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Rack Space: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Rackspace is a web hosting company founded in 1998 by Pat Condon and Dirk Elmehof with data centers in Dallas, San Antonio, Vancouver and Hong Kong. Recently, this hosting company was acquired by Apollo Global Management.

Rackspace is a hosting company recognized for being one of the most important web hosting providers in the USA, especially for its innovative Cloud Hosting system.

Next we will explain why this company is characterized by modern services, a solid infrastructure and very good complements. It offers a lot of benefits for your website such as webmail, cPanel and the ability to use wordpress.

Pros and Cons of Rackspace


  • Hosting Cloud.
  • Variety in services.
  • Availability and infrastructure.
  • Customer support.
  • Easy to use, efficient panel.
  • Access to emails via webmail.


  • Some delays in the interaction with the support team.
  • Lack of agility when reporting the server service failure.

Rack Space Offers and Plans



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Why Choose Rackspace in 2020

Rackspace offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of applications, data, security and infrastructure services.

This company has a varied team of passionate and proactive experts in the main hosting technologies worldwide, who provide objective solutions to achieve sustained growth within the multiple cloud environment.

Aimed at providing solutions to small, medium and large companies, this cloud hosting provider aims to generate innovation, rapid adaptation to a changing market and obtain better benefits.

Rackspace ofrece un excelente servicio de alojamiento web

Rackspace Analysis and Features

Ease of use

According to several users Rackspace is easy to install. Its installation is accessible and is comparable with other similar hosting services of equal capacity.

It also has a friendly panel, easy to operate and understand. From the panel you can access the multiple applications, as well as webmail, among others.

This supplier is also characterized by the possibility of easily switching to higher or lower plans. Its interface is also easy to use.

Those who operate the system daily do so through the support of a dedicated developer who is constantly available.

Domain Names

Rackspace maintains the integrity and functionality of your server when it comes to domain names (DNS). Domain name registration can be contracted quarterly or annually.

It is very important to emphasize that this company avoids the risk of protocols, offers accessible costs and facilitates domain migrations.

This provider makes it easy to control the DNS through the Cloud control panel and API interface to register, add, modify and delete domains, sub-domains and records, as well as to import and export those domains at any time without additional costs.

This provider’s DNS servers are load-balanced and use a powerful and easy-to-use RESTful API interface, making domain migrations simple.


Rackspace offers Cloud Hosting users the possibility to host the emails of the whole company and satisfy all the needs related to this service, with the possibility to access them via webmail.

As an email provider it facilitates the task of users developing remote tasks throughout the United States, as well as those who carry out their work in controlled environments such as an office, always having webmail available.

It also facilitates integration with email applications such as Outlook, although it also allows access to email accounts via webmail or an intranet portal for employees of the same company.


Rackspace has databases on various servers around the world, this being one of its most outstanding services.

In addition, it offers experienced technical support for all major database platforms, eliminating the complexity of database administration.

Likewise, it has certified DBAs with vast experience in the administration of MySQL®, Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server®, optimizing their performance.

These facilities apply to both dedicated hardware and cloud servers. Expert technical support is available to help users with architecture design, administration, monitoring or troubleshooting.

Rackspace ofrece soluciones de Hosting web


The open cloud server allows you to install and work with various types of web applications: mobile applications, e-commerce sites, rich media sites, SharePoint deployment, enterprise applications, and more.

All these applications can be easily managed from the panel.

Rackspace offers a professional service to advise and help companies transform processes, streamline, develop, implement and integrate applications to make the most of today’s digital technologies.

The optimization of applications based on the latest technologies will allow users to achieve an optimal level of service, reduce resources and costs.


Rackspace offers a private cloud storage service that allows easy and flexible access to information.

In addition, this provider offers the user a simple panel to manage and modify their website to suit their needs. It allows, at the same time, a personalized storage.

This multi-server company offers diverse and innovative data storage solutions through industry leaders such as Dell EMC® and NetApp.

Beyond the application that the user needs, this company has a genre of servers that offers a solution that fits your current and future needs of budget, capacity and performance.


Rackspace offers the RackConnect Global service to transfer data securely without having to use the Internet, by using a private circuit that is not shared with others.

This innovative system adds an extra layer of protection for your company’s data and applications. Also available from the panel.

Through RackConnect Global it is possible to connect to other data center locations or cloud service providers through RackConnect Global enabled Equinix or Megaport locations in the USA.

We can also connect multiple regions of data centers in the USA.

Rackspace cuenta con servidores a nivel mundial


Rackspace has been exploring the use of multi-site hybrid clouds following the advance of this technology through the synchronization of data replication between US data centers.

If you are looking for a secure way to connect multiple data centers or include a public cloud no matter how much work you want to transfer outside the workplace, this provider makes it possible.

With RackConnect Global you can access a private connection between Rackspace and your data centre in any facility or public cloud you wish, such as Microsoft® Azure®, AWS, Google Cloud Platform™ and Alibaba Cloud, with a 99.9% guaranteed connectivity availability*.

It is also possible to facilitate the process of creating a WordPress environment by using Rackspace Cloud Orchestration. The best WordPress web hosting is the one that adapts to the company’s needs, and it must be fast, secure and well supported.

WordPress is a PHP®-based application that runs on multiple web servers. WordPress generally runs on an Apache® or NGINX® web server. WordPress uses a significant amount of memory on servers that have certain configurations.

SSL Certificate

Rackspace offers full management of its users’ SSL certificates through one of the most prestigious in the industry: Symantec. In addition, this company supports the certificates with its technical service always available.

It is important to note that the company provides advice and support on SSL Certificates in the following areas, which are easily managed from the panel:

  • Buy
  • Verification
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Renewal
  • Transfer

Rackspace offers several types of certificates to get exactly the right one for the user.

Quality of support

Rackspace offers 24/7 technical support and a 100% online guarantee. It also has a mobile application and a customized panel to give users more autonomy over the servers.

Technical support is at no extra cost to the customer and is available even on weekends and holidays. User feedback has proven to be effective on issues related to WordPress, webmail, domain registration, among others.

Rackspace’s technical support team works as an extension of the user’s own team, seeking the success of its customers. For this they have what they call “Fanatical Experience”.

However, some user opinions have suggested certain failures in care and demand improvement in this regard. These opinions have increased in recent years.

Soporte y servicio de atención al cliente online

What services Rackspace offers

Rackspace offers the following services:

  • Applications: The objective is for the user to obtain modern application services that are objective and focused on results, as well as being supported by the broadest experience in the cloud.
  • Databases: Find the database solution that best suits your business objectives. To do this, needs are evaluated, the database structure is designed and hosted on a platform optimized to improve performance and scalability.
  • Managed Cloud: Rackspace offers full support for all major cloud computing platforms. Whatever combination of cloud types you want to use: Public, Private, Hybrid, Multiple, this company helps you find the right one.
  • Professional Services: Allows you to adopt modern technologies, successfully complete migrations, manage the cloud, protect compliance and explore the complex architecture of the multiple cloud.
  • Security and Compliance: Helps users update their IT security strategy.

How to Install Rackspace for Your Website

To install Rackspace, the following steps are required:

  1. Create an account: this is the first step to be able to access Rackspace services.
  2. Managing and securing the account: Once the account has been created, it will be necessary to protect it with a series of authentications to enable it, create notifications related to the billing, and learn details about the account management.
  3. Choosing the services to be contracted: From this moment on, the user may choose the different services provided by Rackspace.
  4. Configure the panel and all devices to be used for optimal synchronization.

Rackspace Prices and Promotions

Rackspace Pricing

For Rackspace, price is not its main strength when selling its products. Rackspace charges a minimum monthly price of U$D 150 for its cloud hosting product, depending on the features the user chooses. In addition, there is the possibility of quoting per working hour.

The price is a combination of infrastructure and service level. The price-quality ratio is what the company aims at.

Rackspace promotions

Rackspace offers discounts on its prices depending on the amount of services purchased. The discount is applied to monthly cumulative spending on the full range of cloud servers within the United States. It is possible to change the variety and regions of the United States without losing the discount on the final price.

An additional discount can also be obtained if a commitment is made for a predetermined period of time: 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

Rackspace also offers a discount for advance payment. This applies to all regions of the United States.

Los mejores servicios de Hosting Web

Rackspace Payment Methods

This company accepts a wide range of payment methods. Thus, the user can choose the one that best suits his or her convenience.

It is possible to pay with all credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and PayPal. User feedback shows that the process is simple


Service offer Price in U$D / hour Savings
Cloud Servers 0,032 a 0,60 Depending on the payment method chosen
Cloud Databases 0,05 a 3,84 Depending on the payment method chosen
Cloud Storage 0.000137 a 0.004 Depending on the payment method chosen
CDN 0.10 A 0.02 (x month) Depending on the payment method chosen
File storage 10 per month Depending on the payment method chosen

Rackspace Hosting Reviews

In this section we will offer you some of the opinions expressed by Rackspace users.

Among the positive feedback, Susan D. noted: “The service that Rackspace has offered me for over 15 years is excellent. I always recommend it, even to my own customers. It’s really efficient the use I make of WordPress. I appreciate being able to access webmail from any device.

Vince R.’s opinion was overwhelming: “Whenever I had problems with WordPress, webmail, applications or doubts in general, the response from the technical service was exceptional”.

Another user, John A., gave his opinion and indicated: “It is expensive but I am satisfied with the quality of the service in general, although in the last few years I have noticed a decrease in the capacity to stay online and problems with webmail. I highlight the performance of WordPress.”

Finally, Alisson also gave his opinion and said: “when I hired the Rackspace service I got an excellent service but in the last years it has had several inconveniences with the technical service, especially in the speed of response”.

Rackspace Hosting Conclusion

Rackspace offers a varied range of services: e-mail hosting with webmail access, public, private or hybrid web hosting, with almost total coverage of the needs of a growing company.

This web hosting provider offers 24/7 technical support and guarantees 100% of your stay online. The company also has a mobile application and a customized panel to give its clients more autonomy over their servers.

It is a pioneer hosting company in cloud hosting and worked together with NASA to create OpenStack, an open software platform for cloud hosting. It is known for its WordPress service.

While this company offers personalized attention and fast response from experts 24/7, in recent years several issues have been reported in the technical support service. The staff seems to lack the necessary training.

Rackspace offers good value for money if we choose the plan that fits the growth needs of the company.

Alternatives to Rackspace Hosting

If you are not convinced by the service offered by Rackspace, you can choose among other alternatives. Currently, there are a large number of companies that offer the hosting service.

So, in case you want to hire another service, here we offer you the best options so you can analyze all the available features. We invite you to take a look at other web hosting services like the ones we offer here:

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Rack Space technical data and features

Main Features Rack Space
Price Consultar
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Shared hosting price Consult
Dedicated hosting price Consult
VPS hosting price Consult
Money back policy 90 days
Server location United States
Disk (SSD or HDD) SSD
CPU cores (number) 4
Loading time (ms) 1.000ms
Control panel (cpanel, etc.) cPanel
Disk space (up to GB) From 400GB
RAM (up to GB) From 1TB
Website builder?
Free site migration?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
See offer

Frequently Asked Questions about Rackspace

⭐️ What is Rackspace?

Rackspace is one of the pioneers in the USA in the cloud hosting service since 1998. Besides providing dedicated hosting, Amazon, Microsoft and OpenStack web services, it is a good choice for WordPress hosting.

➡️ How to Transfer a Domain to Rackspace

To transfer a domain you need the EPP Domain Code from the company where the domain name is currently registered. The domain name must be unlocked. Then, you need to create a ticket with the Support Service requesting to transfer the domain. The transfer can be monitored from the panel.

✅ Is Rackspace Safe?

Rackspace offers its customers a comprehensive security solution called “Managed Security” for all major private and public clouds. This system allows companies to pay only for what they use and when they need it, depending on their company’s security and compliance requirements.

❤️️ Why Choose Rackspace?

Rackspace provides solutions to small, medium and large companies. Its service is aimed at generating innovation, quick adaptation to a changing market and obtaining better benefits. It has several types of hosting and the possibility of choosing the plan that best suits your company, with a pricing system based on the use of the tool.

✨ What are the benefits of Rackspace?

One of the main benefits of Rackspace is its cloud connectivity achieving an excellent connection, even when using several applications at the same time. For example, when using WordPress and other applications.

An interesting option it offers is the “Managed Cloud” tool that allows constant interaction at a global level, or the possibility of connecting dedicated hosting with the public cloud, through Microsoft and Google Cloud Platform. This provides greater security. Regarding email accounts, it offers the possibility of access via webmail.

With regard to the use of WordPress, it is possible to synchronize all WordPress resources via the CDN files in the cloud. Thus, WordPress will have a better performance.

️⛳️ How to Install Rackspace?

To install Rackspace we must first create an account. Then we need to protect it with a series of authentications to enable it and start managing it. Once these two steps have been completed, it is possible to choose the services to be hired and, finally, to configure the panel and synchronize all the devices we are going to use

🚀 How much does Rackspace cost?

The price of Rackspace is the result of a combination of infrastructure and service level. Rackspace charges a minimum monthly price of U$D 150 for its cloud hosting product, depending on the features chosen by the user. In addition, there is the possibility of quoting per work hour on some plans.

✌️ ¿Puedo Tener Rackspace Gratis?

Rackspace offers the possibility to access the hosted e-mail service, with webmail access, for 2 weeks free of charge without long-term contracts, with the option to cancel at any time.

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for a hosting service like the one offered by Rackspace. If you are interested, we invite you to take a look at this year’s best hosting.

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Rackspace user opinions and experiences

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