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WP Engine: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

WP Engine, founded in 2010, is a new generation of companies in the field of technology focused on innovation and service. It has 19 servers located around the world but its central server is in USA, Mountain View, California.

WP Engine offers a web hosting service specially specialized in the creation of web pages, considered the best server for WordPress.

Its platform provides companies with the solutions they need to create extraordinary sites and applications in WordPress to move their business forward by leaps and bounds.

WordPress is an open support that allows you to adapt the CMS to your business instead of adapting your business to the CMS.

Next we will analyze the main characteristics of WP Engine, such as services, performance of its servers, prices and opinions.

WP Engine Pros and Cons


  • Free SSL and CDN service.
  • 24/7 technical services and online tutorials.
  • Free backup.
  • Built-in caching.
  • GeoTarget add-on.
  • Multi-site WordPress.
  • Very efficient User Portal (replaces the panel).


  • Traffic and storage capacity depend on each plan, they are not unlimited.
  • More expensive prices.
  • Limited e-mail service. No access to webmail.

WP Engine Offers and Plans



al mes

10 GB

Ver plan



al mes

50 GB

Ver plan



al mes

100 GB

Ver plan

Why Choose WP Engine in 2021

WP Engine is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a managed hosting service with plenty of WordPress-specific features, qualified server performance and expert technical support.

The technical details related to its administration and installation make the task of bloggers easier, especially those who are just starting out.

If you need excellence in storage, security and support, this is the company you’re looking for.

Designed for developers, this company offers ten times faster performance. Its user portal is very efficient when running applications, leaving aside the traditional panel.

Por Qué Elegir WP Engine en 2020

This hosting includes a free SSL and CDN service in all its plans through its user portal (since it does not have a panel), which provides much more efficiency to the hosting service since it reduces bandwidth consumption.

This company offers 24/7 expert technical support for all its plans which can be accessed by phone, email or online chat. Technical support is easily accessible from the user portal that replaces the traditional panel. The response is very fast.

The WP Engine provides free backups and EverCache caching included, which means no need for separate caching add-ons.

It also has a database and a resource center that provides very useful tutorials to solve doubts without having to contact the technical service.

To improve your website, the provider has a performance test of its servers and a plug-in called GeoTarget that optimizes the site in certain regions.

WP Engine Analysis and Features

Next we will analyze the main features of WP Engine. According to the experts’ opinions, these characteristics are fundamental before deciding which hosting service to hire.

Let’s see then what other factors besides price can be useful for a good choice of web hosting service:

Ease of use

According to the opinions of several users WP Engine is extremely easy to use. This provider has a new automatic migration tool that makes it really simple to start using this provider.

It is very interesting the tool that offers the possibility to run additional test sites, a kind of independent clone of your site to test add-ons, themes and custom codes. This makes it easier for developers to share trials with their customers.

Domain Names

As we saw with the panel and webmail case, this hosting does not offer traditional services, so it does not include a domain name with the purchase of any of its plans; it is the user who must provide one.

If you do not already have a domain name, you should register it with the company of your choice before migrating your site. Once the domain is obtained, it is possible to use the user’s portal. It is worth mentioning that this server does not have a panel.

Análisis y Características de WP Engine


WP Engine, just like domain names, does not offer the traditional email account service in its plans. However, it provides support for sending or receiving mail using its platform. It does not have webmail access.

As you do not have access to webmail, to access a mail service you must first register the domain name, the two providers may be different.

The email functionality is limited in this provider, therefore, if the user handles a normal volume of emails he will not have problems with the operation of the server.

Bearing in mind that there is no access to webmail, if the volume of emails is important, it is recommended to use an external platform, especially if the user is used to accessing his/her emails via webmail.


The easiest way to access and manage databases is by using a tool called phpMyAdmin. Through this handy tool, it is possible to find, edit data and update databases on a large scale.

WP Engine also has another fundamental tool, EverCache, which automatically takes care of storing databases in the backend, which is very important for the security of sensitive data.

Each WordPress installation is done separately. Thus each installation is stored in different databases with different security details, reducing the risk of external attacks.


The WP Engine platform provides companies with the solutions they need to create, host, and optimize WordPress applications to move forward quickly. The provider has incorporated a large number of integrated applications into its platform.

The New Relic tool that monitors application performance is useful for optimizing your website on the server.


WP Engine offers different storage capacities depending on the plan, ranging from 10 GB in its most basic plan to 100 GB in its highest plan.

The basic plan is ideal for personal projects, individual websites or blogs. The higher plan is ideal for companies that require greater complexity and more dedicated environments.

The caching in the CND and in RAM guarantees a higher speed of the server.

Planes personalizados de hosting con WP Engine


WP Engine offers unlimited monthly data transfer on all its hosting plans.

WP Engine provides the logVault tool to create an automatic migration plugin. This plugin allows you to work on other projects while logVault performs the more complex transfers.

You no longer need to worry about importing databases or replacing domain names as the plugin will do this on its own.


WP Engine is specially designed to work with the WordPress multi-site. Unlike the basic plan, all other plans include this multi-site feature. This feature allows the use of multiple domains in a single installation.

When this multi-site is managed from the user portal, which replaces the traditional panel, all sites can be managed from one place.

The good thing about using a Multisite is that all sites within a Multisite network share the same files, themes, and WordPress plugins, which means that updates occur only once for all sites.

SSL Certificate

In WP Engine all plans include free automated SSL certificates. It is also possible to import SSL certificates in all plans except the initial plan. In addition, WP Engine offers other types of premium SSL certificates.

All domains hosted by WP Engine have a free Let’s Encrypt program that can be accessed directly with one click from the user’s portal replacing the traditional panel.

Quality of support

WP Engine provides expert technical support 24/7, 365 days a year. This personalized service is one of WP Engine’s strengths.

The support team not only solves problems about hosting but also about everything related to WordPress, since those who assist the user are experts in multi-site.

WP Engine ofrece un excelente servicio de hosting web

The support channels can be: 24 hour online chat, 24 hour telephone support and user portal with documents and tutorials. Remember that it does not have the traditional panel.

The response time of the live chat is less than 3 minutes, with excellent personal attention.

What services does WP Engine offer

WP Engine offers the following plans, all of which are managed through the user portal that replaces the traditional panel:

  • Startup: Ideal for creating a website or a blog. Includes 1000 visits per month, 10GB of local storage, 50GB of broadband per month and 1 website included, unlimited monthly transfers, 24 hour technical support. Shared hosting.
  • Growth: Ideal for a growing business. Includes 000 visits per month, 20GB of local storage, 200GB of broadband per month and 10 websites included, unlimited monthly transfers, 24-hour technical support, imported SSL certificates. Shared hosting.
  • Scale: Higher capacity and increased limits. Includes 000 visits per month, 50GB of local storage, 500GB of broadband per month and 30 websites included, unlimited monthly transfers, 24-hour technical support, imported SSL certificates. Shared hosting.
  • Premium: Includes 000 visits per month, 100GB of local storage, 1000GB of broadband per month and up to 50 websites included, unlimited monthly transfers, 24-hour technical support, imported SSL certificates, maximum server speed. Dedicated hosting.
  • Premium 1: Includes 000,000 visits per month, 100GB of local storage, 1000GB of broadband per month and up to 100 websites included, unlimited monthly transfers, 24 hour technical service, CDN (1TB free), multi-site, Geo IP, an evaluation of the website before publishing. Dedicated hosting.
  • Premium 1.5: Includes 500,000 visits per month, 100GB of local storage, 1000GB of broadband per month and up to 115 websites included, unlimited monthly transfers, 24 hour technical support, CDN (1TB free), multi-site, Geo IP, an evaluation of the website before it is published. Dedicated hosting.

Análisis y opinión de los mejores servicios de hosting web

How to Install WP Engine For Your Website

To access WP Engine it is first necessary to create an account, following the following steps:

  1. Login to www, website and choose the hosting plan according to the desired features.
  2. Select the type of contract (monthly or annual) and the extra services you wish to hire.
  3. Complete the personal data and enter the discount coupon, if any.
  4. Make the payment to enable the account to start working.

WP Engine Prices and Promotions

WP Engine offers reasonable prices on the basic plans although certain prices may be considered higher than those of other companies offering similar services.

The price of their plans ranges from U$D 25 per month for the basic plan to U$D 828 for the more advanced premium plan. Premium plans are adjusted according to the features chosen by the users.

All plans, except the personalized ones, have a 60-day money back guarantee after the service has been contracted.

WP Engine promotions

WP Engine offers a discount on all its plans if the contract is annual. It also offers a discount for the value corresponding to 2 months in the initial plan if it is contracted annually.

características de los mejores servicios de hosting web

WP Engine Payment Methods

User feedback shows that customers are happy with the number of options they have for making payments. This provider receives payments through PayPal and through Credit Cards.

No bank transfers or bitcoin allowed.


Service offer >Monthly/Annual fee (USD) Savings
Startup Plan 25/300 5/60
Growth Plan 95/1150 20/230
Scale Plan 241/2900 49/580
Premium Plan 368/4416 32/384
Premium Plan 1 552/6624 48/576
Premium Plan 1.5 828/9936 72/864

Reviews of Hosting WP Engine

Here are some opinions from WP Engine users. The opinions in general are very positive, all of them rescue the quality of the technical support, the quantity of available tools and the speed of the servers. Other opinions suggest some minor improvements.

One of the opinions was that of John C., who commented: “The prices are high but they are justified by the quality of the service. I would just add webmail access.

Walter D. said: “For me it is the best server for WordPress pages, with all the necessary tools”.

Grace L. was another user who left her opinion and said: “I am really surprised with all the options and tools that this company offers and I recommend it without hesitation. It would be great to have access to webmail.

Finally, Sebastian R. added: “The quality of the WP Engine service is excellent, I only suggest improving the functionality of the email, especially because it was more advantageous for me to access my email accounts via webmail.

Conclusion about WP Engine’s Web Hosting

To conclude, WP Engine is the ideal plan to create web pages through the WordPress multi-site because of its security, the excellence of its technical support, the amount of tools it offers, its performance and its storage capacity.

Although it does not have a panel, its personalized user portal makes the task of users much easier, giving the possibility of accessing all applications with just one click. The opinions of some of its users confirm this.

The high prices that have emerged from some of the user opinions and that really differ from the rest of the hosting services in the current market, are justified when it comes to assessing the quality of their service.

One point for improvement is the limitation of your email service and the possibility of access to webmail.

Alternatives to WP Engine hosting

If after reading all the features of WP Engine you are not convinced with the service it offers, you can choose among other hosting. Currently, there are a large number of companies that offer the hosting service.

In Victory Hosting we offer several options so you can choose the alternative that best suits your needs. Here are some reviews of other hosting that you can evaluate and compare

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WP Engine data sheet and features

Main Features WP Engine
Price Consult
See offer
Shared hosting price Consult
Dedicated hosting price Consult
VPS hosting price Consult
Money back policy 60 days
Server location United States
Disk (SSD or HDD) SSD
CPU cores (number) 4
Loading time (ms) 500ms
Control panel (cpanel, etc.) cPanel
Disk space (up to GB) From 10 GB
RAM (up to GB) From 4 GB
Website builder?
Free site migration?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about WP Engine

⭐️ What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a new generation of technology companies offering innovation and quality service. Its platform provides the solutions companies need to create better websites and applications in WordPress.

The company emphasizes the quality and experience of its people, with state-of-the-art technology to achieve better performance.

➡️ How to Transfer a Domain to WP Engine

As with the webmail limitation, WP Engine does not include a domain name with the purchase of any of its hosting plans. The user must register a domain name with the company of his or her choice before migrating his or her site. Once obtained, it is possible to use the user’s portal, given with no panel, to transfer the domain and start using the tool.

✅ Is WP Engine Safe?

WP Engine is characterized by being a secure hosting that has several tools that prevent any intrusion, threat or SPAM on the hosted sites. All the servers where the domains are hosted have internal protection and threat detection.

This provider has a security team that detects possible threats in real time using, among other tools, SQL, XML and RPC. In addition, it provides hosting of the packages in different levels to obtain greater security.

🙌 Why Choose WP Engine?

WP Engine is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a managed service with plenty of specific features to create web pages or blogs using WordPress. It provides excellence in storage, security and support.

❤️️ What are the benefits of WP Engine?

WP Engine offers multiple benefits for its users. Among them, it has an exclusive and personalized control panel for those who do not wish to use the traditional panel. It provides integrated caching, is one of the fastest hosting on the market and offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

🚀 How to Install WP Engine?

WP Engine is very easy to install. First you need to create an account. You enter the website and choose the hosting plan according to the desired features and the way of contracting. The payment is made and we can start working with WP Engine from its practical panel.

️⛳️ How much does WP Engine cost?

The price of their plans ranges from U$D 25 per month for the basic plan to U$D 828 for the more advanced premium plan. The price of the Premium plans is adjusted according to the features chosen by the users.

🔥 Can I Have WP Engine for Free?

WP Engine cannot be obtained for free. It is only possible to get 2 months discount by hiring the basic plan for 1 year.

If you have arrived here, you already have all the information provided by experts and users to decide if WP Engine is the hosting service you need for your company or for your personal project.

If you are interested in getting more information about the best hosting available in the market you can visit our main page and keep yourself updated about the whole world of hosting, with the best opinions of our experts.

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Views and experiences of WP Engine users

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