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MelonCube: Pricing, Ranking, Reviews & Opinions

Minecraft has managed to position itself as one of the best games of all time, but if you are in a special game or live streaming you must anticipate crashes and shutdowns. To that end, MelonCube has been around since 2012 to offer hosting and servers for Minecraft.

MelonCube is dedicated to its customers to boost the game’s features and provide for crashes while you enjoy playing without worries. But how to know that they are not empty promises, for this we have set out to evaluate the features of MelonCube

If you want to know how special MelonCube ‘s Minecraft server is, we invite you to read the following article.

Pros and Cons of MelonCube


  • Specialized in Minecraft
  • It has dedicated and VPS services for companies and businesses.
  • Its staff works to improve and evolve the user experience
  • Low latency
  • Affordable prices
  • Infinity of plans for minecraft


  • No hosting for games
  • High prices in superior plans
  • Unstable Uptime

MelonCube Offers and Plans



per month

1024MB RAM

View plan



per month

5120MB RAM

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per month

10240MB RAM

View plan

Reasons to Choose MelonCube in 2022

MelonCube is a company with established and important principles and values within the network. It is one of the few providers with a green motto and absolutely any transaction with them, even billing is purely online.

Another factor that makes MelonCube so attractive is its team, especially those dedicated to customer service. MelonCube strives to improve the user experiencein every possible way.

The rates offered by this provider are varied, although it is true that it seeks to reflect the best cost-quality-price ratio. They also have high plans for demanding and high budgets.

meloncube hosting minecraft

MelonCube Services in 2022

  • Minecraft Servers

In this section you will find all of MelonCube’s web hosting options, including java 8 compatible minecraft servers. It also features all the platform plans exclusively for minecraft.

  • VPS Hosting

Despite the fact that its main function is to offer support and servers for minecraft. MelonCube also offers hosting options for companies, businesses and enterprise websites.

  • Dedicated Hosting

In this option are hosting plans for high demands either in minecraft or any powerful website on the web. The prices will be reflected in monthly rates and the specified resources for the customer to compare which is the best option.

MelonCube Analysis and Features

a. Usage for Minecraft

MelonCube offers a wide range of features that will enhance and make Minecraft a seamless experience. Starting with its multicraft panel from where you will be able to get everything you need to manage the game.

In addition, it includes mode packs and add-ons that will make Minecraft a seamless gaming experience. MelonCube offers DDoS protection, SSD solid disk servers, creation of worlds within Minecraft and more.

Pricing and web hosting options are highly competitive within the digital marketplace. In addition, free trials on buycraft ultimate, enjin advance and minitreds lite are included.

meloncube hosting update

b. Quality Support

MelonCube has support and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we have the best experts in development, design, performance and other important features in the digital world.

So they will provide the necessary help thanks to their extensive experience and information on the subject. You can contact them through email, online chat, form and informative tutorials.

c. Ease of Use

MelonCube’s interface is friendly not only to its customers, but also to the environment. It has been characterized by offering all its services,including billing completely online.

All of its plans are detailed and located with their monthly prices, so that each user can select the one that best suits his or her needs. It offers a multicraft panel so that gamers can acquire all the necessary mods and complements to develop in the game.

d. Storage

Storage with MelonCube is also not a limitation when choosing any plan with them. MelonCube offers more than 10 plan options in its VPS section alone, with RAM ranging from 1GB to 48 GB.

The storage is on SSD solid-state disks, and is completely unlimited in all their basic, medium and superior plans. So the flow of information and content you want to add will not be limited or measured by this provider.

e. Domain Names

The domains will be mirrored and unlimited in their dedicated minecraft hosting plans. This means that in the rest of your plans you will have to pay extra to get a domain name for your website or game.

MelonCube, however, offers full access to FTP account, enterprise hardware and multicraft panel. So it will not be indispensable to include a domain, in case you are a player.

f. Databases

MelonCube offers in all its plans free of charge unlimited MySQL databases. So the content and information of your games or web pages will have enough space, without affecting the management or gaming experience of its users.

Databases play an essential role in any hosting plan, therefore, MelonCube makes sure to offer unlimited databases regardless of the needs or requirements of its users.

meloncube hosting vps

g. Transfer

MelonCube does not skimp on data transfer, offering unlimited bandwidth on all plans. This allows your users a fast, stable, scalable and intermittent management.

MelonCube seeks to offer plans that offer an excellent gaming experience for specialized players AND a better performance of companies and digital businesses that decide to opt for a VPS or Dedicated hosting plan with them.

h. Applications

MelonCube stands out from other providers, thanks to its multicraft panel from where you can download what you need for a better development. Although no notorious applications are reflected in their plans, MelonCube is permissive and offers its customers the freedom to customize any aspect within the platform.

In addition, it is compatible with multiple operating systems including java 8 and add-ons such as bukkit, spigot and modopacks. It also allows adding moods and customizing important aspects within the game.

i. Multisite

In the minecraft servers offered by MelonCube, it includes the multiplayer optionthat you can activate through your cPanel. This option allows users to create panel logins for other players.

MelonCube tries to cover the indispensable needs of each minecraft server and its users, therefore, it offers simplified options for convenience and better gaming experience within its platform.

meloncube hosting servers

j. SSL Certificate

Although in its platform MelonCube does not have free SSL certificates. You can get them through cPanel or MelonCube’s panel at any time.

Certificates are designed to provide security, reliability and stability to a website or hosting plan. It is important that the provider you choose has this feature for free.

MelonCube Pricing and Promotions

MelonCube has a wide variety of plans, all with different resources and specifications to suit the minimum and maximum requirements of its customers. Details the costs of its main plans for minecraft.

Service Offering Price Savings
Zombi 3$ per month No discount
Creeper 6$ per month No discount
Swineherd 9$ per month No discount
Spider 12$ per month No discount
Jockey 15$ per month No discount
Witch 18$ per month No discounts

MelonCube Promotions

MelonCube has the most competitive rates on the market, as well as unlimited resources with SSD solid-state disk storage. Therefore, it does not have any kind of discount at the moment.

meloncube hosting reviews

MelonCube Payment Methods

Payment methods may vary according to the country from which the service is contracted. Among the most common are:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Virtual wallets.

Minecraft Hosting: How to Install MelonCube

MelonCube has trained and specialized staff to start or start a minecraft server. They will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to guide you step by step in this task.

If you are an expert user in design, server startup or web pages, just follow the steps below:

  • Establish the connection to the server
  • Install java or the operating system of your choice.
  • Then proceed to install the minecraft server
  • Locate the port sharing option
  • Once done, log in to the server
  • Adapt the minecraft configuration

Disadvantages of Hosting MelonCube

Although it is a company with presence in several countries, unfortunately it does not have offices or coverage in the Asian continent. So its reach is limited, leaving out potential customers.

Another thing that MelonCube can improve is to add shared web hosting, since it lacks this option completely. Limiting users to choose virtual and dedicated servers, which tend to have high prices when a lot of demand is required within the website or game.

MelonCube Web Hosting Conclusion

So MelonCube’s Minecraft options are empty promises, for 6 months we spent 6 months testing why it was customer satisfaction. And in general it delivers everything it has promised.

One of the aspects we loved the most was the permissiveness to allow customers tocustomize the servers according to their preferences. Not only are they excellent candidates for casual or expert gamers, but also for customers with enterprise websites.

After hosting on the 6 GB WITCH plan, we got unmetered services, competent RAM and the best support in case of questions. Furthermore, we have never experienced any downtime or delays.

meloncube hosting soporte

Thus, it is a 100% recommended Minecraft provider with qualified staff and comprehensive solutions for the most particular needs.

Alternatives to MelonCube Hosting

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MelonCube Technical Data and Features

Main Features MelonCube
Price $3.00
Ver Oferta
Zombie Plan from $3.00
Jockey Plan since $15.00
Plan Dragon desde $30.00
Refund Policy 3 days
Location of servers France and USA
Disco (SSD or HDD) SSD
CPU cores (number) -
Loading time (ms) -
Control panel (cpanel, etc.) Multicraft
Disk space (up to GB) From 1 GB
RAM (up to GB) From 1024 MB
Website builder?
Free site migration?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
Ver Oferta

Frequently Asked Questions About MelonCube

✅ What is MelonCube?

MelonCube is a company specialized in VPS hosting for games, specifically minecraft.

It had its beginnings in 2013 and since then offers a wide range of plans and features vital for the smooth operation and development of Minecraft on their servers.

🌐 Why Choose MelonCube?

MelonCube is a Minecraft focused provider and therefore has qualified and trained staff to offer you a better gaming experience.

In addition, it includes in its plans free MySQL databases, one-click add-on, bukkit, espigo and pack mode among other features.

⚡ What are the benefits of MelonCube?

MelonCube offers its customers 480 Gbps DDoS protection, unlimited slots for players, unlimited SSD storage in all its plans.

In addition, it provides instant multarte 2.0 configuration, full FTP access, enterprise hardware and 24/7 support 365 days a year.

💰 What is the price of MelonCube?

Its initial zombie plan has a monthly cost of 3 $ and unlimited storage, the creeper plan has a monthly fee of 6 $ per month plus 2 GB of RAM and unlimited storage. The higher plans have monthly fees ranging from $12 to $30 per month and RAM from 4 to 10 GB.

In case you are not sure if this is the right Minecraft hosting for you, we invite you to continue browsing our website and learn more about the world of web hosting.

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