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Scala hosting: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Looking for the best accommodation service? Meet Scala Hosting, the next step in the evolution of hosting, with the goal of providing a high performance, ultra-secure VPS service at the best price.

With 13 years in the business and more than 700,000 domains hosted on Scala Hosting’s server, we are faced with a provider that offers its users a variety of options to provide a service tailored to the needs of each one.

Read on to find out if Scala Hosting is the service you are looking for.

Pros and Cons of Scala Hosting


  • Unlimited bandwidth in most plans.
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent reviews 24/7 support.
  • Free domain name.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free SSL certificate.


  • Few promotions.
  • Ordinary design.

Scala Hosting Offers and Plans





20 GB

See plan





50 GB

See plan

Why Choose Scala Hosting in 2022?

Scala Hosting has become a very good option for those who want to hire a dedicated or cloud server hosting service.

It is important to emphasize the variety of options it offers in order to meet the needs of the widest range of users. Because it is like that, it is a good option for companies with big requirements as well as for small projects.

Their cloud servers provide unlimited web hosting services to websites with WordPress or other CMS, enterprise, webmail resellers with managed and unmanaged service options.

With its own cPanel (SPanel), the possibility of unlimited server hosting, special options for development in WordPress, security features, webmail service and excellent 24 / 7 attention manages to cover all aspects in a very high quality.

Finally, we emphasize that, although with cPanel it is very dynamic to manage the services and webmail, the special panel developed by the brand called SPanel is an improvement regarding this type of tools.

Scala hosting es una de las mejores opciones de hosting web del mercado.

Scala Hosting Analysis and Features

Here is a detailed analysis of all the features you should take into account to compare and decide if this hosting is the server or cloud hosting service you were looking for.

1. Ease of use

Navigating through this Hosting site to find the best service that suits your needs is very simple, with well identified options and good explanations. In addition, it offers a 24/7 live chat service to evacuate any kind of doubt at the moment.

In terms of the products and the difficulty in use, it also offers simple and intuitive designs that make it easy to use. You can notice differences between the managed and unmanaged service in terms of maintenance and management of each server.

2. Domain Names

ScalaHosting offers the possibility to host an unlimited amount. You can transfer any domain you own or register a new one. To do this you must check the availability of the one you want and register it if it is not occupied.

In addition, at Scala Hosting you can obtain a domain name already registered by another user at the distributor. Finally, it gives you the possibility of acquiring one free of charge among the d minor categories.

3. Webmail

In this aspect you will also find various possibilities and solutions for the different needs that may arise. First of all, almost all of Scala Hosting’s hosting services have their own webmail so that you can manage your accounts.

In addition, you will find a special webmail hosting service with different packages depending on the number of accounts, the space required and the number of webmail domains.

4. Databases

All the web services at Scala Hosting allow you to upload an unlimited amount of databases.

With the exception of the mini plan designed to host a single site (50GB of space), you also have unlimited storage and bandwidth so the possibilities when handling databases at Scala Hosting are unlimited.

5. Applications

Scala Hosting is characterised by its unlimited storage capacity. In almost all of its programs you can host an unlimited amount of applications, with no restrictions on space or quantity.

In addition, Scala Hosting’s support allows you to host content developed with a variety of applications such as WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Moodle or WooCommerce.

6. Storage

Scala Hosting offers the user a service with the least amount of limitations. For this reason, in all its plans (except the mini plan for a single website and 50GB) it proposes that the space to be used on the server be unlimited.

Just as you read it, by signing up for a plan from the ‘Starter’ package of 5.95 per month, you get unlimited website space, databases and any other content you can think of.

7. Transfer

To transfer a domain at Scala Hosting you must manage it on its cPanel (or self developed SPanel) before obtaining the EPP code where it is hosted.

The delay is generally no more than 5 days and is usually due to the formalities carried out by the body where it is registered.

Scala hosting ofrece planes de precios con tarifas adaptadas a todos los bolsillos.

8. Multisite

In most Scala Hosting service packages you get the possibility to upload an unlimited amount of sites, which are also not restricted by a limit of server storage space, which is also unlimited.

9. SSL Certificate

Applying security protocols and obtaining certificates that demonstrate process security is very important for those who receive and send sensitive information through their websites.

Scala Hosting offers users the ability to secure their sites created in WordPress or another CMS for free by obtaining SSL certificates. You can get this from GeoTrust or Symantec (higher priced option) for peace of mind for you and your site visitors.

10. Support Quality

Scala Hosting offers a guaranteed 24/7 customer service with professional experts in problem solving or any situation that requires it. Communicate via live chat, phone or webmail.

User feedback highlights the quality and warmth of the care. The cordiality in the communications is a condition that the provider demands with sanctions to the users who do not maintain the respect towards the employees of the hosting.

Services offered by Scala Hosting

Since its foundation in 2007, Scala Hosting has been committed to offering the best service, with options in accordance with the needs of different types of users, with maximum security and at the best price.

Thus this provider has managed to develop service options

managed and unmanaged as needed. It offers the ability to search for the availability of names, register them and host them on your cloud server.

For an optimal management of some services it has developed a special cPanel that they call SPanel as an overcoming alternative that achieves an excellent performance. Through its cPanel you can also manage the business or personal webmail service.

You also have the possibility of opting for the service in dedicated server, access to different security solutions and more services, which have the best opinions of users for quality and professionalism.

Scala hosting ofrece en sus planes la opción de wordpress preinstalado.

How to Install Scala Hosting for your Website

To purchase a Scala Hosting service all the procedures can be done through your website from your browser. Creating an account, selecting products and making payments through the available methods does not require any downloads.

Downloads and installations are necessary for the use of the hosting service or specific products such as WordPress. You should always download from the provider’s site, in this case Scala Hosting all the tools they recommend for the management of each product.

Downloading and installing Scala Hosting’s cPanel (or SPanel) is a simple procedure, as is using it to manage your server. Depending on whether the service is managed or not, you will have to make the rest of the relevant configurations and installations through it.

To upload your WordPress or other CMS developed website you must do it through cPanel, selecting the option to add the site to be uploaded.

If you have any questions about the installation process, Scala Hosting can help you with effective and efficient customer service. You can contact them by phone to solve any doubts or problems with the hosting service.

Prices and Promotions of Scala Hosting

Once you have reviewed all the features offered by Scala Hosting it is time to talk about the price. For that we must take into account that it offers a wide variety of options that allow users of different capacities to access according to their needs and budget.

1. Prices of Scala Hosting

The price of Scala Hosting’s service resulted in our analysis being at or better than those of its competitors in each range of services. They start with their mini service for a website for $5.95 per month.

The Starter Pack offers great features (already has unlimited storage, bandwidth, webmail accounts and databases) for a cost of $8.95 per month. Advanced and Managed VPS cost 13.95 per month.

The WordPress and webmail packages have the same costs and features, with adaptations for that CMS.

In addition, you can find managed cloud services (from $13.95 to $67.95 per month) and self-managed VPS (from $10 to $49 per month).

We must clarify that all these prices are from the first renewal because when you hire a service for the first time you get discounts of up to 40%.

2. Promotions by Scala Hosting

Unlike other providers in the market that offer promotions for the extension of each contract, Scala Hosting offers promotions of up to 40% savings on each package or service for being hired for the first time.

In practice, it works as an incentive to hire the service for as long as possible, since when you renew you lose that discount. In any case, you always have a 30-day money back guarantee in case of disagreement.Uno de los factores a tener en cuenta al seleccionar un alojamiento web es el precio.

3. Scala Hosting Payment Methods

At Scala Hosting you can pay the cost of the service contracted through a variety of payment methods: credit, debit and prepaid cards, PayPal and bank transfers complete your possibilities.

Service offer Price Savings
Mini 5.95 per month (renewal) 33% first contract savings $3.95 per month
Start 8.95 per month (renewal) 33% first contract savings $5.95 per month
Advanced 13.95 per month (renewal) 29% first contract savings $9.95 per month
Managed VPS 13.95 per month (renewal) 29% first contract savings $9.95 per month
Cloud mini $10 per month No promotion offered
Cloud start 19 per month No promotion offered
Cloud business 33 per month No promotion offered
Enterprise Cloud 49 per month No promotion offered
Mini Managed Cloud 5.95 per month (renewal) 33% first contract savings $3.95 per month
Managed cloud start 8.95 per month (renewal) 33% first contract savings $5.95 per month
Managed Cloud Business 13.95 per month (renewal) 29% first contract savings $9.95 per month
Resellers from $13.95 per month (renewal) 29% on first contract $9.95 per month

Hosting Scala Hosting Reviews

In reviewing user feedback on Scala Hosting’s service we found that “Scala offers the best support service I’ve ever had” or “the best support service” are what abounds among the comments.

When reading “I’ve been a customer for more than 10 years and never had a problem” among the opinions we notice that the service already has experience providing good solutions and quality.

There are very few criticisms among users in relation to the amount of positive opinions on the same topic. One user says “terrible customer service” every 20 that “excellent customer service”.

Scala Hosting Conclusion

Scala Hosting’s cloud hosting service definitely meets expectations. It is a provider that offers a wide variety of possibilities, but manages to successfully meet the various requirements.

The slogan of an unlimited hosting is a very interesting idea in this market and to be able to offer a service without end at the time of the storage, or the amount of sites, databases, accounts of webmail or domains without doubts is a great point in favor.

In addition, we find among the opinions of the users a great conformity with the support service, with good speed of attention and suitable and adequate answers with a treatment according to the quality of the service.

If we take into account that the price of contracting any of the services offered by Scala is equal to or less than that of its competitors we can conclude that it is a service worth trying.

Este proveedor de hosting cuenta con excelentes opiniones por parte de sus usuarios.

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Scala Hosting technical specifications and features

Features Scala Hosting
Price from $3.95
View offer
Shared hosting from $3.95
Dedicated hosting from $116
VPS hosting from $9.95
Warranty 30 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 1
Charging time 450ms
Control Panel sPanel
Disk space From 50GB
RAM memory From 2GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Scala Hosting

⭐️ What is Scala Hosting?

Scala Hosting is a web hosting service based in Texas that has been operating since 2007 with the idea of providing high performance, ultra secure VPS at the best cost.

To date, it offers hosting services and other IT solutions to a variety of users such as large companies, but also small businesses, professionals and clients taking their first steps.

⚡️ How to Transfer a Domain to Scala Hosting

Transferring a domain with hosting at another provider to Scala Hosting is very easy. First you have to release the EPP code, and then transfer it through the cPanel (or special Scala SPanel).

This procedure, once performed, can take up to five days to be reflected on your Scala Hosting cPanel, due to the processing times at the agency where you are registered.

✅ Is Scala Hosting Secure?

Definitely. One of the slogans is to provide maximum security in a service without limits. To this end, it has developed its own solution, SShield blocks 99.998% of attacks, detects malicious behavior and notifies any strange operation.

🙌 Why Choose Scala Hosting?

Scala Hosting proved to offer a high quality service, with an interesting proposal on avoiding limiting storage space, amount of database sites and webmail accounts in most of its products.

Choosing this provider is a good idea, since it offers services and solutions customized to the characteristics of each project and does so at a convenient cost that allows it to compete with the main cloud or server hosting services.

❤️️ What are the benefits of Scala Hosting?

The main benefit it has is the possibility of finding a product tailored to each project able to meet the needs of large companies, but also small businesses.

By contracting any of the cloud packages you get the possibility of unlimited storage and bandwidth, without restrictions on the number of sites, databases or webmail accounts and all at a very competitive cost.

💼 How to Install Scala Hosting?

At Scala Hosting you create your user name and contract services from your website. Then, to manage the cloud hosting, domain registration or upload your site created in WordPress you will need to download and install your cPanel (or SPanel).

Once downloaded, using the Scala cPanel is very simple and intuitive, the options are visible and explicitly delimited.

️⛳️ Will Scala Hosting provide me with my own domain name?

Yes, at Scala Hosting you will find the name registrar and domain name reseller service. This means that you can check the availability of the specific name you want and register it, but also obtain names already registered.

It also allows you to obtain a free domain (for some specific terminations) and the possibility of transferring and hosting a domain registered elsewhere.

✨ How much does Scala Hosting cost?

For the hosting service, the cost of Scala Hosting ranges from $3.95 per month on your mini service to 9.95 on your managed VPS hosting. Cloud services are around $10 per month depending on the features.

Scala‘s reseller programs cost from $9.95 to $32.95 per month.

👌 Is Scala Hosting Compatible with Wordpress?

Of course, Scala Hosting is compatible with WordPress. In addition to the possibility of unlimited hosting, the provider offers a special WordPress cloud and webmail service.

🚀 Does Scala Hosting include cPanel?

Yes, Scala Hosting offers cPanel at no additional price and for the more advanced plans a self developed cPanel called SPanel, with advanced options to manage your server, advanced security, WordPress facilitator.

Have you come this far? You know everything you need to know to decide if Scala Hosting is the service you were looking for. Remember to visit our web hosting page to keep up to date with the opinions of the best professionals.

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Scala Hosting User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Scala Hosting before? Would you recommend it? Tell us about your experience using a Scala Hosting service in the comments.

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