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Hosting for business: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Today, we will talk about hosting plans for companies. The best hosting plan for companies, the best web services distributors, in whose content we also review, domain, 100% WordPress and what you should know to choose this service assertively.

We will review the highlights of the hosting plan for businesses and two of its providers, what is a hosting plan for businesses? Who it’s for. Also, highlights, server speed, uptime. Pros and cons, the different features, and some opinions.

The current situation shows us that choosing the right hosting for your project is not a matter of taste, much less a whim. On the one hand it represents the success of your project and on the other hand the efficient management of the finances.

Un hosting para empresa es la mejor solución para corporaciones grandes o pequeñas.

What is Business Hosting?

Business hosting is really a high performance hosting plan. Designed to fill the gap between shared hosting and cloud or VPS hosting plans.

The business hosting plan is suitable for services with high disk space requirements, high memory and CPU consumption. Especially for businesses such as online shops, websites with many visitors, forums, mail servers and for SMEs.

The objective of this hosting plan for companies is to deliver to businesses in projection, a hosting of easy use and high performance. At the same time, to offer you a set of additional resources and tools, to facilitate and integrate the management of the project.

Definitely, the modern company, requires to enter the Internet, or it does not exist. Therefore, an adequate professional hosting solution is urgently needed to open up to the online world. Most people debate between an elementary plan and an advanced plan, under generally wrong criteria.

However, it is reasonable to seek advice, to guide you in the appropriate professional web hosting plan, according to the characteristics and technical specifications and prospects of the project.

The Business Hosting Plan gives you the speed and flexibility advantages of a VPS in a shared hosting. Without the hassle of managing the server yourself. We recommend you to visit our section where we analyze the best free hosting and the best cheap hosting. In case you are not well off.

All the Cloud Hosting for your Web

There are thousands of providers worldwide, all of them claim to offer the best hosting service. Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

Ranking Mejores Hosting para Empresas

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Why it is important to choose a good hosting for companies

Choosing a good business hosting is an important decision for any project of any kind on the Internet. Because even if it is a small blog or a big online store. In any case, a good business hosting plan will be the key that will open the door of your project to the cyber world.

It is on the Internet where you are going to create, grow and develop your business and the basic tool today is hosting for companies. Hence, the importance of choosing the right business hosting for your website according to the technological specifications of your project.

Un hosting de este tipo dará mejor visibilidad a tu sitio web.

Make sure you can scale up your business hosting. You know that as your business grows it will demand more traffic and visits, so it will require more capacity. Then, your business hosting will have to adjust to the new needs of the growing project.

You should also make sure that your business hosting plan is not permanent and that you can change from one plan to another without any major complications.

The professional web hosting to choose must be of quality and updated, with technology and software of vanguard so that it does not remain obsolete. Besides, the hosting for businesses must count at least with SSD disks, new storage disks that allow you to get more speed in loading the web.

Finally, if you have any questions, we always recommend that you contact the company you are interested in hiring beforehand and ask them all your questions about their business hosting. It is a good system to get out of doubts and to check how their technical and customer service support works.

So the choice must obey the actual requirements and scope of the project. This type of 100% managed hosting plan for companies is recommended for services with great need of disk space with high consumption of CPU and memory.

Hiring a Hosting for Companies: Characteristics to take into account

To make the right decision when hiring the hosting service for web business. It is convenient to consider a series of aspects in order not to make a mistake when choosing and starting your project with a good foot.

Before choosing an accommodation, it is necessary to consider that there are different types of accommodation. As well as, different options of hosting plans for companies when hiring a service.

In the different servers there is a hosting plan for companies that you should review, besides the characteristics of the service, the features offered by the plan, also the capacities, and resources, depending on the web project to be developed.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a good business hosting. Like the storage space the project needs for example. The most important thing to choose well is that it fits each specific project.

Podrás escoger un nombre de dominio para tu hosting para empresas.

Depending on the type of website or online business you want to create, one or the other will be more convenient. Anyway, one of the aspects that we value the most is that the hosting for companies must have a good technical support and in your language, because it will make your work much easier.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended that hosting for web business has a cPanel control panel. This type of panel makes your life much easier both to install a simple manager and to manage 100% WordPress in a few clicks or to migrate your website from one provider to another.

Both WebUp and Webempresa, among others, are 100% compatible with WordPress. Backups every 4 hours, Anti-Hacking Rules for WordPress and Free SSL Certificates. 24 hour support, every day of the year.

1 Upload speed

The speed of loading is not only an efficiency factor in the search for a hosting for companies, but also in the maintenance of visits, besides being one of the most important factors in terms of SEO positioning.

It is the speed of loading of the web, which largely depends on the optimization of the code of the web, the optimization of the volume and weight audiovisual.

The cache, quality and features of the business hosting plan you have hired.

Upload speed on the listed providers includes free image optimization service, Server Level Cache, PHP 7.3 and HTTP/2.

More speed = better results on Google.

2 Server Availability

WordPress experts at your disposal 24 hours a day taking care of your WordPress. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

3 Support Quality

Leading enterprise hosting companies offer professional and efficient technical support and customer care.

In addition, the assistance is personalized, usually not given importance, but it does.

Behind an assistance there must be a human being who is cordial and attentive to the client.

The service is provided through a ticketing system, similar to the email you can use from your customer area.

It also handles hosting and domain queries, and domain configuration in the hosting.

This is another basic factor when choosing a hosting provider to host your projects.

El hosting para empresas tiene diferentes planes en función de las necesidades.

4. Technological Requirements of Your Project

Every project has its particular characteristics. Consequently it is unique in its requirements, by type of activity to develop, branch and scope may have similarities with some other, but generally the technological specifications are specific.

Therefore, it demands particular technological, operational and resource requirements, depending on several factors. Such as, size, traffic, visit, activity, among many others. Database, transfers, mail etc.

With the WordPress business hosting plan and other CMS are included 100% managed. With pre-installed applications or automatic installer.

5. Where your servers are located

The WebUp servers are located in Munich Germany. WebUp servers are located in Europe and America: Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico and the United States. These are only examples, as each hosting provider will have different locations.

What is the Price of a Business Hosting?

Business hosting is usually a little more expensive than other types of providers. This is because they offer more features that are a little more expensive.


Prices for a business hosting can start from 20 euros per month and can cost up to 250 euros per year. Offering you a complete hosting service.
Existen diferentes opciones de pago de hosting para empresas.

2. Promotions

If you want to contract a hosting for companies for a long period of time, you will be able to benefit from better promotions. In this way, and

3. Methods of payment

Most hosting companies accept bank transfer, all debit and credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express Diner Club and also PayPal.
Hosting Price Promotions
Webcompany From 79 euros per year to 249 euros per year No promotions
GoDaddy From 5.99 euros per month to 19.99 euros per month 1 month free on all plans
WebUp From 15 euros per month to 20 euros per month Trial domain and one month free hosting

How to Install a Business Hosting

The business hosting plan includes automatic installation. WordPress 100% Managed comes pre-installed on both WebCompany and WebUp, as with most of the vendors listed. So this complicated step for the inexperienced will not be a problem with this plan. In any case, most of the hosting is installed, nowadays, in a short process that hardly takes a series of steps:

  • Hire the most appropriate plan
  • Login to cPanel with your credentials.
  • Assign the domain you will use.
  • Install WordPress or any other CMS.
  • You’re done!

The advantage of preconfigured hosting is that it is fast and secure. However, it also has a consequence, since it is lost in website customization. Therefore, if the project has professional aspirations, it is advisable to use paid hosting, which are affordable nowadays, and which allow to configure many more features.

To do this, when you install a hosting, you will have tools that allow you to configure each of the elements. Therefore, you will have to install practically everything after contracting the service. Therefore, it is highly recommended to “fight” for a good technical support when hiring this kind of services.

They will guide you through every step of the installation of a hosting of any kind. In case you need personalized help, you can always use the phone to contact them and they will advise you at all times. If your query can be solved in more time and is not urgent, you can always contact them by email. Both ways, they will strive to give you an efficient service.

Opinions of Hosting for Companies

Below, we offer you the opinion of 3 users of this type of hosting for companies, so that you have them more clearly when deciding on a web hosting service.

“The best solution to give my company a presence on the Internet was by hiring a company hosting. It’s not worth saving a little money on a service that doesn’t give you so many extras”.

“I started out using a cheap hosting service for my business, but I couldn’t find some of the features I was looking for in them. That’s when I hired a professional plan and my decision couldn’t have been better. Now I have a very efficient customer service for my website”.

“Although it may seem like a large down payment, getting a hosting plan is the best option for those who bill quite a bit online. This way, you are guaranteed to have a page always available and well cared for”.

Conclusion of Professional Web Hosting

Este tipo de plan de alojamiento, en realidad, no es ni inferior, ni superior que uno compartido, es sencillamente es un plan de hosting diferenteThe business hosting plan is actually neither inferior nor superior to a shared one, it is simply a different hosting plan.

With the same purpose but, aimed specifically at professionals and small and medium enterprises.

We thought of an intermediate service between the basic shared service and the exclusive VPS, facilitating the choice according to the requirements of the project, since choosing a hosting provider is not easy at all and it is a very important decision for the success of any web project.

It is important to take some time, compare alternatives, and choose with the best hosting for companies, the hosting that meets all the characteristics above.

Especially for online shops, websites with many visitors, forums, mail servers for small and medium enterprises.

100% managed business hosting plan plans, builds and manages any infrastructure to boost your project. You worry about your business, online takes care of the server.

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Hosting

✅ What is Business Hosting?

Business hosting is really a high performance hosting plan. It was created to address a need between a shared hosting service and cloud storage or VPS services. It aims to provide the right hosting for growing SMBs.

✨ Why choose a Business Hosting?

Because it is the right plan for projects with projection and with defined specifications that deserve this professional hosting plan. Even better, if it is 100% managed. In any case, it will be the technical requirement of your project that will determine why you choose a professional plan.

⛳ What are the benefits/contras of a Business Hosting?

If the professional plan is suitable for the requirements of your project, you will definitely find more pros than cons. Namely, in everything reviewed, opinions agree that the only disadvantage is that it has a high price. But the advantages far outweigh this detail.

✌ Is it difficult to install a Business Hosting?

If it is very difficult to install and even more so, particularly if you are not familiar with the subject. But generally, this professional hosting plan comes with CMS and other tools 100% pre-installed or with automatic installer. And if not, you can count on the assistance of technical support.

⚠️ What is the price of a Business Hosting?

The price of the professional plan is generally high, in any case it depends on the provider. Webempresa has its annual professional plan at 179.9 euros. WebUp at 15 euros per month 180 euros per year.

➕ What is Specialized Hosting?

A specialized Internet Protocol (IP) is a uniquely specialized Internet address for a single hosting account. Typically, several hosting accounts reside on a single server and share that server’s IP address.

This has been all about hosting plans for businesses. We hope that our opinions and recommendations are useful to you, and that you can choose the right service and professional plan for your website. If you still have doubts, you can check the reviews that Victory hosting provides.

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