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Free Hosting: Alternatives, Analysis and Opinions

Free hosting is a hosting service provided by several companies with different interests, but with the same purpose: to meet the needs of the online user.

To begin with, you should consider what kind of free hosting the online project you want to create requires. You have to determine the goals and technical features of your web project. Then, you must know if paying a hosting or if a free hosting would be enough.

In this post we will find out which are the best free hosting providers available in the market. We will present analysis, opinions about their usefulness, their characteristics, pros and cons, what they include, alternatives, conditions and other interesting data about free hosting.

What is a Free Hosting?

A free hosting is a hosting service for your web project in which you do not need to hire any plan to enjoy what it offers.

Choosing a good free hosting is not easy, much less choosing the best free hosting, but it is not an impossible mission. A free hosting is very limited in performance, so it’s not a suitable alternative for a professional and far-reaching project.

Un hosting gratuito es la mejor forma de empezar un proyecto web básico.

However, it may be appropriate for beginners and small pages with no great pretensions to grow. So we must make it clear that the real benefit of choosing the best free hosting is that you get a space to upload your page without paying anything.

This represents the presence of your page online, on the Internet through a server that hosts different applications or sites for free. You will be able to show yourself to the world and allow visits from people interested in your content without having to hire anything.

Is Free Hosting what you need?

The choice must start by knowing exactly what you need, what your real needs are with respect to the web project you are undertaking. From there you will be able to find the free hosting you need.

Once your goals and requirements have been defined, it is up to you to find the supplier who offers the best conditions for your project. For example, some free hosting will fill your page with advertising.

Other difficulties that may arise are restricted accommodation, slower speeds and inconvenience in availability and performance. The last thing you want is a page missing, due to downtime. So, I could include what you need to get started:

  • 0.5 GB of disk space
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Email account with 1GB of space
  • Mailing list
  • FTP account for you to upload your site online
  • MySQL database,
  • Automatic installation of WordPress or Prestashop
  • An intuitive control panel to manage your project
  • Good technical support, language is important.
  • Automatic installation for advanced applications such as WordPress

Private and business activities are marked by technology and especially by the Internet from almost all areas. Therefore, the complementary tools of the Internet are a fundamental part of any current project. A free hosting limits them.

The Best You Can Get from Free Hosting

With a good free hosting you can find enough tools to create a blog or a basic business site. In the free version it is possible to get:

  • 10 GB of bandwidth and 1 GB of disk space
  • One-click application installation, including WordPress.
  • Support for PHP and MySQL.
  • Access to PHP and MySQL databases from your control panel
  • Automatic protection with free SSL.
  • User-friendly control panels such as cPanel.

All the Best Hosting for your Web

There are thousands of providers worldwide, all of them claim to offer the best hosting service. Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

Top 10 Free Hostings

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Why it’s Important to Choose a Good Free Hosting

Choosing a good free hosting is one of the most important decisions for any online project or business. Professionals and small and medium sized businesses seek to find the right hosting for their needs and that offers the best service and price.

Es posible conseguir este tipo de alojamiento sin coste en muchos proveedores.

Obviously, the price matters, although it’s not the most important thing. You should always keep in mind that as far as advertising is concerned, in many of the free hosting you will have mandatory advertising. This is because they have to take advantage of the service. The publicity is the method of profit of these companies.

1. Why Must Your Website Always Be Available?

To begin with, if you don’t pay or pay very little to get your site, then you will most likely fail to get server availability. Consequently your site will not be accessible to your audience.

It should be noted that an uptime represents that the longer your site is online, the more visitors, and the greater chance of selling your goods or services to potential customers. You should always look for a free hosting provider that offers 99.9% uptime. The other alternative is to look for our free hosting reviews where you can find studies of each company’s services.

2. Upload speed

An excellent free hosting company that guarantees good speed is especially important when it comes to page load times.

In fact, the delay of your site online represents an increase of your bounce rate.

In other words, if a high percentage of visitors flee to another page, sales go down and you lose money.

In addition, Google has determined that load speed is critical to ranking sites online in search results.

So a slow load also affects your SEO positioning.

Un hostin gratuito tiene compatibilidad con gran número de aplicaciones.

3. The Technical Support

The administrative management of an online project is not easy, and even more so if we add the technological part without experience.

So it is valuable to have a supplier available who is always there when you need them. Whether by ticket, phone, chat, or mail.

If you have a provider that does not offer this support service fully, your site will most likely be in serious trouble and your visitors will too.

Don’t accept a service that gives less than that. Since there are situations that can be easily resolved over the phone.

But there are other more complicated situations that require more detail and specification.

What are the features to consider before choosing a free hosting?

In principle, you should inform yourself about the different free hosting alternatives. There are multiple free hosting options and different services available. In order to be aware of which of the alternatives to select, you have to know the requirements of your project and see which one suits you best.

It is convenient to value the relation price/quality, a free or cheap hosting can be expensive, since they usually generate distrust. Although there are exceptions, with a good choice you can be rewarded with a free hosting with adequate service and technology.

1. Load speed

Choosing a good free hosting provider is especially important when it comes to page load times. Generally, poor quality free hosting providers will have obsolete, old or poor hardware.

2. Server Availability

The longer your site is online, the more chances you have to sell your products to potential customers. You should always look for a free hosting provider that offers the best uptime, at least 99.9%.

The availability of the servers is essential to have a good quality of free hosting service. The stability of the servers affects the stability of your site. In many free hosts there are bad quality servers.

Los website builders se incluyen en los planes de hosting gratuito.

3. Quality of Support

Technical support is of utmost importance for any technological project. Providing specialized technical attention and support is a double advantage, since it values the customer and your project and positively qualifies the supplier. Free hosting does not always guarantee this.

4. Technological requirements of your project

You should make sure you get at least the following benefits:

  • Expect more from your online site or application
  • Performance, security and updates
  • Unobstructed performance with your own server resources
  • Quick and easy to use custom control panel
  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic
  • Expandable RAM and storage
  • SSD, email, SSL
  • Let the free hosting be scalable.

5. Where are your servers located?

It is very advantageous that the location of your free hosting servers is known to you. The proximity favors the performance of your resources and even more with the pre-established weaknesses of free hosting.

How to Install a Free Hosting for your Web Page

Currently the free hosting service includes automatic installation and the facility to have different languages. WordPress comes pre-installed, as do most of the providers listed. In this way, you don’t have to waste a lot of time configuring the different variables of your hosting.

This is a suitable type of hosting for those who do not want to spend a lot of time doing the different configurations needed to complete the installation of a hosting. The DNS and URL are configured in a few seconds and all the technical aspects of installing a free hosting will be reduced to a minimum. Being very advantageous in some cases.

En un hosting gratuito puedes contar con atención al cliente.

This has this advantage, that it is fast and safe. However, it also has a consequence, since it is lost in website customization. Therefore, if the project has professional aspirations, it is advisable to use paid hosting, which are affordable nowadays, and which allow to configure many more features.

To do this, when you install a hosting, you will have tools that allow you to configure each of the elements. Therefore, you will have to install practically everything after contracting the service. Therefore, it is highly recommended to “fight” for a good technical support when hiring this kind of services.

They will guide you through every step of the installation of a hosting of any kind. In case you need personalized help, you can always use the phone to contact them and they will advise you at all times.

And so, you can count on the technical support to assist you, as it is not an easy task. In any case, if you have any complications and do not know what to do, we recommend you contact technical support. Only in case you have this feature included in the subscribed plan.

Free Hosting Reviews

Below, you can read 3 reviews from users of this type of free hosting service:

“I didn’t need a lot of features to host my website. That’s why I read opinions about free hosting and chose one of them. At the moment I’m happy with the service it offers, for which I don’t pay any money. I wouldn’t change it.

“Free hosting is the best option for those looking to have a small web project or to get started in the world of hosting. At mic aso, currently I pay for a hosting, but trying a free one gave me a good chance to update it and work with it”.

“The best way to have a website, for free, without complicating your life is to use free hosting. However, if you are going to use it for commercial purposes, I advise you to opt for a paid hosting, which are very cheap and offer much more complete customization options.

Conclusion About Free Hosting

The free hosting service is not meant for just any project. Generally, it is a limited service with many restrictions and shortcomings. Recommended for beginners, small projects.

It is good to check and consider well the characteristics and features before registering. If you expect an excellent service, space with high performance, professional image on the net, staying on the Internet to get long term results… definitely this free hosting is not the right one.

Podrás crear un sitio web en un alojamiento sin coste con buenos resultados.

If, on the other hand, you want to evaluate the work of a new portal, test your new programming skills or host a temporary project, then take advantage of these services and don’t spend a penny more.

Among its disadvantages is mandatory advertising. Advertising can be annoying and somewhat useless for your project. Having advertising in the service is definitely not good, since it only brings annoyance to the advertising that is shown to us.

If they are not true, if they are so limited, why do they promote themselves? It’s really not fair to generalize or lie. There are very few free hosting services, and the word is used more as an advertising hook so that later, you end up choosing the paid option

For all the above reasons, we must be vigilant about this decision. Because advertising manages to tell very convincing half-truths. Remember that this is an extremely important decision-making process for your online project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Hosting

⚡ What is Free Hosting?

It is a free hosting service provided by some providers in various ways. They offer online hosting at no cost, making it visible from anywhere in the world, without taking a penny out of your pocket.

✅ Is there Free WordPress Hosting?

No. But almost all providers support WordPress and include it in their plans. Sites supported by WordPress are very common, since it is the most used content management system (CMS) on the web due to its usability, functionality and performance.

⛔Why isn't Free Hosting always recommended?

It’s not that you can’t use it. It is simply not recommended for large projects because they have certain limitations that can affect the infrastructure, platform, resources and features that guarantee the functionality of your page.

You may also have worse service, uptime or speed, as well as good hard disk space for the site hosting. A good free hosting can give you 10GB or unlimited space.

⭐ Does Free Hosting Include Database?

Yes, usually free hosting providers provide a MySQL database so that you can create your site online. As well as to install CMS types, such as Joomla, PrestaShop, WordPress and others.

⚠ Is there Free Unlimited Hosting without Advertising?

Some of them are starting to be unadvertised, but they are still very spiky. At times, the Internet is thought to be immaterial, something magical. But being on the Internet represents a great cost, it requires servers, maintenance, effort, all kinds of expenses in service and personnel.

For this reason there is usually no free quality hosting without advertising. Advertising can be a bit annoying, so many times free hosting is not what people are looking for.

Ready! That’s all we can tell you about the free hosting service. We hope that our content is useful to you. If you haven’t decided yet, you can keep on researching about other web hosting services.

You can always make a comparative hosting and know which is the most convenient for you according to your requirements and those of your project.

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