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Hosting In UK: Best Services, Comparison And Analysis

Web hosting, also known as the hosting service in the United Kingdom, is a service developed by the main computer development companies that also sell web domains and are responsible for creating websites for clients within the country.

Every hosting service in United Kingdom has domains that provide us security at the time of creating our online page, the United Kingdom is a country of high computer development and has great capabilities for the country’s businesses, such as its Internet speed.

The United Kingdom has companies that provide a high quality service such as Namesco, Web Faction, EUK Host or Pickaweb, which offer great possibilities and a distinguished range of opportunities to create websites and web storage services.

Some of the hosting services in the United Kingdom have spaces on their disks and SSL certificates, so that all customers can save information on them, and store there our domains, we can be safely backed up on these servers, without the risk of usurpation or theft.

Buy Hosting And Domain In UK

Buying a hosting in United Kingdom is an extremely simple and fast process, we must verify the available domains in the hosting pages in United Kingdom, as some aliases are already in use, so this is the starting point of the web creation process.

The domain in hosting in United Kingdom is known as the name or alias with which the pages of Internet are recognized and differentiated, the identification of the hosting will depend on the geographical location of the servers that store the page of Internet, in the case of United Kingdom it is .uk.

All the domains in the world have their identification depending on the geographical location, so each country has its representative alias, but there are aliases and international domains such as .com or .net which are also offered by hosting companies in United Kingdom.

Cómo crear una página web con un servidor en Reino Unido

The domains .net or .com don international domains that the pages of the companies of hosting in United Kingdom also sell them, while the company offers them since some do not have this possibility, and this will give a touch more Premium to the page of Internet that we create.

The hosting in United Kingdom is characterized by the domain .uk, being United Kingdom one of the pioneers in the creation of the Internet and the host worldwide, with its largest representative Tim Berners Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, father of the Internet.

The United Kingdom is characterized by having fast domains with high security, the use of the .uk domain is widely recognized, and the pages that use it, have an important history, this has made many companies move their headquarters to the British country.

The prices that are handled in hosting in United Kingdom are charged in national currency, as it is the pound sterling, and in foreign currency also allowing the payment in American dollars, using diverse mechanisms of payment and very easy to process.

UK Web Hosting Ranking

This ranking of web hosting and hosting in United Kingdom was gathered from the main pages of hosting service comparisons, which are forums or information centers with everything about each hosting company in United Kingdom and the plans they offer to the public.

The companies listed here are supported by NIC UK, being the controller of domain delivery in the UK, a non-profit organization which oversees the work of hosting companies in the UK.

There are thousands of providers worldwide, all of them claim to offer the best hosting service. Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

Top 10 Hosting In UK

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Choosing Hosting In UK What should you consider?

It is important to make a comparison between the best hosting companies in the UK in order to get the best service, sometimes because of ignorance and lack of research we fall into serious errors that we pay very dearly when we create our website.

It is a top priority to know certain characteristics of the hosting companies in the UK and to know how they adapt to us, what their disadvantages are and if what they offer is really what we need.

We must know what hosting companies in the UK offer and if these plans suit us, because there are plans that are less cheap, because we should not be tempted to pay for a premium service that we may not need and can not take advantage of.

Among the main characteristics we have regarding hosting in the United Kingdom we have

1. UK Hosting Load Speed

If the web pages are too slow it is usually a problem for the clients and for the company, the clients look for servers that go fast enough and that allow us to obtain information instantly, otherwise we will get bored and move to another page online.

Los mejores Hosting En Reino Unido

For some companies such as Amazon, who take care of the online commerce for their website, if the internet server is slow that causes a decrease in sales, a delay of 0.10 seconds can decrease sales by up to 1%, which means losses of billions.

2. UK Hosting Server Availability

Currently the servers that work in the hosting in United Kingdom offer their services all day long uninterruptedly, being able to use even the web softwares like WordPress or Cpanel at any time of the day if we are developers.

Previously the hosting service was not offered in the United Kingdom 24/7 and for many years the websites had schedules to work, schedules that could go from 7 in the morning to 9 at night, and in the different schedules the page did not operate.

It is very important that the hosting companies in the United Kingdom work 24/7 so that our web pages can be visited during the early hours of the morning, since it is during the early hours that the server has less information traffic and runs faster.

3. Quality Of Hosting Support In UK

United Kingdom reaches the 31st position in the world in terms of average internet speed with 16.5 Mbps, positioning itself very well against Latin American countries, but a little bit in disadvantage with respect to the world internet market and the big powers like Singapore.

Currently, the United Kingdom is behind 19 European countries in terms of internet speed, so it has been stagnating at a continental level, but the government continues to work on improving the connection in the country to provide a better service.

In the United Kingdom have begun the work of 5G connection, after the country has throughout its territory with the 4G network, this will facilitate the stability of the network that will constantly send the signal to all connected devices, this will represent a breakthrough in communications and improvement in hosting in the UK.

Soporte y atención al cliente de Hosting En Reino Unido

Hosting in the United Kingdom has been a pioneer of web development in the region and in addition to receiving the constant influence of the United States and being able to import technologies and new computer developments, this influence has allowed the improvement of communications as well as alliances with Asian countries.

The quality of UK hosting support is very excellent, VPS’s are working normally, and companies offer UK hosting services with WordPress and other quality software like Cpanel for all users looking for the best available in the web development market.

4. Does it work for WordPress?

WordPress was created in 2.003, is a fast process program that serves to develop websites and be able to customize them, which greatly facilitates the hosting in UK and web hosting worldwide, so the importance that the hosting company in UK has it.

It uses a PHP type computer language, which is very fast to learn how to use, this is one of the simplest computer languages, because no extensive knowledge is needed, and it is very user friendly which makes the software of great value.

123 Reg is a UK hosting company that has one of the most varied resources and plans with WordPress for the public in the UK, where the plans have free monthly and annual prices available to customers, which are high performance and reliable.

123 Reg’s WordPress plans range from the Business plan that serves a one-way website, which is priced at £7.99 per month, with two free domains, 5 websites, 100 GB of online space and 5 MySQL databases.

The 123 Reg WordPress also features the Prime plan which is for sites that need high performance, which costs £14.99 per month, with 100 GB of space, 1 free domain, unlimited MySQL databases and 1 free SSL certificate.

Hosting in the UK has improved steadily since the use of WordPress by web hosting companies, because companies provide expert support, configuration that allows backup and restore, as well as easy 1-step installation.

WordPress allows self-management thanks to the plugins, which makes it possible for us to personalize our website in the best way, in addition to having a domain name and free email accounts to use the name of the commercial company in the email address.

5. Where Are Your Servers Located?

Below are the server locations of the various corporations that provide web hosting and hosting services in the United Kingdom:

UK Hosting Corporation Server Location
123 Reg Hayes, United Kingdom
IFast Net Newcastle, United Kingdom
Namesco Worcester, United Kingdom
Web Faction Hayes, United Kingdom
EUK Host Leeds, United Kingdom
Eco Web Hosting Cambridge, United Kingdom
20i Mansfield, United Kingdom
Picka web London, United Kingdom
LCN Worcester, United Kingdom Rochdale, United Kingdom
Ovh London, United Kingdom

6. cPanel

The cPanel is one of the most important tools when developing a website, this control panel handles the hosting applications in the fastest way, applications such as WordPress and other configuration of websites.

Pickaweb is one of the hosting corporations in the UK that use cPanel and is a business partner of the international company, all the simple web hosting plans they offer have cPanel for £4.99 per month, no doubt a great plan.

cPanel de los mejores Hosting En Reino Unido

It was created in 1996 and developed by the company of the same name cPanel LLC. It works for Linux and BSD operating systems, the use of cPanel optimizes the use of WordPress and the use of VPS for web hosting or hosting in the United Kingdom.

Among the main uses of cPanel to create hosting in UK is the administration and management of files, so Dongee also explains the importance of the use of this control panel and uses it in its functions, in addition to being able to link business email accounts and be able to give a quick use to the VPS.

UK hosting relies on cPanel as this program allows you to manage the available resources of your computers, to control service updates such as disk storage and all the actions you need to create an online domain.

It is not necessary to format the cPanel to take it to factory settings, just restart the program and it resets its values, this is a versatility that helps and speeds up the process, in order to create new web pages as fast as possible, that is why cPanel is so important in UK hosting.

The cPanel system and control panel is constantly updated as it receives new configurations via web, easy to perform updates, where the steps to follow are concise and even include the use of database with MySQL.

7. Hosting Mail Service For Hosting In UK

Editors like Drag and drop are of important use to create business email accounts, which use templates and databases like MySQL, for this you do not need to have important knowledge in programming language.

LCN offers clients different ways to create business email accounts, with a starter plan for US$1.30 per month, which features 5 x 2GB mailboxes, 5 email forwardings, anti spam mailbox protection, and unlimited webmail access.

The pro plan has additional storage for a price of $10.95 per month, with 25 10GB mailboxes, 25 email forwardings, secure and anti-spam mailboxes, and in this case offers autoresponders and TLS encryption.

The promotions offered by this hosting company in the United Kingdom known as LCN, is that if you hire the plans for long periods the price is much lower, achieving savings of up to $ 50.45 if you hire the plan for one year and $ 125.85 if you hire for two years.

The hosting in United Kingdom has perfected its packages in terms of business email, offering the possibility of customizing the mailboxes, be able to access via webmail, integrates with other applications such as Thunderbird, Mail and other features.

These UK hosting business email accounts have special filters to automatically remove unwanted emails, these filters will help us avoid being attacked by computer thieves or hackers who are constantly on the prowl.

Hosting En Reino Unido para email

These email account plans can be obtained individually, with exclusive packages from hosting companies in the UK or can be purchased through complete web hosting packages where other services such as WordPress or VPS are also offered.

Cheap Hosting In UK: Price Summary

Knowing the prices of hosting services in the United Kingdom is fundamental, since we will be able to directly compare what each company offers us and its value for money.

Currently in the United Kingdom 11 companies are responsible for providing the best web hosting services in the UK, and it is our job to know them thoroughly as their servers, VPS, email and domain management so we do not make mistakes when choosing them.

Below are the prices and promotions that the different hosting companies in the United Kingdom have for us, so that we can make a wise decision:

1. Hosting Prices In United Kingdom

Web Faction has several hosting plans for all of us, such as the shared plan which has 1 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM, 100 GB of SSD storage, and 1 TB of broadband data transfer all for $10 per month.

Another Web Faction plan maintains cloud storage with 2 GB of storage for $20 per month, 2 GB of RAM, and in addition to a CPU core, the next 4 GB plan doubles the RAM space to 4 GB and 2 TB of data transfer for $30 per month.

The top plan in Web Faction is the 24GB plan, with also 24GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores, fully managed service, 5TB of bandwidth in data transfer and 360GB SSD storage for $240 per month.

Eco Web Hosting is another hosting company in the UK with important plans for all of us, such as the simple hosting of 50 GB of storage plus 50 GB of bandwidth, 10 GB in email boxes, and free SSL encryption for £3.49 per month.

The most premium hosting plans which are more expensive have 20,000 MB of storage space, 4 hosted domains, unlimited email accounts and all for 929 Mexican pesos a year, but the first year there is 696.75 Mexican pesos left for the promotion.

IFastNet’s dedicated servers have 2 TB of storage, with 32 GB of RAM, 4 CPUS, traffic up to 5 TB and data transfer of 100 Mbps, counting with the important service of the Cpanel control panel, all this for 149.99 US dollars per month.

IFastNet has several free domains, migration assistance to move our web pages to your servers, international domains such as com, .net, and .org as well as unlimited email addresses and free technical service, one more reason to choose IFastNet as your hosting company in the United Kingdom.

2. Promotions In Hosting In United Kingdom

All UK hosting plans are generally promoted to have SSD storage, unlimited monthly transfer, PHP 7 support, MySQL databases, mailing lists, CronJobs support and Cpanel administration panel, plus password protected managers.

The basic Windows plan of EUK Host has 5 GB of SSD storage, 1 web page, 1 MySQL database, free SSL encryption, and special 24/7 support all for £3.33 per month, also the intermediate Windows plan for £4.99 which has 25 GB of storage, 3 web pages and free SSL.

The main and least expensive plan of EUK Host is £9.99 per month, with 50 GB of storage, 5 MySQL databases, SSL security, CPanel control panel and 5 domains for internet pages, being special for those who are looking for some level of web development.

Precios y promociones de los mejores Hosting En Reino Unido

Namesco’s great promotion is the sale of domains such as .com for only £1.99, and domains for 1 year totally free while contracting the hosting services, a cheap and high quality service.

20i has important promotions such as reseller hosting which is priced at £34.99 per month, with automatic migration to their servers, free SSL certificates, 10 GB of email storage, constant malware and spam scanning of email accounts and 1 TB of data transfer.

The 20i WordPress Hosting at just £5.99 per month, features free SSL certificates, 100% storage on Samsung SSD devices, 10GB of email storage and Web Acceleration Suite, for faster processing.

All promotions offered by hosting companies in the UK have Cpanel mostly, WordPress service, VPS servers, and the ability to have unlimited email accounts to enjoy a premium service and first class UK.

3. Payment Methods For Hosting In UK

The hosting companies in the United Kingdom have means of payment known by all in the country, payment companies which have become business partners of these hosting companies in the United Kingdom to provide a service of optimum quality with fast processing times.

Hosting companies in the United Kingdom must have recognized payment mechanisms to facilitate the acquisition of packages, because when choosing a hosting company or web hosting if it does not have the payment method we want that will make it possible not to choose it.

The most frequent payments for hosting in the UK are made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards, these credit cards allow you to subscribe for automatic debit and forget about payment and collection dates.

We can make payments through various banking corporations such as JCB, Visa Electron, HSBC, Barclays, Bank of England, Standard Chartered and other banking institutions that have important recognition in the country and offer us that possibility.

Métodos de pago seguros

The hosting companies in the United Kingdom also have the service of payment through electronic purses such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill, which allow us to make cash transactions at any time of day and get the most out of it.

The electronic purses also known as E-wallets allow payments from any part of the country, as well as the exchange from one currency to another as from American dollars to British pounds and the use of cryptomonies like bitcoin.

4. UK Top Hosting Price Summary

The following table shows the main hosting companies in the United Kingdom with the prices of their basic plans, that is, the cheapest, which are generally the most sought after plans by people who are just starting to develop their website.

It is not necessary that the cheapest plan is the best, but it is not necessary to have great tools if we are just going to create a personal blog or a simple page, because we are customers who just want to make our website known and get the first visits.

Below are the UK hosting corporations with their respective prices and promotions:

UK Hosting Corporation Prices Promotions
123 Reg 3.49 per month Discounts on the purchase of plans for annual periods.
IFast Net 3.99 US dollars per month Customized hosting in the UK with WordPress.
Namesco 4.12 per month Promotions in the sale of international domains such as .com or .net.
Web Faction 10 US dollars per month Discount on VPS and WordPress plans.
EUK Host £3.33 per month Promotions in modern infrastructure plans and SSL security.
Eco Web Hosting 3.49 per month Discount on VPS servers and corporate emails for hosting in the UK
20i 4.99 per month Special discounts on shared servers and dedicated servers
Picka web 4.99 per month Unlimited email accounts, great promotion over other hosting companies in the UK.
LCN 5.94 pounds per month Special plans in UK hosting with WordPress 4.49 per month Special low-cost SSL certificates for marketing companies.
Ovh £2.03 per month Use of Cpanel in all hosting plans and web hosting.

Best Hosting & Web Hosting Reviews in UK

Many positive opinions are received by the hosting companies in the United Kingdom, companies that have more than 20 years offering first class services in terms of hosting and development of Internet pages,

Many forums and comparison centres on the Internet make comparisons between hosting companies in the UK, and give their opinions about the services offered by the companies, as well as a detailed summary that is very important for new users.

The forums help us to get the comparisons between the hosting companies in the United Kingdom, as well as to differentiate which ones offer better design possibilities, and which ones have the best software for the creation of pages and the use of domains.

Below are the opinions of users and professionals who are responsible for their impressions of the hosting service in the United Kingdom:

  • Clark Curry UK hosting user 123 Reg: Your plans are perfectly suited to what I’m looking for, creating my personal blog and being able to add the stories I share with my followers, I love this company.
  • Albert Smith user of hosting in United Kingdom IFast Net: The possibility of having free domains, unlimited email addresses and unlimited bandwidth for transfer, is one of the reasons why I chose this hosting company in United Kingdom.
  • Daniel Jackman user of Web Faction hosting in United Kingdom: this company has the sale of domains, .org, .net and .com, which serve to give greater potential to the websites.

Conclusion: What is the best VPS hosting in the UK?

VPS services are virtual private servers which improve the possibilities for companies to develop their websites, and to develop more competitive mailing lists and email, with better connection between employees and higher quality support.

The best VPS service in the United Kingdom is the one offered by Pickaweb which has several plans that adapt to the companies, these plans are distributed depending on the capacities that they offer to the clients, especially of storage and transference.

Pickaweb on its Fast 1 plan has 2000 GB per month, 25 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, all for £9.99 per month, the Fast 2 plan has 3000 GB per month, with 50 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM and 2 CPUs for £19.88 per month, great options in UK hosting.

Cómo elegir el mejor dominio para una página web

Pickaweb’s least expensive plan is the VPS Fast 3 which costs £36.99 per month, which has 4000 GB of bandwidth per month, 75 GB HDD, 4 GB of RAM, and the possibility of having 24/7 technical support, being special for companies looking for hosting in the UK.

All of these virtual private server plans from the UK hosting company known as Pickaweb, have Cpanel, with full flexibility for Linux or Windows operating systems and the ability to increase the amount of storage space by simply requesting it from the UK hosting company.

20i VPS plans feature 200GB of web storage, 16GB of RAM, DDoS protection, and Samsung enterprise SSD storage for £9.99 per month, making it an attractive and worthwhile VPS alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting Service in UK

⭐ What Is The Best Hosting In The UK?

123 Reg was chosen as the best hosting company in the UK because it has one of the best internet speeds of the sites it hosts, with cheap prices for its initial plans, as well as the possibility of using quality software.

123 Reg also has extensive and secure VPS services. Implementing all the resources that a web developer looks for, with the use of Cpanel, the possibility of creating the page through WordPress, secure and reliable domains and the possibility of developing a corporate email box for companies.

🙌 Where to Buy Domain & Hosting In UK?

Buying a domain and hosting in United Kingdom is extremely simple, you only need to investigate the main hosting companies and make a comparison between them, almost all of them sell .uk domains and international domains, but each one has different prices.

Online or internet pages of the hosting companies in United Kingdom and web hosting have payment servers and mechanisms to be able to buy the regional domain and the international domains from the comfort of our home.

➡ ️ What is the price of hosting in the UK? Which is the cheapest?

UK hosting prices have a wide range of prices, ranging from £2.03 by OVH to the expensive $10 charged by Web Faction, for which we should not be guided by price alone, but by what they offer.

All prices will depend exclusively on the resources that the hosting company in United Kingdom has, the packages are organized depending on the prices and features they offer, so we must analyze the value for money of hosting companies in United Kingdom.

⛳ Is there Free Hosting In UK?

We do not recommend free hosting services in the United Kingdom because they do not provide any security to customers, the email accounts we create may be at risk of cyber attacks and therefore we will not be safe.

It is essential to believe in the recognized UK hosting companies mentioned above, as they are available to everyone and their plans are really cheap for those starting out, and they also provide free, highly secure SSL certificates.

❤️ How to Choose Good Web Hosting In the UK

We must select a hosting company in United Kingdom that has the best servers, that is fast loading time of the website, that the VPS are efficient and of course that has the domain .uk and international domains.

The servers must be fast so that the pages run well enough, in addition to having the largest capacity of SSD storage and RAM storage, will achieve optimized use of hosting and web hosting, when we design the websites.

✨ How To Install A Hosting In UK?

For us to install hosting in UK we have to access to our hosting panel, it is important that it is Cpanel, as it is widely recommended, then we open the hosting applications and select WordPress to start working.

The process requires us to enter a temporary domain name or alias, which we register for the time being, while we enter the final domain and decide whether to leave it or change it, from there we begin the process of design and final customization of the online page.

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