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Cheap Hostings: Prices, Ranking, Analysis and Opinions

Finding a cheap hosting that includes domain, WordPress and basic features for a web project may seem complex. Frankly, it is a difficult, but not impossible task for entrepreneurs who are looking for hosting for their online businesses.

We’ve already done that for you. In this post you will find the best cheap hostings. What really includes the mentioned features. Besides the pros, cons, features, pre-installed WordPress, support and other interesting data when choosing the best cheap hosting.

What is a Cheap Hosting?

A cheap hosting, is the space on the Internet where a site or web service is stored and from where they arrive and send the information for those who enter the page, can load and interact with it from anywhere in the world. All this, with an economic price rate.

There are multiple providers who promise cheap hosting for a laughable price. When you see them you will know that they are cheap, but not economic.

Good service costs and you have to pay for it. Now, let’s not generalize. There are really useful economic services for beginners.

Los hosting baratos pueden ofrecerte muchas ventajas a bajo coste.

Certainly, there are some cheap hosting suitable for beginners, minor projects, hobby or entertainment blogs that are worthwhile. But they are not suitable for something serious and less with time projection.

Not always, the price of cheap hosting determines the performance, but you must know how to select.

You can renounce to unnecessary resources and features, but never give up a great technical support and quality that meets the minimum requirements of your project.

Benefits of Comparing Before Choosing the Best Cheap Hosting

We have examined the different Internet hosting services to bring you the best cheap hostings. Not all projects have the same requirements, less comfortable budgets to pay large amounts of money for a hosting.

So, we bring you reviews of cheap but efficient hosting. With the right features, resources and benefits. Everyone wants to save when it comes to spending, but it’s all about investment, you have to think twice. It’s not the same cheap as economical.

Be careful with that, cheap is anything; cheap is something you need and want at the best price. And that’s exactly what we detailed in Hosting Victor in this post. Besides, the benefits of finding the right cheap hosting for every need.

Just as, with the rest of the products and services you use, you want to find cheap hosting. It’s good to look for cheap hosting, but you should also look at the quality and benefits of this hosting. If it doesn’t work there is no benefit.

Why? For several reasons. 0% optimized are accommodations that will not help you create your website in WordPress, Joomla, or any other CMS. They don’t offer automatic installation, minimal assistance, do you have a problem? Forget about having it solved quickly.

With a tested hosting you can get all the benefits that any cheap hosting with ridiculous prices denies you. Not to mention the amount of advertising that prevents you from working smoothly. If you compare each hosting you will find real benefits like these:

  • Active time not less than 50%.
  • Stable load speed
  • Functions not less than 50%.
  • Price in line with profits

Among the web hosting options, we have the cheapest and most economical dedicated, shared and VPS services. There are always plans with cheaper options.

Cheap Web Hosting List

It is possible to get a good hosting very cheap combining the offer of the provider and your requirements.

There are a few exceptions such as BlueHost HostGator, GoDaddy, Hostinger and iPage which despite offering very low prices offer adequate and excellent additional features.

Therefore, to find your web hosting, you must know what you want. To do this, browse the categories where you will find reviews that we will show you about the best cheap hosting.

Take a look at our professional hosting section, with the best options for the most advanced users. With whose information you will obtain justified reasons to form your own criterion at the moment of choosing the best free hosting.



The Best You Can Get from Cheap Hosting

With a good cheap hosting you can find enough tools to create a blog or a basic business site. Don’t accept less:

  • 10 GB of bandwidth and 1 GB of disk space
  • One-click installation of applications, including WordPress
  • Support for PHP and MySQL.
  • Access to PHP and MySQL databases from your control panel
  • Automatic protection with free SSL.
  • Control panels such as cPanel easy to use

Top 10 Cheap Hosting

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Exceptional Quality

Why it is Important to Choose a Good Cheap Hosting

A good web project is not a matter of chance. Behind that successful project there are people who know what they are doing or who advise themselves very well. A good project is a good domain, an excellent website and interesting content. But it does not exist if it is not on the Internet.

That’s where the importance of good, cheap hosting lies. So, choosing a good domain name for your website is not enough, it is also very important to choose good hosting even if it is cheap, for the following reasons

1. Why you are always available on the Web

Choosing good, cheap hosting is important for any project, to guarantee your online presence 100%, all the time. Since the fall of the website, represents the absence of the page on the Internet. That is, downtime, with the consequent loss of visits, customer sales and money.

Este tipo de alojamiento a bajo coste puede ayudarte a iniciarte en tu proyecto web.

A bad choice of the cheap hosting, causes interruptions, either by failures of the hosting, or by lack of maintenance of the server. This prevents potential and captive users from accessing your website and negatively affects the image of your online business.

2. Why Proper Hosting Meets Your Project Needs

Once you have chosen your domain name, you must choose a cheap hosting. The hosting or web hosting is a system to store any content accessible via the web. It must respond to the technical requirements of your project to store your website.

This allows your page to be available not only 24 hours a day. But it can be working properly and available anywhere in the world.

3. Because Good Cheap Hosting Guarantees Updated Platform and 24/7 Technical Support

It is very important for any online business to have an up-to-date platform and technical support available 24 hours a day every day when it comes to cheap hosting. Even if you have made efforts, you will encounter problems that will affect the performance of your hosting.

Support agents need to be prepared to deal with your problems so that they are resolved quickly and efficiently. When choosing a hosting you will notice that there are many servers with very different prices. But remember, cheap is expensive.

Popdrás obtener el mejor soporte al cliente en los hosting baratos.

Features to Consider Before Choosing Good Cheap Hosting

Normally, everyone wants to create their website with WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or similar applications. For this, make sure your hosting supports them. Disk space, number of supported websites and number of supported email accounts.

Cheap basic hosting plans often have limitations on these features. Normally this will not be a problem. But make sure that in your specific case they are not deficient.

The cheap hosting you choose should offer at least daily backups, protection against hacking of your website and provide a free SSL certificate. In addition:

1. Upload speed

It’s no secret that a website’s loading speed is a major factor in whether Google ranks better or worse. It’s logical, because your visitors will get tired of waiting for your website to load if it takes too long, and they’ll leave and never come back, increasing your rejection rate.

Wordpress está disponible en los planes de hosting barato.

2. Server Availability

Availability is the time a website remains accessible to the public on the web. However, it is easy for providers to be tempted to promise us in the form of foolproof availability when 100% availability for technical reasons is not possible.

Presume something like 99.99%. A tiny difference, it turns out, in one year, our hosting provider will have a 50 minute shutdown for maintenance.

3. Quality of Technical Support

Cheap hosting without good support is a tragedy. If the support includes specialized assistance for the applications (WordPress, etc.), even better. With this you already have help for anything that can happen to you and any doubt you have with your web.

4. Technological Requirements

The essence of a technological web project, which is the result of combining technical resources and specifications to meet a need. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the technological requirements of the project.

Un hosting barato es la mejor forma de iniciar una página web.

5. Where the Servers are Located

The location and quality of the servers, depending on their location, may favour the loading speed of your audience. Hence the convenience of knowing where the server is located.

What is the Price of a Cheap Hosting?

Hosting prices can be cheap or expensive. This variable matters when comparing, but not necessarily, when deciding and less in technology.

You have to make sure that the price of the hosting is compatible with your budget.

1. Price

We can’t tell you an exact price, but cheap hosting varies between 2 and 8 euros per month. Many of them also offer many promotions that it is good to investigate in advance to see if it will work for you.

2. Promotions

Most cheap hosting providers are known for offering good promotions. This way, promotions can reach more than 60% if you decide to hire long term plans.

3. Payment Methods

Finally, most hosts support at least credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Hosting Price Promotions
Siteground From 3.95 euros per month to 11.95 euros per month 60% discount on all available plans
GoDaddy From 5.99 ? per month to 19.99 ? per month 1 month free on all plans
BlueHost From 3.59 euros per month to 16.69 euros per month From 40% to 60% discount

How to Install a Cheap Hosting on Your Website

Hosting providers usually offer automatic installation of the hosting. But in cases of cheap and free hosting this condition usually does not apply. Therefore, you will have to install practically everything after contracting the service.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to “fight” for a good technical support when hiring this kind of services. And so, you can count on the technical support to assist you, since it is not an easy task

In any case, if you have any complications and do not know what to do, we recommend you contact technical support. Only in case you have this service included in the subscribed plan.

Si todavía no tienes claro qué alojamiento elegir, escoge uno de bajo precio.

If it is not, you can follow some basic steps to install the hosting yourself. Nowadays, the hosting installation processes are easier. First, you have to go to the provider’s website, once inside, you will have to buy a hosting plan that best suits you.

You will then have to select whether you want a website created by the hosting provider itself or whether you want to customize it yourself as much as possible. You will have to configure the DNS and finally install the website builder to finish the process.

The Website builder is an application that varies depending on the provider you choose. Therefore, it is recommended in this step to contact your hosting provider and get the keys to configure all the features of your website.

All set! Once you have completed these steps, you can start using your Hosting in the best possible way. In case you have any problems in the process, you can contact your provider’s customer service department, which will give you quick and accurate answers.

Cheap Hosting Reviews

If you are still not sure that the service offered by cheap hosting is what you are looking for, read the opinions of 3 users of this type of service and have everything clearer:

“I was looking for a solution so that I could buy a domain name cheaply and not cost too much in the long run. After observing hosting comparators on the Internet, I decided on a better price, since I don’t need too many features. For now, I’m happy with the service”.

“After searching for different cheap hosting providers, I found one that gave me the solution I was looking for for my e-commerce website. The sales started from the first day and I have not experienced any incidence. Very recommendable”.

“The best way I had to host my business website was through a cheap hosting. I didn’t have to pay much and in return I got a complete website from which I could offer my services to the internet users.”

Conclusion on Best Cheap Hostings

Remember, the price of hosting is not at odds with its quality. You can give up features that you won’t need. But, never give up a minimum quality that obstructs the development of your projects for not fulfilling some basic requirements.

We have shown advantages and disadvantages of hiring a cheap hosting service. The service you hire must meet your needs and the analysis you make of it, corresponds to your project.

If you are a beginner in the hiring of this cheap hosting service, and also do not have experience in the subject. It is advisable to choose the cheapest plan from the hosting providers would be the perfect one for you.

El alojamiento de bajo precio tiene planes con diferentes precios.

Almost all cheap hosting companies try to sell shared hosting. These are cheap and highly usable. A shared hosting is one in which the use of a server is shared with several users. This is in order to reduce the cost of the server and get good discounts.

Finally, we urge you that the alternative you choose includes a trial period and money back. As well as, technical support so you can be sure that the selected cheap hosting service is the right one for your project. In addition to guaranteeing technical assistance, good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Hostings

✅ What are the Types of Web Hosting?

There are different types of hosting, such as ratings. Among the main types of web hosting are

  • Free accommodation.
  • Shared storage.
  • Dedicated accommodation
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
✨ When to Use Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting is suitable for beginners, small projects and as a test, to see how it works. But once your project starts you should forget about cheap and free hosting. Otherwise, you will probably have problems.

⭐What is the difference between cheap hosting and web domain?

The domain is the name of the websites. For example, and, hosting is the service that allows you to host your site on the Internet. In addition, it can be visited by those who access the site through your browser, they complement each other, alone are virtually useless.

➡️ Why is it important to invest in good, cheap hosting?

Because you generally receive a complete and quality service. You especially enjoy good loading speed, the indispensable good technical service 24/7 during the year.

Online time is generally over 96%. Regularly, a good hosting will give you more than 10Gb and even unlimited space resources and adequate features.

➕ What is WordPress and how does it work?

WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform, but has since been transformed into a content management system. A CMS system that works to create virtually any type of website.

⚠ Why Not Choose a Cheap Hosting

In principle because quality costs and must be paid for, it is not recommended for any project, because it has many limitations. However, you can use them if you are a beginner or if your project is small and has no major growth potential.

⚡ What can I do with a Cheap Hosting?

Just because a web hosting is cheap doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a lot of things with limitations. In fact, you can install any CMS (Content Management System), set up your own online store, a forum, a private blog, portfolio where you can show your work.

✌️ What Features Should You Consider When Choosing Cheap Hosting?

Summarizing to 7 more important points:

  • Make sure your hosting supports wordpress
  • Good technical support.
  • Quality of the servers.
  • Disk space, number of supported websites and number of supported email accounts.
  • Basic plans often have limitations on these features.
  • Security.
  • Money back.
❤️️ What is a web project?

A web project is a transitional plan made prior to the creation of a product. Which, by using a “web” platform, seeks to achieve a specific objective. The web project approach seeks to overcome the vision of “designing a web page”.

Ready! That’s all for now… Do you need to use a cheap hosting? Now yes, have you decided which is the best cheap hosting you’re going to choose?

We gave you tools to decide assertively. Price is a part of your requirements. Remember that price is not everything and price does not always equal better product. Therefore, the first question should be: What do I need? Then the rest…

There are cheap hostings on the online market that are suitable for modest projects. How big is your project. Let’s get to work. Success!

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