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The Best CDNs to Distribute Your Content

When creating the content of a website, a great option to improve it is to hire the best CDNs. This external server service considerably improves the speed of your website.

This is why we have designed this article about the best CDNs. Here, we will show the different opinions and characteristics about the content distribution made by these companies.

Nowadays there are many companies that offer this service, there are even some that offer it for free. However, the best CDNs are those that are paid and have great compatibility with WordPress.

Un CND te permite tener el contenido de tu página web completamente organizado.

Below, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the best CDNs so you can make the best choice. We’ll show you reviews, features, prices and more.

Best CDNs

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The Best CDNs to Distribute Your Content

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What is a CDN?

According to the opinions of specialists, the best CDNs are those that can be used with WordPress for the distribution of its content. But before developing this point, it is important to know what a CDN is.

In short, a CDN is a set of servers, which are distributed around the entire web. In this way they help to distribute content and data.

The server offered by the best distributors is distributed in different places. This helps the page hosted on the hosting server to increase speed.

The advantage of the best distributors is that they have the ability to take work out of the hosting server. This way, it makes your page stable so you can have a great speed when a user accesses the site.

They work as bridges that optimize your website and make users likely to spend more time on your page. If a page is poorly optimized in this way, the bounce rate of people leaving your website can skyrocket, causing you to drop down in Google’s result lists.

How do the Best CDNs work?

Now that we know what the best CDNs are, we can see how they work for content distribution through a server. Both free and paid services work the same way, although the payments are better because they have better features and services.

When entering a website, we make a lot of requests when we click. These are resources that make the hosting server that is hosting your domain work.

Un CDN te permitirá ganar velocidad de carga en tu sitio web.

When we hire a CDN what we do is take work out of that server so that it can please the users. By improving the distribution of content, we will take work out of the hosting server and get the CDN servers to take care of other resources such as images.

According to users’ opinions, hiring the best CDNs considerably increases the optimization of your website. By doing this, websites run with impressive speed because they free up the hosting server.

This improves your users’ browsing experience. Remember that this is important because if a user spends a lot of time on loading pages on your website, they will end up going somewhere else. This is why it is important to acquire a CDN, among other things, to improve the user experience.

When do I need a CDN for my website? What are the best CDNs for?

The best CDNs are useful for anyone who has a website and is hosting it on an external server. According to the users’ opinions, it improves the quality a lot.

This type of service works through a network of external servers that are responsible for storing all data on the website. By doing this, it frees up the hosting server to improve content distribution.

In this way, the best CDNs serve to generate copies and free the hosting server from certain actions to fulfill its main function. That is, to host the domain and complete the users’ requests.

Therefore, when a user requests a resource, it connects to the nearest server. These servers that are close to your geographical area are offered by the best CDNs. When you contract the service, you will be able to count on servers all over the planet as if it were free.

In short, it is a service that will improve the status of your website in general. It will speed up the connection between servers and you will notice this in the loading speed of the website. Your users will be able to notice the difference and will get a comfortable and fast browsing experience, so they will stay longer on your website.

The Best CDNs for your website

Now that we know what they are, how they work and what the best CDNs are for, we will move on to show you the ones that stand out today. They have the best opinions from experts and users.

Below, we will show you our selection of the best distributors so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. Many of these have a free version, we always recommend using the paid ones since they are usually more compatible with the latest versions of wordpress.

1. CloudFire

To start with our selection of the best CDNs, we have chosen Cloudfare. It has excellent feedback from users who have tried the service before.

Cloudflare CDN es uno de los mejores del mercado y con mejores opiniones de usuarios.

The first thing we can highlight is that this CDN is fully compatible with WordPress, the most used content manager. So, if you have this one, you can use it with Cloudfare.

As one of the best CDNs, it also offers a free service for you to try. In addition, it offers promotional packages for all types of users, from the most basic to the most complex.

In case you want to improve the distribution of resources for your website, Cloudfare is a great option. By freeing the server from hosting, you can have great speed for your new site.

One of the biggest advantages of Cloudfare and that makes it one of the best distributors, is that it has a large number of servers distributed around the planet. This way, you will be connected to the one closest to your geographical area.

Finally, Cloudfare offers a service to customize caching. This way, we can say that it fits what you are developing for your company.

2. Incapsulate

Secondly, we have chosen Incapsula. This stands out as one of the best CDNs. This is undoubtedly supported by the excellent opinions that experts have left on the subject in different blogs about hosting, CDN, website buiders, etc.

Incapsula has a large number of servers strategically located throughout the world. For this reason, it has become one of the market leaders and has gained a large number of customers.

On the other hand, one of the important points to consider him one of the best distributors of the present time is the subject of security. By contracting this CDN you will undoubtedly be able to increase the security of your site.

When working with content distribution, it can be dangerous for data to be stolen. This way, you can try out the different packages it offers that have a great relationship between price and quality, as if it were free.

Many large companies have contracted the services of Incapsula. Both Linkedin and Ebay use the company’s servers. For this reason, we can say that it is undoubtedly one of the best CDNs.

3. Amazon CloudFont

Another one of the best CDNs that has stood out in recent times was Amazon Cloudfront. This company belongs to the Amazon group which is one of the world leaders in online sales.

For this reason, we can say that this is one of the best CDNs that has all the quality of Amazon. The CDN service it offers is unbeatable according to different opinions of users on the web.

El CDN amazon CloudFront tiene la garantía de una de las empresas más grandes del mundo.

To begin with, Amazon Cloudfront offers totally secure content distribution. It also supports all file types and applications. You can use it with WordPress as well as with other content managers.

Another interesting point offered by one of the best distributors such as Amazon Cloudfront, is that you can configure the console with AWS services. In addition, you can configure it with API programming.

At the same time, it offers excellent promotions with excellent payment plans. In this way, in case you don’t like the service offered by this CDN you can cancel it immediately for free, without paying extra.

Finally, this CDN has the ability to be configured with any type of application in order to work in the best way. In this way, we can say that you will be able to improve without a doubt the distribution of the content.

4. MaxCDN

To continue with the recommendations on the best CDNs, it is now MaxCDN‘s turn. This is a company that has a great experience in the market due to its great seriousness and incredible servers.

The company Stack Path, due to the great service and excellent user feedback, purchased MaxCDN. This company has managed to improve the service considerably by adding more servers.

On the other hand, he was in charge of updating the server in order to offer a better quality of service. So this is presented as one of the best CDN as it has an excellent distribution of content.

A great advantage of MaxCDN is that it has a smart cache type. What this generates is having the content available for a longer period of time than you usually have.

On the other hand, in case you want to delete the content that is stored in the different servers, you can do it with only one button. This undoubtedly increases the efficiency of this CDN.

Finally, we can say that MaxCDN offers excellent promotional packages as if it were free. You can start enjoying one of the best CDNs for a very affordable price.

5. CDN77

Fifthly, we will describe another of the best CDNs we can find in recent times. It is CDN77 that has a great amount of features available to all kinds of users.

El CDN77 es un CDN eficaz para sitios web que necesiten de grandes prestaciones.

One of the great advantages that CDN77 offers is that it has a free 14-day trial version. So you can enjoy all the features offered by the higher package for two weeks to see the quality of service offered by one of the best CDNs we have found.

Another great benefit that you will have when contracting CDN77, besides improving the distribution of the content, will be the technical support. This company has 24-hour customer service. So, when a problem arises, they will be able to solve it instantly as you require.

According to the users’ opinions, the technical support service is one of the best you can find. In case you have problems with WordPress, content distribution, transfer, etc. they will be able to solve your problems in the blink of an eye since they are at your disposal.

Finally, we can say that these are the best CDNs we can find as they work with the latest technology available regarding this service. It supports all types of support from different websites.

6. KeyCDN

To finish with our selection of the best CDNs we can find today, we will talk about Key CDN. This one also has some excellent opinions from all the users who have tried it before.

In case you want to free the hosting server from the distribution of content and resources, Key CDN is one of the best options we found. Its service is highly recommended since it offers the best possible features for all types of users.

You can choose the plan that suits your needs, as if they were free. Moreover, it is compatible with all types of content management systems, especially WordPress. Many people have contracted this service for this reason.

One of the great things that Key CDN offers is that it has a great optimization of the images of your site. This is done in real time while a user enters it.

On the other hand, both using it and installing it is very easy for both experts and beginners. So, if you are developing a website, you can hire one of the best CDNs such as Key CDN.

How to Install a CDN in my WordPress Web

Installing a WordPress CDN is a very simple task. The best CDNs offer a plugin support service that makes it easy for you to do it in the best possible way.

Installing a CDN for WordPress depends on the type of web you want to make. However, the process is similar in all cases. The steps to follow to install it are the following.

Wordpress es totalmente compatible con todos los Content Delivery Network que encontrarás en el mercado.

First, you must choose one of the best CDNs. There you must generate a user and download the application. Once you do it, it will offer the plugins for your WordPress.

When you have done this, you should set up the URL to start using the CDN for your WordPress. To do this you must configure it for the zone in which you are, all ready! When you have done this you can start using the WordPress CDN.

If you have any doubts during the installation process of a CDN, you can send them to the technical service of your provider. Although it is a simple installation and configuration, problems can always arise. That’s why the best hosting providers have efficient support services by phone, mail or even live chat.

How much do the best CDNs cost?

The best CDNs offer different promotional plans to make them accessible to everyone. Some even offer the service for free so you can use their servers for your website.

Nowadays, the prices of the best CDNs are rather cheap, as if they were free. For that reason, many people have managed to hire such a service to improve the distribution of content and optimize the use of WordPress.

Today, the packages offered by the best CDNs range from $3 to $10 per month. This will depend on the type of package you choose to start enjoying the service.

The best CDNs offer different means of payment so that you can pay. You can use bank transfers, electronic purses or credit and debit cards. This makes it easier to sign up for packages.

The prices of the CDN vary depending on the services you contract, but this is not the only factor that determines the price. Thus, the time of contracting also affects the final price. CDN providers usually reward users who sign up for longer periods of time with rates and promotions that can reduce the price by up to 50%.

Are there free CDNs?

As we have said, there are different types of CDN services. The best CDNs offer both free and paid services. They offer fewer features than those you have to pay for.

While free services have the advantage that you don’t have to pay, they contain fewer servers than paid ones. On the other hand, they tend to run slower than high-speed payments.

Hiring the free service can be useful if you are developing a page that is for personal use. But for serious blogs, it is best to have a service that offers the best CDNs.

According to expert opinions, the paid service is better than the free one, especially from the support side. Customer service solves your problems just as well, but faster for those who pay.

In this aspect you should also take into consideration the requirements of your web project. A professional website may need more features than a personal website where we deposit few contents.

In this way, we always have to assess the benefits we will need for each project in an appropriate way and contract a plan accordingly.

los CDn cuentan con diferentes precios en función de sus prestacinoes.

Opinions of the Best CDNs

The best CDNs have generated the best opinions on the page from both specialists and users. We have found some of them in the different blogs that we can see on the website.

For example, one of the opinions is that of Alberto J. He himself has said that “Amazon Cloud has considerably improved my blog. This is due to the great speed it has given to the downloading of images”.

On the other hand, another opinion we have seen is that of Marta S. She mentioned that “Thanks to the CDN offered by CDN77 I have been able to optimize the use of WordPress and improve the distribution of content on the web”.

Finally, to continue with the opinions, we can transcribe the one of Hector M. This user has highlighted the following “The technical support of Incapsula is incredible, this makes it one of the best CDNs that we can find today, without a doubt the attention that I have received is optimal. I highly recommend this service”.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best CDN

👌 What Are the Best CDNs?

The best CDNs are basically a set of servers spread across the planet. They work to free up the hosting server to use other resources and not direct them to actions that a CDN can perform.

In the case that you have a website, it is advisable to hire one of the best CDNs to improve the distribution of content.

✌️ What Are the Best CDNs

The best CDNs we can find today for a content page are the ones we have analyzed above. These have the best opinions from both specialists and users.

You can choose between Amazon FrontCloud, Key CDN, CDN77, CloudFlare, Incapsula or MaxCDN. These have excellent service.

⛳ How do I install some of the best CDNs for my Wordpress site?

How do I install some of the best CDNs for my WordPress website?

Installing one of the best CDNs for WordPress is very simple. The ones we have analyzed are fully compatible with WordPress. With which, the important thing is the type of Web that you want to make.

However, it is very simple to install, companies provide support service to make the task very easy.

🔥How much do the best CDNs cost?

The best CDNs are priced between $3 and $10. In case you want to hire it, they have a very accessible price that seems to be free. You will be able to choose the package that fits what you are looking for.

➕ Are there Free Versions of the Best CDNs?

There are free versions of the best CDNs. However, we always recommend hiring the ones that are paid. This is because they have more features and more servers than the free ones.

✨Is CloudFLare one of the best CDNs?

We can say that CloudFlare is without a doubt one of the best CDNs we can find today. Although we can also find other options like the ones we have shown in this post.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about the best domain CDNs, you can also take a look at the best website builders or the best domain registrars.

In turn, you can review everything you need to know about hosting on our home page.

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