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Shockbyte: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Shockbyte is a company dedicated to hosting, mainly as a server to play Minecraft. Its mission as a provider is to provide a high quality Minecraft hosting service at the lowest price. Their long history places them in the category of one of the best game hosting services such as Minecraft.

Whatever the Minecraft server project you are doing, the use of a specialized hosting is indispensable. This way, you can count on a professional service that adapts to the needs of a Minecraft hosting. That is, it offers connection speed and promises a pleasant and seamless gaming experience.

One of the most valued opinions of Shockbyte hosting server is its availability of specialized technical service. You can find all the help you need at any time, every day of the week. This way, it will never leave you in the middle of a game.

Check out the following article to learn more about the Minecraft hosting offered by Shockbyte. You will discover its advantages and cons, prices and promotions, user reviews and a complete guide about the use of such a server.

Pros and Cons of Shockbyte


  • Servers based in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • Specialized in Minecraft
  • Low price guaranteed.
  • Covered net cuts.
  • Wide variety of plans.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.


  • Poor customer support response.

Shockbyte plans and offers



per month

1 GB

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per month

2 GB

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per month

3 GB

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Why Choose Shockbyte in 2021

To play Minecraft with your friends or in a room with 1,000 players, you need a specialized and quality hosting. For this you will need to know the scope you need. After that, it will be important for you to take into account the opinions of users common to you.

The most frequent user of the services is the one interested in Minecraft and many other game styles. All those who have an online game option to share with several users.

In the opinions of the service it is recurrent the recommendation to use this hosting if you are just starting in this world of private servers for gaming. The Minecraft server hosting offered by Shockbyte is affordable at a low price guaranteed by them.

Within its official site, as well as in its social networks, you will find tutorials. These can guide you through the management of the Minecraft server, which they provide, which is much easier than it seems. As well as solve doubts, without having to resort to their customer service.

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Shockbyte Analysis and Features

In the following section we will offer you a series of technical characteristics to take into account. You will be able to obtain, in a summarized way, the description of the server hosting for Minecraft that it provides.

This will help you to know the service. In addition, we recommend that you visit the opinions about Shockbyte.

1. Ease of use

Shockbyte’s hosting is recognized among opinions for its ease of management. This is useful if you are a new user of hosting services for a Minecraft server.

Each category of service offered by them has a specific configuration. This will come by default according to the package you hire, so it will not be up to you to set it up.

Once the chosen server is hired, the personal alignment of your server will be your business. For this, Shockbyte offers the Multicraft for all Minecraft hosting clients. This is one of the most used control panels.

He can also facilitate the use of this hosting, the tutorials he has prepared for you. Since frequently in opinions it is common to read that their technical service delays in giving answers.

2. Domain Names

One of the main uses of a hosting is hosting, even when we talk about Minecraft hosting. Using the contracted server as a hard disk where all the uploaded data will be stored. The domain name will be the identification of the server.

However, the domain service is independent of the hosting service. Although it is recommended, as far as possible, to hire both from the same provider. This unification will help you in case of problem solving, since you will have the same customer service.

Although Shockbyte is dedicated to hosting a server for Minecraft, identification is possible and necessary. Although it only offers, free of charge, the generation of a subdomain. With the possibility of acquiring a dedicated IP domain, for a convenient price.

The subdomain will allow you to distinguish yourself from other users. Shockbyte offers in all its packages a personalized IP for free.

3. Databases

The storage of server data, which involves the development of our Minecraft games, is important for their operation. The database offered by the hosting is MySQL.

This is a place where you can store player data, money, accounts, passwords, virtual keys, and the like. It is included in all the packages that this minecraft hosting service offers for your server and it is unlimited.

The management of the database, you can do it through the panel adapted to Minecraft servers offered by Shockbyte. It is possible to store existing data. If you don’t have a previous database, you can also generate it from MySQL.

The official site of Shockbyte has explanatory tutorials. You will find the step-by-step instructions to configure the add-on to support data storage in MySQL.

4. Applications

Applications that modify the original software of a Minecraft are commonly called mods. Today, updating characters, environments, levels, and more are often used for game variation.

The hosting offered by Shockbyte supports all types of servers, modifiers and add-ons. In turn, the same hosting has Minecraft servers and modifier packages with one-click installation.

Within the users’ opinions you will be able to discover which is the complement that works better with this popular video game. Whether you choose external mods or the packmods themselves, you will find video tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to install them on your server.

Aplicaciones de Shockbyte Hosting

5. Storage

Minecraft does not require heavy-duty storage. Although it will be necessary to take full advantage of your server’s performance. In Shockbyte this space is unlimited.

However, the actual amount of data to be executed by your server will depend on the amount of RAM contracted. It is recommended not to exceed this limit as it could affect the stability of the server.

It is the only hosting provider that uses SSD NVMe. These are six times faster than regular SSDs, and more than twenty-five times faster than HDDs. This means that the speed they offer is the fastest within Minecraft hosting.

6. Transfer

Transferring files to and from your server is possible. The most widely used and efficient method of uploading files to the Minecraft server is via the File Transfer Protocol (FPT).

The suggested FPT is FileZilla. It will allow you to view and manage your Minecraft files. It is easy to use. To access FileZilla you must use the same password as for the Multicraft panel.

On the official site of the hosting you will have at your disposal explanatory videos and images that illustrate the step-by-step of installing and linking to an FTP. However, it is also possible to upload files using the traditional administrator provided.

7. Multisite

In the traditional hosting, dedicated to the realization of websites or blogs, there is the possibility of generating more than one site with different domains for a certain price. In the case of a hosting for Minecraft, such as Shockbyte, this takes on a new meaning.

The use of a subdomain or domain is unique, but with the possibility of creating several Minecraft worlds. This is possible thanks to an add-on called Multiverse-Core. It will also allow you to run, manage and control access to them.

On the site you will find detailed information about its use. And a complete instruction manual for installation and subsequent download of worlds.

Multisitios de Shockbyte Hosting

8. SSL Certificate

If you are not yet familiar with the world of Minecraft and are looking for hosting for your server, you may have read about SSL. The truth is that, in traditional hosting services, they are a service that provides security.

Since this technology is used to secure the exchange of data by encrypting them using the HTTPS protocol. Protecting domain owners from fraudulent external agents and information leakage.

Shockbyte for Minecraft does not offer SSL certificate service. The protection it offers is through DDoS, with the promise of stopping all attacks. Otherwise, the service you hire will have a service level agreement anyway.

9. Quality of Support

This is where the opinions of users are most important. In specialized forums on Minecraft games it is common to read various references on Shockbyte support.

In the past, customer support response was often not effective. It took days to establish a satisfactory communication. According to opinions, it seems that this bad reputation is being reversed.

However, it has a low cost ticket service for access to personalized assistance. Also, opinions agree that it has a simple and intuitive interface to use.

You will also be able to count on the countless number of video tutorials, explanatory images and step-by-step instructions uploaded to their website. All of them with very useful notes and explanations, so you don’t have to depend on the external solution.

10. Use for Minecraft

This is the section that summarizes Shockbyte’s hosting. It is one of the oldest hosting providers for Minecraft, so it qualifies as one of the most specialized. And it has led it to be located in three continents where it offers location.

Such is its specificity that it has a wide variety of packages. All configured for every need and type of user, from hobbyists to servers that support large numbers of players.

Its mission as a company is to provide the highest quality service at the lowest price. In addition to its easy to use interface, it can be the most recommended hosting if you are just immersed in the world of servers for Minecraft.

What services does Shockbyte offer

All the plans offered by Shockbyte have the following services:

  • 100% uptime: any network outages that may occur are covered and covered by the company’s service level agreement.
  • Guaranteed protection through DDoS: with the mission to protect all threats. If this is not achieved, the lack of coverage is also covered by the service level agreement.
  • Instant reconfiguration: the hosting system is automated to instantly activate your new server.
  • 24/7 Support: offers the availability of a support team always present to help with any inconvenience that may arise.
  • Free sub-domain: you can create a personalized IP with the name you have given to your Minecraft server for free, already included in the contract price of each package.

Why Choose Shockbyte for Minecraft?

There are many reasons to choose Shockbyte for hosting your Minecraft server. In the user reviews you will be able to check all the points we will present below.

As a first great feature we can find its price. It’s an alternative to other hosting much easier to use and at cheap prices. Its prices are affordable compared to the excellent service offered.

It is characterized by its stability, reliability and power. Essential requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the server and therefore the game Minecraft. In addition, the design of its panel adapted to Minecraft servers is easy to understand.

It has its own modpacks and compatibility with any external mod you want to incorporate into your world in Minecraft. So you can vary in the number of players, environment, dialogs, and more. With guaranteed uptime and no delays.

You can also find all the help you need on the YouTube channel and its official site. They cover a lot of topics, from which package to choose according to your requirements to how to configure the server.

How to Install Shockbyte as Minecraft Hosting

Hosting your server for Minecraft on a hosting can be a difficult task with a lot of considerations to take into account. Especially if you’re not familiar with this type of tool.

That’s why having the help of customer support is so important. From the installation to the configuration of the panel adapted to Minecraft, having support is most beneficial.

The explanation of the installation of a hosting is not simple, so summarizing it in this article would not be useful.

The great news is that Shockbyte understands this complexity and had great anticipation of this. It has a site where you can find tutorials and step-by-step explanations. Both for the installation, the definition of the domain, and many more configurations.

In case you have doubts during the installation process, which is often normal, simply contact Shockbyte’s technical service. They will provide you with answers from various available channels.

You can make a telephone consultation to be guided at all times in the installation of the service. In this way, the initial configuration process, which can sometimes be a little heavy, is made easier by a Shockbyte technical professional.

But if you have any kind of doubt that is not too urgent, you can also contact this provider through an email. From here they will offer you a developed and written answer to your problems. So, don’t worry, all the steps of the installation enjoy efficient support and guidance.

Prices and Promotions of Shockbyte

As we have already mentioned, Shockbyte’s hosting aims to offer you an excellent service at a low price. Moreover, it has the possibility of customizing the service, so that it fits you more and more.

1. Prices of Shockbyte

In Shockbyte, the specialization in Minecraft can be seen in the large number of packages it offers. These have each their price and increase as you increase the RAM plan and amount of slots.

In Shockbyte you can find twelve different types of plans and even get a quote for a customized plan. Their most basic plan, with 1GB of RAM and over 20 slots, is priced at £2.15. An intermediate plan, with 6GB of RAM and over 120 slots, is priced at £12.90.

And the most extreme service, with 16GB of RAM, unlimited slots and locations in North America and the European Union, is priced at $34.40.

2. Shockbyte Promotions

Shockbyte does not have annual or extended contract promotions. Your payments are made monthly, which gives you the possibility of not committing yourself for a long time.

Anyway, and the escalation of the plans is linear between service and price. That is to say, the better package you get, the more you will pay proportionally.

Dominios de Shockbyte Hosting

3. Shockbyte Payment Methods

The payment methods that Shockbyte has are the classic and most used. You can pay with:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Paymentwall (bank transfer, SMS and more)
Service offer Price Savings
Dirt (1GB) €2.15 N/A
Sand (2GB) €4.30 N/A
Cobblestone (3GB) €6.45 N/A
Iron (4GB) €8.60 N/A
Gold (5GB) €10.75 N/A
Redstone (6GB) €12.90 N/A
Diamond (7GB) €15.05 N/A
Emerald (8GB) €17.20 N/A
Obsidian (9GB) €19.35 N/A
Spartan (10GB) €21.50 N/A
Zeus (12GB) €25.80 N/A
Titan (16GB) €34.40
Dragon Egg (32GB) €68.80

Reviews of Hosting Shockbyte

You can find a lot of opinions about Shockbyte. In general, the feature most valued by users is the price it offers in relation to the service it provides. In addition, its well-designed and easy-to-use interface is outstanding.


In recent times, it can also be seen that criticism of the lack of rapid response from support has begun to reverse. One of the weakest points of this hosting is being improved.

The vast majority of recent users recommend testing their services:

“I’ve never used a server for Minecraft and I’ve been playing the game for many years. I tried Shockbyte for a month and it seems like I’m playing a totally different game. You can add as many people as you want to my game. I’m very pleased.

“After playing Minecraft offline for a long time, I wanted to take the step of trying out a Minecraft server to play with my friends. The gaming experience with Shockbyte is excellent and there are hours and hours of fun and freedom of play guaranteed”.

“I opted for Shockbyte after my old hosting provider Minecraft gave me trouble. Since I’ve been with them, the speed of the server is great and there are no crashes. 100% recommended”

Conclusion about Shockbyte Minecraft Hosting

As we have seen, Shockbyte’s hosting has great benefits in its services. The possibility of choosing from such a wide variety of plans will undoubtedly allow you to find the best one for you.

One of the few negative aspects we can see in this hosting service for Minecraft is the lack of promotions. Although the monthly payment can have its positive side. Month by month you can evaluate its usefulness and terminate the contract if you consider it relevant.

However, it offers good connection speed to the server, which is essential to enjoy a game without interruptions. In addition, it has different plans adapted to the number of players you want to have in your Minecraft map, which can be unlimited. All this, with a very competitive and adjusted price.

The price of the packages is one of the cheapest on the market. And the service offered is comparable to others of higher price. Therefore, we recommend using Shockbyte if you are looking for a quality Minecraft server provider, at a moderate price.

Alternatives to Shockbyte hosting

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Shockbyte technical data and characteristics

Features Shockbyte
Price from $5.00
View offer
Plan Dirt from $2.33
Plan Sand from $4.66
Plan Cobblestone from $6.99
Warranty 24 hours
Server location Canada
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 1
Charging time 500ms
Control Panel Shockbyte Control Panel
Disk space Unmetered
RAM memory Desde 1GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Shockbyte

✅ What is Shockbyte?

Shockbyte is a hosting provider for game servers. It is recognized for its high specialization in Minecraft. According to opinions, they offer one of the best services at the lowest price.

✌️ How to Transfer a Domain to Shockbyte

The domain in Shockbyte is easily managed through Multicraft the cpanel they have. Anyway, in all the hosting packages, you will be able to have a totally free sub-domain.

⛳Is Shockbyte Safe?

The safety of Shockbyte is guaranteed by DDoS protection. And backed by its service level agreement.

🔥Why Choose Shockbyte?

The simple interface and user-friendly design is one of the main features to choose from. But without a doubt, the price of your packages will be decisive when comparing it with other hosting services for Minecraft. It will be difficult for you to find such a complete service at a lower price than Shockbyte’s.

➕ What are the benefits of Shockbyte?

Shockbyte has the great benefit of a variety of packages with the lowest price on the market. This makes any type of user, whether an amateur or a great connoisseur of Minecraft, find your plan.

But if you still can’t find the one that suits you best, you have the possibility to ask for a personalized quote.

✨ How to Install Shockbyte?

Installing a hosting is not easy. Shockbyte is no exception. But don’t worry, they know this difficulty and have prepared for you countless tutorials and instructions. You can find all the help you need to install it on their official site or on their YouTube channel.

❤ ️ What's the price of Shockbyte?

The price of Shockbyte varies according to the plan you choose. Your most basic package is priced at £2.15. This is a really low value compared to other hosting services. You will be satisfied if you just start playing Minecraft, you can invite other participants to your game.

🙌 Can I Have Shockbyte for Free ?

Shockbyte does not offer free services.

In case you are not sure if this is the right Minecraft hosting for you, we invite you to continue browsing our website and learn more about the world of web hosting.

4.8/5 - (1703 votes)

Opinions and Experience of Shockbyte Users

Have you used Shockbyte before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Shockbyte Hosting service in the comments.

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