for small and medium businesses. If you lack the time, or are not very skilled at designing websites, Earthlink will do it for you. You can have a design that puts your business on the podium in minutes.

🙌 What are the benefits of Earthlink?

Among the benefits of this hosting is a 50% discount during the first three months of subscription. It also offers a free domain name for one year. In addition, Earthlink offers the possibility of designing a professional website for you.

🚀 How to Install Earthlink?

Once you have contacted the Earthlink team, you will need to create a username and password. Then, create a database to assign your domain. Finally, you will need to download WordPress through cPanel to start managing your website.

👌 Will Earthink provide me with my own domain name?

If you don’t have your own domain yet, you can buy it through Earthlink. By selecting a web hosting plan, you will be offered the possibility of registering a free domain name for one year.

🔥 What is the price of Earthlink?

Prices vary depending on the plan you choose. If you decide to have your website developed, the initial plan starts at $79.95 per month. If you decide to design your site yourself as recommended by the reviews, the standard plan starts at $12.47 per month.

️⛳️ Is Earthlink Compatible With WordPress?

Users’ opinions claim the ease of use of this hosting thanks to its compatibility with WordPress. Once your domain is registered, you can install WordPress with just one click, through your cPanel.

After reading this review, you know everything about Earthlink. Don’t waste any more time to start this new adventure in the world of web hosting. If you still have any doubts, you can dispel them on the official website. Success in the hosting world!

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Opinions and experiences of Earthlink users

Have you used Earthlink before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using an Earthlink service in the comments

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