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Private Server: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

The private server of a Hosting can be of great help for most of you. Since you can have in a privileged way some accesses and diverse resources that are independent for each one of you.

Since it is a private server, access is only managed by one person, or perhaps by a team. But exclusively, these only belong to one client, considering that they have dedicated IP addresses.

That is why you will find the best private server here so that you can choose the one that suits you. These private servers have the ability to share several resources from the same dedicated server.

Advantages of Private Hosting Services

You won’t have to worry about how this server works, since it has cPanel.

It is a tool that basically offers several functions to optimize the use of a hosting server.

You can also find some free hosting on the web, but it is not so feasible due to different factors. Some of these are that they limit the services a lot and make your work more tedious.

Most private servers are equipped with ssd, which is a great advantage for users. They have evolved over time to be compatible with today’s wide variety of operating systems.

Today you will know everything you need to know about private hosting servers and their elements. In the same way you will find all the features that this wonderful service of modern technology offers.

The best Dedicated Server can be found among the list of the best hosting in the world. You can count on all the basic services that a Private Server can offer.

The best hosting stands out for having a discount and a series of advantages that other companies do not have. Therefore, you must be careful with the server you choose for your project, since the cheap could be expensive.

Below we have made a table with the most outstanding international hosting comparisons. This will help you greatly to find the private server for you.

All the Cloud Hosting for your Web

There are thousands of providers worldwide, all of them claim to offer the best hosting service. Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

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What is a Private Server?

A la hora de elegir un Hosting es necesario tomar una decisión adecuada ya que de ello dependerá vuestro proyectoA private server is a type of shared web hosting but with characteristics of a dedicated hosting. This means that there is only one server on which partitions are carried out. Each of these partitions works independently for the page it is working on.

There are different factors that you should take into account for a quality private server service, this will offer good results. Technical support, availability and usability are three of the factors you must necessarily know in a suitable server.

A server of this type necessarily has to have a favorable location for the users who use it. That’s why another aspect to take into consideration is the proximity of the server you will be hiring.

Some providers such as Hostpapa, Hostgator and Dina hosting are examples of excellence and service. Taking into consideration that their speed must be acceptable for your work.

The service of a private server is synonymous with excellence, this for different reasons. Because it is an exclusive service, it can provide maximum security for you.

What is the difference between a private server and a normal one?

A private server works with its own operating system. This means that it offers much more flexibility and high performance than a normal server. In addition, it also guarantees you more bandwidth and disk space, which means much faster loads.

Los servidores privados son útiles para alojar un sitio web.

When hiring a private server, users tend to choose the cheapest. However, this is often a mistake, as they end up choosing something that is not useful to them. That’s why for a higher price you can hire a different kind of server service.

For a little more money there are servers that offer you what you need to go ahead with your projects. If your project is small and you don’t need big features, you don’t need a private server. However, if you want to have your own operating system and the other advantages of this type of server, it is advisable to hire them.

What are the benefits of hiring a private server for a website?

Many people think about it before hiring a private server, but it actually offers viable features. One of them is that not everyone can use the server that is in your domain, only with authorization.

And not only this, these servers also allow the use of dedicated IPs which generates a total independence when surfing the web. You can also make use of various hardware resources that offer benefits for any project.

It allows you to move resources from RAM, Hard Disk or CPU from one place to another without having to migrate. This is a very efficient feature since it provides valuable time savings, which is not the case with servers that are private.

un serve exclusivo no tendrá alojados otros proyectos web en el mismo server.

They can be installed on almost any operating system that exists, in addition to programs or services.

Therefore you can have faith that the server of this type will be adaptable for all your devices.

You should also know that before hiring a private server you should compare costs. This is because you can find different services with various prices, so it is always necessary to read a little.

Hiring a Private Server: Characteristics to take into account

It is necessary to highlight some of the features that may be essential when hiring a Private Server. The popularity of your website and its performance will depend on it.

1. Load Speed

The loading speed offered by this type of server is essential for the performance of your website.

Because if the page does not load quickly, people visiting the site will become impatient and leave the site.

While on the contrary, the rate of visitors to the private server site will rise, increasing the popularity and profits of your site.

SEO positioning is also a key factor that highlights the performance of a page.

Disfruta de la exclusividad de este tipo de servers.

2. Private Server Availability

This feature is essential as the server of this type must always be kept online. All the servers we show you in the Victory Hosting list have an excellent 24/7 availability.

This quality occurs from the first moment that the operation is interrupted and affects the server. That is why you must hire a Private Server that offers 100% availability to avoid disappointment.

3. Support Quality

Many times users do not have the necessary knowledge about using a good private server.

That’s why the technical support team is trained to help you resolve any concerns quickly.

It should be noted that various functions of a private server are completely complex.

In this case the support team will take care of this situation in a privileged way.

Un servidor privado es una opción estupenda para empresas o particulares.

4. Technological Requirements of Your Project

By establishing the technological requirements you need, you can find the necessary plan for such a server. It all depends on the project you have in your hands, whether it is a big one or a small one.

Some of the aspects to be considered in a private server from which the necessary for your project can be deduced are

  • Hosted domains.
  • Ram memory.
  • Processor speed.
  • SSL certificates.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Transfer speed.

How to Install a Private Server for your Company

Installing a hosting on your website is a simple task and more if you have technical knowledge. But if you don’t, don’t worry, the hosting plan usually comes with pre-installed tools or with an automatic installer.

The automatic tools are very convenient and reduce the installation process to a minimum. This has the advantage of being very fast and offering the project to the customer as soon as possible. Although some customization is also lost. And this is very important when it comes to making a website that stands out from the rest.

Therefore, you can also do a step-by-step installation process to fully configure the server. However, you should count on excellent technical support from your chosen provider, so that they are available to assist you and your customers in this task.

Los planes del servidor privado tienen diferentes precios en función de las prestaciones.

Although most of the time the installation is a complicated process, there are also more simplified private server installation processes. The way to install a private server may be confusing for some users, but with this simplified form you will see that it is not.

In general, the methods for installing them are very simple, so please pay attention to these instructions.

In this case we will show you how to install a private server in the following way:

  • You have to take over the services of a domain.
  • Know what are the requirements you need for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the private server.
  • Use the cPanel tools to control the server
  • After that you must configure the server for the administrators.
  • Finally, you must access your website through this type of server.

What is the Price of a Private Server?

There are different prices according to the needs you have in your project may vary. To begin with, the prices between the different servers are already different, but later, within the same company, they can vary according to the plan you choose.


The most basic plans can range from under £1 to £11. You can also find business or more professional plans that can be close to 50 euros.

2. Promotions

Some private server companies offer their users the ability to save money.

Therefore they have put up some promotions for the public that are attractive to most. Depending on the chosen server you can find promotions ranging from 20% to even 90%.

Existen diferentes planes de servidor privado entre los proveedores.

3. Payment Methods

Most of these server services of this type offer various payment methods for the convenience of their customers. From a general point of view, the most used ones can be the following:

  • Credit card Visa and Master Card.
  • PayPal.
  • Union Pay.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Bank transfers.
  • American Express cards.
  • Discover Network Cards
  • Among others.

Private Server Pricing Summary

Hosting Price Promotions
GoDaddy Economic: 5.46 euros.
Deluxe: 7.28 euros.
Ultimate: 11.83 euros.
Maximum: 18.21 Euros
Economic: 33% discount.
Deluxe: 33% discount
Ultimate: 23% discount.
Maximum: 20% discount
Hostinger Simple: 0.99.
Premium: 2.59 euros.
Business: 4.49
Simple: 90% discount
Premium: 82% discount
Business: 78% discount
Siteground StartUp: 3.60
GrowBig: 5.42.
GoGeek: 10.88
StartUp: 3.60
GrowBig: 5.42.
GoGeek: 10.88

Private Server Conclusion

No os tendréis que preocupar por la manera en cómo funciona éste servidor, puesto que cuenta con cPanelIn conclusion, the intention of such a server is to provide independence for your users. In this way they can feel more privileged with the different applications they have for your projects.

In addition, they offer many additional features that are not supported by private servers. In this case they can improve some aspects of WordPress or cPanel and its tools.

In short, the private server is perfect for those projects that require more features and capacity. Thus, a personal blog project should not have this type of hosting. A shared hosting will be more than enough. However, a business or a corporate page are good examples of users of private servers.

We hope this article has helped you with future purchases of a private server. Our only intention is to offer you a guide to hire the server service you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Server Hosting

✅What kind of Private Server do I need?

Given this question, it is necessary to know the type of project you are developing. Once you know the project and its elements, you can find a private server that suits your needs.

So that it also offers you the demanding characteristics for your web project, so that it works better.

✨ How much can a Private Server cost me?

If you take into account the money factor, you can find different links to visit the websites. In them you can find the prices of each private server, so they range from 1 to 100 euros.

As well, keep in mind that the cost may vary according to the requirements of your project.

✌️ Is there a Free Private Server?

I’m sure you’ll find some private server that’s free, but don’t be too happy about it. These servers may contain viruses or simply have various limitations for your projects.

So we recommend not to use a free private server hosting for your website, if you want to keep it safe.

❤️ What are the benefits of Private Server Hosting?

You can have exclusivity and great security that your website will be protected on a private server. This is promoted by a great accessibility and usability in which you will not have as many problems as you really think.

And not only this, they also allow the use of dedicated IPs which generates a total independence when surfing the web. You can also make use of various hardware resources that offer benefits for any project.

⚠️How to install a Private Server

The way to install a private server may be confusing for some users, but you will see that it is not. In general, the methods to install them are very simple, so pay attention to these instructions:

  • You have to get the services of a domain.
  • Know what the requirements are for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the private server.

This has been our entire analysis of hosting for a private server. We hope that it will be very helpful to you and that you can find the perfect provider for you.

In case you are not satisfied with a hosting service. You can find out about the best hosting services and hire a local provider.

You can also see several comparative hosting. To have a better idea of the differences between each one.

Also, if your project is being developed in a CMS. Most probably you are looking for a better CMS hosting, this will guarantee you a more specialized service.

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