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x10 hosting: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

If you want to develop your own website you will need a good hosting for all the project information. It is important that you have a hosting server that meets the requirements of your plan.

x10 Hosting is a web hosting service that will provide you with what you need when creating your website. With more than ten years of experience, it has positioned itself in the hosting market with a high prestige.

It offers accommodation services from its facilities located in Tilton, New Hampshire. In customer reviews, it provides one of the best free hosting services, reliable and fast.

Whether it’s for a cPanel-managed WordPress website or a gaming platform with many people, x10 Hosting will be your best option. You will find a server where your information will be available at all times and with easy access.

In this article you will find everything you need to know to opt for this excellent service. Your webmail information will be in good hands with this web hosting and at a very reasonable price.

Pros And Cons Of x10 Hosting


  • Excellent free service.
  • Very good customer support.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Good offer of unlimited resources.
  • Free domain.
  • Offers SSL certificate.


  • You have to adjust to using their subdomains.
  • No possibility to cancel your contract.

Why Choose x10 Hosting In 2022

It is a very good hosting option, as it offers 2.5 GB of disk space for your web project. In addition, it offers 45 GB of monthly transfer, free SSL, daily back ups and all this without advertising or publicity.

It has the ability to provide unlimited resources in terms of bandwidth, storage and domain and sub-domain names. You will have a variety of plans of different durations at very convenient prices.

User references highlight the excellent customer support service. You will have at your disposal a community and a forum where you can find solutions, as well as tutorials, videos and advice.

Es un proveedor de alojamiento con muy buenas opiniones de usuarios.

The pride is the solid network stability, maintaining an uptime of over 99.9%. Based on the Service Level Agreement guarantees accessible online service, and if it fails will give you a refund.

While the other companies offer a minimum cost, this provider does it for free. In addition, it makes available many more unlimited resources than any other webmail server.

x10 Hosting Analysis and Features

1. x10 Hosting Ease of Use

At x10 Hosting you will find a website very easy to navigate and with a friendly design. With cPanel you will be able to manage your experience with a few clicks, in a short time and without previous knowledge.

With x10 Hosting you will get the best features to develop that will allow you to manage your site in an easy way. You will also be able to install WordPress in a very easy way without having to follow a guide.

According to users it will be very easy to manage your webmail and website hosting. You will be able to control all your information thanks to its easy to use design.

2. Domain names

x10 Hosting provides unlimited services, including domain allocation, hosting and bandwidth. It will provide you with a free one that can end with, or

You can add your domain by logging into your cPanel control panel and selecting the quick install option for WordPress. You can try the service for free, but you will also find very convenient prices.

With this provider you will have a parked domain, two sub-domains and two additional domains at your disposal. With cPanel you can set up your own domains and subdomains for your dedicated IP address.

3. Mail

x10 Hosting will provide you with three email accounts if you choose their free service. If your option is a paid plan you will have unlimited webmail accounts and you will also be able to host a website for each registered account.

With x10 Hosting you will have daily backup copies, even of your webmail accounts. You will be able to rest on the reliability it offers when accessing your backups from the WordPress cPanel.

If any problem arises, you can contact customer support. They will advise you on how to access your backups from the cPanel control panel.

4. Data Base

At x10 Hosting you will find unlimited resources such as webmail accounts, SSD disk space, websites and bandwidth. You will also have unlimited PHP and MySQL databases as well as daily backups.

This provider has the databases PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Perl and Python 2.6 with daily backups. You will have no limitations on the space that the files for your project will take up.

From cPanel you can choose between different versions of PHP and create your webmail accounts. You will have total access by FTP and if you have activity, at least every thirty days, your files will not be deleted.

x10 Hosting cuenta con características que lo convierten en uno de los mejores proveedores de hosting.

5. x10 Hosting Storage

It uses RAID-10 hardware nodes for your server to maintain excellent uptime. You will also experience optimal maintenance of your webmail thanks to its SSD server, which is fast and reliable.

You can get unlimited bandwidth. Use OpenVZ to provide virtualization at the Linux operating system level using proactive monitoring software.

It currently runs the RHEL 6 kernels which are the latest version of the RHEL kernel. In addition, it carries a full backup policy for each hardware node with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection software.

6. Transfer

This provider offers with the free service a monthly transfer of 45 GB, plus 2.5 GB of disk space for your project. In addition, you can count on cPanel, free domains, daily backup and no ads or publicity.

With the payment service you get unlimited data transfer plus three FTP accounts. The users’ opinions agree in recommending it since it has a virtual server x10 VPS.

You will be able to verify the connectivity and the download of files in the assigned IP address. Through cPanel of the WordPress platform you will have the possibility to manage the data transfer in an easy way.

7. Multisite

You will have the possibility to install WordPress in a super simple way. You will be able to configure your unlimited websites from the platform very quickly with the cPanel control panel.

You benefit from the multi-site shared accommodation plan at a very convenient cost. You’ll be able to have unlimited websites and SSD disk space, which is very noticeable in the opinion of customers.

Put the Softaculous self-installation software at your disposal with just a few clicks and in a few minutes. This hosting service will be ideal for both your commercial and personal website project.

8. SSL Certificate

It will provide you with free GlobalSign SSL certificates for the dedicated IP address on the server. Simply request it from the support service and keep in mind that they will only work on this provider’s network.

With the service you will be covered in the protection of both your files and your personal information. Users’ opinions coincide in recommending the choice of server due to this important benefit.

When you complete your registration you will receive a welcome email in your webmail. You will have entered the hosting world with WordPress and you will be protected and safe with the support of the SSL certificate.

9. x10 Hosting Quality Support

x10 Hosting, in its provision, has one of the best customer support services. You will be able to get tutorials, tools to optimize the platform and advice regarding the server.

A community of experienced users will help you to resolve unintended conflicts. They are ready to help you improve your systems and offer recommendations and advice for the best use of the software.

Users, in their opinions, suggest using the forum for quick technical assistance or other advice. You will also have a form to fill out if you have any questions about the service.

Provide the webmail address 24/7 for your questions or concerns. If the uptime falls below 99.9% you can contact us to request a refund.

What Services x10 Hosting offers

x10 Hosting will offer you cPanel, a free domain name, subdomains, 2.5 GB of disk space and 45 GB of monthly transfer. It will not include advertising, and will also provide you with free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and daily backups.

Even in their free plans they offer a disk space between 512 mb and 1 GB and you can ask the support to add more. You’ll also get three webmails, unlimited data transfer and three FTP accounts.

uno de los servicios que más destacan de x10 Hosting es su servicio al cliente eficaz.

You will also have two databases, one domain name and two sub-domains plus two additional ones. You will have cPanel for WordPress and will only be required to log in once every thirty days.

Put the best features at your disposal, such as the control panel to manage your page easily, even if you are a beginner. You can easily install WordPress to manage your content without problems.

Other available services you will get are databases with PHP and MySQL. You will also have hosting, website builders, software installer and 100% SSD server in the cloud.

How to Install x10 Hosting For Your Website

Having cPanel will make it easier for you to manage your website. In addition, it will be very easy to install WordPress in a few simple steps that will save you time.

When you start the registration you will have to choose between the available packages. You will notice that the free ad-supported package will give you more space and bandwidth than the one without.

After completing the required fields of the registration form you will receive a confirmation in your webmail. Your account will then be created, in just a few minutes and without complications.

This provider has a formidable tool such as the self-installing software Softaculous. In addition, through cPanel it is interlinked to WordPress in a few minutes and in a very simple way.

x10 Hosting Prices and Promotions

If you are looking for a hosting with low prices, x10 Hosting will be your best option. Besides offering you the free service, you will find a great variety of plans to choose from at very convenient prices.

In x10 Hosting you will find annual, biannual or triennial plans without receiving a cost increase after the first year of contract. They will offer you a free registration, a dedicated IP address and a SSL certificate.

After registering with this provider you will have to choose from the available packages. In their opinions, users recommend choosing the Premium Infinity package without ads which includes more space and bandwidth.

1. x10 Hosting prices

x10 Hosting has a monthly package at the price of $ 6.95, with the annual plan you will pay $ 5.95 per month. If you choose the two-year plan, you will pay a price of $4.95 per month and with the three-year plan you will pay $3.95 per month.

With these plans offered by x10 Hosting you will get unlimited resources such as websites, SSD disk space and bandwidth. In addition to MySQL database, FTP accounts and accounts.

To test the service before making any payment, x10 Hosting offers a very good free service. This feature is highly praised by its customers in reviews, as it provides free domains, dedicated IP address and SSL certificate.

2. x10 Hosting promotions

As mentioned above x10 Hosting offers a free hosting service. With it you will have access to the SSD server, Softaculous installer, WordPress, disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Remember that in order to continue enjoying the free service of x10 Hosting you will have to log in at least once every thirty days. In their opinions, users highlight x10 Hosting as an excellent free hosting provider.

Los Precios Y Promociones De x10 Hosting van en función del plan que elijas y se adaptan a todos los bolsillos.

As for the paid hosting x10 Hosting offers plans at very competitive costs. With the conclusion of your contract you will get a free one, a dedicated IP address and a free SSL certificate.

x10 Hosting will offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee to commit to the level of service. If you don’t deliver on your promise you will pay for a full month of service.

3. x10 Hosting Payment Methods

Although x10 Hosting is very popular due to its free service it has several payment methods and very convenient prices. It accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and you can also pay via Western Union.

x10 Hosting will accept payment by mailed check, although please note that there may be delays in receipt. In this case the hosting service will be provided when the payment has been credited.

Credit card payments will be accepted in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United States and United Kingdom. Customers, according to their opinions, are pleased with the variety of payment methods.

Service Offer Price Savings
For 1 month $ 6,95
For 1 year $ 5,95 12 in 1 year
For 2 years $ 4,95 48 in 2 years
For 3 years $ 3,95 $108 in 3 years

Reviews About Hosting x10 Hosting

x10 Hosting has received good reviews, in general terms, that make the choice of this hosting easier. Users feel comfortable with the support that cPanel offers to manage their pages with WordPress.

“Since I didn’t have a budget I couldn’t afford one, so I started the free service. Besides, x10 Hosting doesn’t delete my files as other providers have done”.

“You can create your accounts with your domain without complications. From cPanel you can choose different versions of PHP and have full access via FTP”.

“I use x10 Hosting for testing and it’s one of the best free hosting. I recommend it because in more than a year of service I haven’t experienced a single moment of inactivity”.

“I started my x10 Hosting experience with a client’s site using WordPress. We were able to migrate to a shared server with a very simple and fast process.

x10 Hosting Conclusion

When analyzing x10 Hosting you can say that it is a hosting provider that offers many advantages to its users. It will adapt perfectly to your project and will guarantee the optimal experience in the maintenance of your web.

With x10 Hosting you can manage your accounts with the peace of mind of having cPanel for WordPress. In addition, you will enjoy certain unlimited resources such as disk space, bandwidth and MySQL database.El Cloud hosting viene incluído en algunos planes de este proveedor.

x10 Hosting seeks to give credibility and reliability to their customers so they do not increase the cost of the service after the first year. In users’ opinion their prices are the most competitive in the market.

x10 Hosting partners with a cloud server with SSD to give you the best tools. With their service you will not suffer slowdowns or waiting times and you will have the guarantee of 99.9% uptime online.

Alternatives to x10 Hosting

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x10 Hosting Datasheet and Features

Features x10 Hosting
Price from Free
View offer
Shared hosting from -
Dedicated hosting from Free
VPS hosting from -
Warranty No
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 1
Charging time 500ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space Unmetered
RAM memory Unmetered
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions About x10 Hosting

⭐️ What is x10 Hosting?

x10 Hosting is a web hosting server that offers file hosting for your web project. It has more than 10 years of stable service with a great prestige offering free or very reasonable costs.

⚡️ How to Transfer a Domain to x10 Hosting

To transfer a domain to x10 Hosting you will have to log in to cPanel and you will be able to do it in an easy and accessible way. To do this you must unlock it beforehand and follow the step-by-step guide in the “change” link next to the domain.

✅ Is x10 Hosting Secure?

x10 Hosting is totally secure as it provides free GlobalSign SSL certificates. You only have to request it to the customer support and you will be securing both your website content and your personal data.

❤️️ Why Choose x10 Hosting?

You have many reasons to choose x10 Hosting, but one of the most important is that through cPanel you will be interlinking WordPress in a few minutes. Plus, you’ll have a MySQL database and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

👌 What Benefits does x10 Hosting have?

With x10 Hosting you will have a free web hosting, domain, SSL certificate and IP address. In addition, it will provide you with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and addresses.

💼 How to Install x10 Hosting?

When you enter x10 Hosting you must go to cPanel to install WordPress. When you do so, you will receive a confirmation in your webmail and you will be able to start the process with the self-installing software Softaculous.

🚀 What is the price of x10 Hosting?

In x10 Hosting you will find a good variety of prices in their different plans. The monthly package will cost $ 6.95, the annual plan $ 5.95 per month, the biannual $ 4.95 per month and the tri-annual $3.95 per month.

🙌 Can I Have x10 Hosting Free?

Of course you can have x10 Hosting for free, since the main offer of this server is its free hosting plan. According to the users’ point of view it offers an excellent free service while providing a series of unlimited resources.

Now you have all the information you need to contract x10 Hosting. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the best free hosting for your web project, and if you still have doubts, check our page about web hosting. Welcome to the world of hosting!

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x10 Hosting User Experience and Reviews

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