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HostGator: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Reviews

HostGator is a hosting server to design a web that offers the best prices in terms of virtual hosting service. It also has a cPanel to configure WordPress.

By various opinions of users who have benefited from HostGator hosting, it is understood that it is a high quality service. It offers a stable and secure operation so that you never fail or lose valuable information.

Below you will find all the information you need to know if HostGator is the right hosting server for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HostGator


  • Affordable prices.
  • Fast servers.
  • Excellent availability.
  • Variety of plans.
  • Good sorbet service.
  • Efficient and comfortable web page


  • Service entirely in English.
  • Weekly backups.
  • Limited WordPress support.

Hostgator Offers and Plans





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120 GB

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1000 GB

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Why Choose HostGator?

HostGator Hosting offers webmail service within the same server, all within the same package.

Hostgator cuenta con varios planes adaptados a sus clientes.

This hosting is quite advantageous over many others. The cPanel for setting up WordPress is also well valued.

It is worth noting that WordPress, along with cPanel, works very well in conjunction with HostGator Hosting. This is one of the fundamental characteristics that users denote before purchasing the service.

It is quite remarkable that finding an effective hosting for any occasion seems to be a never-ending task. We can recommend you several hostings that have been rated by people as the best in the world, including HostGator.

HostGator Hosting comes into context as one of the leaders in this dense table of servers and web hosting. You only need to know some of its general features to confirm this. Not only does it have the cPanel for WordPress. It has much more.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Hosting as HostGator?

It is common that users always think about the pros and cons of a service they are buying.

Hostgator cuenta con aplicaciones disponibles para instalar en tu página.

This considering that you can lose money and valuable time by not choosing the right hosting.

Taking into consideration certain aspects, it is possible to choose the right hosting for each user or company. This is motivated by the fact that each hosting has different characteristics and services oriented to projects of various sizes.

That’s why HostGator hosting offers a number of benefits that are of great nature for you. It is a complete hosting in terms of functionality and hosting security.

One of the most important reasons why HostGator has so many users, especially the advanced ones, is that it has cPanel so you can install and configure WordPress on your own.

Features to keep in mind about HostGator

To determine if HostGator offers a good service, it is best to analyze its features in detail. Next we will talk about the quality of this provider in different important aspects for the development of a project.

1. Ease of use

HostGator has a very well designed website, which makes the service very easy to use. However, their website is entirely in English, so this may make navigation a bit difficult.

However, it allows you to manage your servers with the cPanel administration panel, the favorite of the vast majority of users. This is a very good thing, since it has a lot of interesting tools.

The interface is also quite good, placing all the elements very visible so that you can identify them.

2. Domain Names

HostGator offers domain name registration for a fairly normal price. From 12 Euros per year.

Cuentas con una gran vcariedad de nombres de dominio en Hostgator

However, the extensions offered are not very varied, as they only have the 15 most common on the market.

They offer extensions such as: .com, .website, .store, .info, .club, .us, .tech, among others. These are very good, however the service could be much better by adding some others.

3. Mail

HostGator does not offer webmail-only plans. However, all hosting plans have this service, offering excellent features.

El mail de HostGator se encuentra incluído en sus servicios de hosting.

It allows the creation of unlimited email accounts as well as access to various management tools.

It has antispam included, to help you fight unwanted emails in your webmail. It also offers applications to manage your accounts even from your mobile phone.

4. Databases

This hosting provider has an excellent service in terms of databases. All the plans have unlimited MySQL databases, so you can create all the necessary ones for your project.

Also, count on PHPMyAdmin, so you can manage all your project in the easiest way. It is worth mentioning that they have the most stable and updated version of PHP available at the moment.

5. Applications

This provider has several applications that will help you throughout the development of your project.

Una de las aplicaciones de este proveedor más utilizadas es su website builder.

It offers a very easy to use website builder, so you can design your website in a very simple way.

Also, in their cPanel they offer several applications for monitoring your website, such as Webalizer and AWStats, which can provide quite interesting data about your project.

It also offers applications to install shopping carts and automatic inventory management, which are very useful for anyone looking to create an online store.

6. Storage

The storage in HostGator plans is very well taken care of. All your plans have this space without any measures. This guarantees that you can create your project without space limits.

Nor is this an exaggeration of storage, as there are certain rules that must be observed. This is aimed at the conscious use of a server, which are oriented to cover the needs of a normal project.

7. Transfer

The data transfer in HostGator plans is another section without measures. You can use the bandwidth without any transfer limit, as long as it is in normal terms.

The maximum transfer that can be used is explained in detail in the terms and conditions of each plan that is contracted. We recommend that you read it carefully so that you do not have any problems with this and that you are sanctioned.

8. Multisite

HostGator is quite flexible in terms of the number of websites that can be designed in a hosting plan. The most basic plan only offers hosting for 1 website. However, all others have unlimited domain storage.

This is a very important point, as many of you are looking to develop blog networks or online stores. It can be a major limitation not being able to make several websites.

9. SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are an important part of the correct development of any project.

El certificado SSL de este proveedor viene incluído en el precio del hosting.

This guarantees that the information of who is sailing is safe and gives a lot of seriousness to your project.

All HostGator plans have free SSL certificates.

They offer 256-bit encryption, perfect for protecting your website. This way you will have a green lock and not a “this site is not secure”.

Services offered by HostGator

1. Hosting

HostGator offers several hosting services with specific characteristics according to your project needs. Among the hosting services provided by HostGator we can find

  • Shared Hosting.
  • VPS.
  • Dedicated hosting.
  • Hosting for WordPress.

2. Domain Registration

HostGator offers an excellent domain registration service, which despite not having many extensions, offers the most quoted on the market at a good price and with the security that a company of this caliber gives.

3. Website builder

HostGator has website builder plans with free hosting and lots of features. This is ideal for people without much knowledge who are looking to create a blog or a shop.

How to Install HostGator Hosting For Your Website?

If you want to install HostGator hosting you must take into account a series of steps that are not so complicated. Without any doubt the usability of this hosting has one of the best scores because of its customers.

La instalación de este proveedor es sencilla, apenas leva unos pasos y puedes solicitar ayuda,.

First you must pay the full amount of the HostGator package you want to purchase, either personal or professional. After that you start downloading a file which will be saved in the user’s computer.

Then click on the file to configure the site. Changes can be made via cPanel. This tool is very useful when shaping the website in the client’s way, not only for installing WordPress.

HostGator Hosting, in addition to cPanel for WordPress, offers several useful tools. Through them website developers can be more creative and build the website with the client’s taste.

Only in this kind of services so privileged of the best international hostings as HostGator offer this support. If the client needs to ask for help to install the hosting, we have a suitable team to assist him.

The configuration of the hosting will depend on the hosting you want to use. Normally you will have to install some software, download the hosting and run it. As it can be complicated, the best thing is to find out after choosing what hosting you want. Although there is usually a general guide:
  • You have to take over the services of a domain.
  • Know what are the requirements you need for the project.
  • You must buy the necessary plan that suits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the server.
  • Use the cPanel tools to control the server.
  • After that you must configure the server for the administrators.
  • Finally you must access your website through the hosting.

HostGator Prices, Promotions and Payment Methods

There are different costs when choosing any of the packages that HostGator Hosting offers to its users. That’s why we put here what are the prices that it offers depending on the package.

1. Prices

The prices offered by HostGator Hosting according to their packages are as follows:

  • Hatchling – £3.61.
  • Personal – 4.35 Euro per month.
  • Baby – 5.44 Euro per month.
  • Business – 5.44 euros per month.

For HostGator cloud hosting plans you have the following costs:

  • Hatchling Cloud with 2GB of RAM- 4.53
  • Baby Cloud with 4GB of RAM – 7.27
  • Business Cloud with 6GB of RAM – 9.10

2. Payment Methods

There are also various means of payment depending on the country from which the service is being purchased.

Some of the most receptive payment methods by HostGator Hosting are the following:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Webpay
Plan Price Promotions
Hatchling $2.75 60% off.
Baby $3.50 60% off.
Business $5.25 60% discount.

Hostgator es un proveedor de hosting que cuenta con opiniones positivas

Reviews about HostGator

Many of the users who have used HostGator to create their website would use it again for new projects.

The design of the page is very simple. The plans they offer are very good for developing projects at any level. In addition, they claim, their services offered are real and they have never experienced any downtime problems.

Finally, when a problem has arisen, they have provided fast, quality customer service.

Conclusion about HostGator Service

You have seen what the features and benefits of HostGator Hosting are. It’s a hosting that has given a lot to talk about in the current market.

It is not superfluous to emphasize that the best international hosting can be even many. You should always bear in mind that the services offered by each one are exclusive.

It’s remarkable that HostGator has cPanel so you can install, and later configure, WordPress yourself.

The best hosting for your website

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HostGator Hosting Datasheet and Features

Features HostGator Hosting
Price from $2.75
View offer
Shared hosting from $2.75
Dedicated hosting from $89.98
VPS hosting from $19.95
Warranty 45 days
Server location United States
Disco SSD
CPU Cores 2
Charging time 673ms
Control Panel cPanel
Disk space From 100GB
RAM memory From 4GB
Website builder?
Web migration included?
Free domain?
Free SSL?
View offer

Frequently Asked Questions about HostGator Hosting

✅ What is HostGator Hosting?

It is a company that offers hosting services for web content, better known as “hosting” worldwide. It provides very good services at good prices for you to configure your project.

✌️ What Is A Web Domain?

Specifically, it is defined as the name given to the specific website, and is not owned by any other site.

✨ Is HostGator The Best Hosting For My Website?

The best hosting for your website is undoubtedly the one that meets all the requirements for your site.

➡️ What are the benefits of investing in HostGator?

It has several benefits since a creative and functional web can be developed with tools exclusive to the server. HostGator offers you many of them.

As an interesting fact, if you change the DNS of the server before transferring the domain, the reception by the other user can take up to 3 days to become effective.

⚡ How to install HostGator?

In principle you must buy the package and then follow the steps that the system tells you.

This has been our entire analysis of HostGator. We hope you find it very useful. In case you don’t feel totally convinced with this service, we invite you to visit some of our other sections.

Do not miss all the detailed and complete information that will help you choose the best web hosting. The hosting stands out according to the country of preference that the user has when contracting the service.

That’s why, besides HostGator, there are other Hosting services that become part of the top hosting. Hosting services are very good for big projects. Have you found yours yet?

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HostGator User Experience and Opinions

Have you used HostGator before? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience using a HostGator service in the comments.

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