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Weebly: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Weebly is a platform dedicated to the creation of free and paid websites according to the user’s needs.

Contracting this service guarantees a fast connection at competitive prices. Read on to find out why choosing Weebly is your best option. This is what the opinions of our users express.

Web hosting is a service increasingly required by entrepreneurs to start in the world of hosting and open their first website. They are also hired by companies to enter the world of virtual market.

Weebly's Pros and Cons


  • Ease of use and speed.
  • Modern and stylish designs.
  • Pro and Business Plans are ad-free.
  • You can make it profitable by adding ads or affiliate links.
  • It offers a very easy to use online store, with SSL encryption and multiple payment options.
  • Provides its own Promote tool, to easily create and send newsletters.


  • Technical support is only available in English.
  • E-mail accounts must be purchased separately and incur an extra charge.
  • Domain names are not cheap, only the first year you will be provided with one free.

Weebly Offers and Plans

Plan Free of charge


al mes


Personal Plan


al mes

Ver plan

Professional Plan


al mes

Ver plan

Why Choose Weebly in 2021?

Taking into account the numerous opinions of users, when it comes to qualifying and choosing a web hosting, without a doubt Weebly is the chosen alternative.

The company provides quality customizable designs, with inexpensive prices, and many plan options for different types of users, whether they are experts or not.

In terms of cost, this is one of the most economical servers on the market. With an extensive price structure and a free basic plan.

With Weebly, you can create password-protected pages and update file size limits, as well as receive additional help services.

All of Weebly‘s payment plans allow you to sell online, so in principle it is a cheaper option in the market today.

Weebly’s service is compatible with WordPress and offers a free domain name in its basic starter plan. Reviews indicate that Weebly, with over 40 million websites created, is the site with the best online servers, find out why.

Weebly es una de las mejores opciones del mercado para un hosting web.

Weebly Analysis and Features

1. Ease of use

It has a very well organized interface and a drag & drop system that allows you to add text, images or forms with a simple click.

It offers the possibility to customize its use with a multiple range of accessories. Weebly makes it easy to create a website through an efficient interface, customizing it with multiple templates and functions.

It includes a catalog of tools to perform the development, scaling and efficient management of the online business.

2. Domain names

The first year you will have a free domain name. With Weebly you can register domains such as .com, .es, .org, etc. You can also use a name you have with another provider.

This provider allows a website to be directed to a certain location, for example, to a certain country. That is, with Weebly you have the possibility of acquiring a particular TDL for each country. Internet users tend to rely more on this type of TDL.

Registering a domain name through Weebly will prevent the hijacking of the domain and allow access to online support at any time.

3. Mail

Weebly does not include a webmail service included within the site, but will provide you with email addresses so that you can communicate with your customers.

4. Storage

Weebly’s storage capacity is 500 MB for the free plan, and unlimited for the rest of the plans.

From the cpanel of this provider you will be able to choose multiple storage solutions. The storage alternatives range from 100gb, with the free plan, to unlimited space in the business plan.

5. Transfer

Transferring domains through Weebly is a simple task. You only need the domain authentication code obtained from the company where the domain name is currently registered.

6. Multisite

It offers a free domain name in its free basic package. By purchasing any plan above the basic one you will be able to open any number of websites you wish as long as they do not exceed the storage limit of that plan.

That’s why we recommend hiring a plan higher than the basic one, if you want more than one web domain at the same time. This is also demonstrated by many of the experts’ opinions.

Entre las características más destacables de Weebly se encuentra su servicio técnico eficaz.

7. SSL Certificate

This excellent service provider provides free SSL certificate security from their free basic plan.

This way, it offers from an alternative of free SSL Certificates to Premium SSL options including multiple functions for virtual commerce.

This is a company that leads the web hosting market since 2006 and has great experience in the field of security.

8. Support Quality

Weebly offers customer support both online via email and phone but the latter is only available for Pro, Business and Performance plans.

This web provider also has a real time chat available 24 hours a day.

The help center not only offers help articles. It also includes a link to the community forum, where you can access discussions, vote on features and suggest ideas.

Weebly offers an email form where you can write for help; you will receive an immediate response to the email address you include in your form.

Services offered by Weebly Hosting

This provider hosts your site automatically, even if you have purchased the free plan, so you don’t have to pay for a hosting service on your own. It offers useful features such as the intuitive cPanel.

It also takes care of all security updates and technical maintenance so that your website functions properly and is not subject to illegal access by hackers.

One of the main advantages of Weebly over other web publishers is that it allows you to download your entire website as a .zip file. You can then import it into another host or web editor, or have a web designer edit it.

How to Install Weebly for your Website Hosting

The first thing we will do before installing a website on Weebly‘s servers is to hire the plan we think is most convenient for our needs. The next thing will be to provide a series of personal data and choose the payment method.

An account will be activated instantly, via email, and you will be able to start designing your page with WordPress or any other CMS.

Don’t forget that the cpanel will be included in the total cost of the service, this means that you will be able to access from the first minute of use to manage and customize the features and storage of the server.

Weebly Pricing and Promotions

1. Weebly Prices

Like other hosting services, Weebly offers its benefits through four plans that differ in their respective costs and functions.

First we have the free plan. Basic use, no monthly fee. It offers SSL security, and 500 Mb of storage. Weebly branded domain.

We’re continuing with the connect plan. Its price is $5.00 per month. You can connect your site with a domain name. Free SSL security and 500mb of storage.

The pro plan includes features such as video and audio players. Its monthly fee is $12.00 and it has free SSL security, unlimited storage, no ads.

The business plan, as its name indicates, is the best choice if you are looking to create an online store. It includes an extensive catalog of electronic tools plus all the functions of the previous plans, its cost is $25.00 per month.

Los Precios y Promociones del Servicio de Alojamiento online de este proveedor se adaptan a todos los bolsillos.

2. Weebly Payment Methods

The most used payment methods by users are electronic purses such as PayPal or credit cards. This of course allows for flexibility in terms of immediacy and is more accessible to any user today.

Service offer Monthly Price Savings
Connect $5,00 80%
Pro $12,00 52%
Business $25,00

Weebly Hosting Reviews

“This hosting provider is perfect for SEO (search engine optimization), as it includes guides and useful tips, especially from code optimization to keyword assistance”.

“Creating your website with Weebly is as simple as dragging and dropping items onto a page. You can see your site taking shape before your eyes.

“Weebly is perfect for small businesses, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small online stores.

Weebly‘s editor is quite simple, so you probably won’t need much help, as you would with more complex web page editors; however, it offers support via email and live chat.

Weebly Hosting Conclusion

On the free plan, this service still has faster servers than on shared servers. The compatibility it has with WordPress is fundamental, Weebly counts on that.

We can safely say that Weebly is the best small business website publisher on the market today, and the many positive opinions are on record. It is simple, minimalist and relatively easy to navigate so as not to overwhelm you.

It allows you to configure your site using HTML and CSS code, and even export it for editing on another platform, so it’s not just for beginners. Plus, it offers numerous subscription levels, including e-commerce plans.

Another highlight is the Weebly App Center: Here you will find many extra features, such as a forum or a live chat, which you can add to your website with just a couple of clicks.

Es posible crear tu proyecto hosting profesional con Weebly.

Alternatives to Weebly Hosting

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Weebly data sheet and features

Features Weebly
Price from $0
View offer
Hosting gratis desde $0
Hosting personal desde $6
Professional hosting from $12
Warranty 30 days
Location United States
Disco Check
CPU Cores Check
Charging time 250ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space From 500MB
RAM memory Check
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Weebly

❤️ Is Weebly safe?

Weebly offers free security on all its plans. The Pro plan also includes features such as password protection for your pages.

⚡ Why Choose Weebly?

Currently, there are over 40 million websites created with Weebly. The functionality, versatility and value for money of this service have made it very popular among users, including entrepreneurs and small business owners.

➡ ️ What Benefits Does Weebly Have?

Among many of the important benefits, we can highlight the following:

  • Best small business website editor.
  • Excellent customizable templates.
  • Really useful guides on search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Year round support, 24 hours a day
🚀 Will Weebly provide me with my own domain?

Guarantee to choose and own your own domain name for life, which will be reserved for you and then granted to you once the website is active.

⭐️ What's the price of Weebly?

The cheapest price of Weebly’s plans is $5.00 while the most expensive is around $25.00. These prices are monthly. You can check for the details of each plan in this article.

✅ Is Weebly compatible with WordPress?

Yes, it is compatible with WordPress, this is important as Weebly is known for its flexibility in designs.

If you have arrived here, you already have all the information you need to hire Weebly to open your website and start enjoying its features. Be sure to visit our web hosting page to check out more hosting options. We hope this information has been useful to you.

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Weebly User Experience and Opinions

Have you used Weebly before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a Weebly Hosting service in the comments.

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