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Comparison of Hostings: Prices, Analysis and Opinions

A hosting comparison is extremely useful to know the differences between each of the services. In this article we will touch on quite important points such as the prices of each provider. As well as the different characteristics of each one.

There are many providers and web hosting plans, choosing one or another will depend on the project you are carrying out. And it’s a pretty important decision. Therefore, we carry out this hosting comparison

For example, there are plans and providers dedicated to offering professional hosting services. Oriented to people with high knowledge and quite serious and commercial projects. They are usually a bit expensive.

On the other hand, there are cheap hosting providers, who offer their services at excellent prices. They are more oriented to small projects that do not require many technical specifications.

There are also free hosting services, which are not highly recommended, since they have flaws in several aspects that are very important. However, they can be used for testing purposes. In this hosting comparison you will find them all.

Comparison of Different Types of Hosting

In Victory hosting we have as a goal to offer you the most updated and important information and we reflect it in this hosting comparison. So you can get the best hosting for your project.

To achieve this hosting comparison, we have at your disposal analyses of different types of hosting. Such as international hosting services and best hosting, which are an excellent option for its variety of prices and locations.

En la comparativa de hosting encontráras los mejores proveedores del mercado.

We also offer you the information about the best hosting providers in this hosting comparison. In case you need servers located here. On the other hand, if you are developing a project in some CMS we will help you to choose the most suitable one.

There are several types of services with respect to the type of project you are developing, including the following:

1. Professional Hosting

In the hosting comparison, this kind of services have a high price, but they are the ones that offer the best quality of all. They are intended for serious projects, with several domains and demanding requirements for the server. Usually those who hire these plans have quite a lot of experience.

A professional hosting is the most recommended if your project is very demanding. And it is highly recommended to pay the price they have if your project deserves it.

2. Cheap Hosting

In the hosting comparison, a cheap hosting service is quite recommended for small and medium projects. Many providers offer shared hosting plans, in which several people use the server simultaneously.

There are also many optimized plans for CMS such as WordPress. They come pre-configured and with many interesting tools.

If you are just starting out in the web world, or your project is simple and does not have exorbitant requirements. It is highly recommended to hire a cheap hosting plan.

3. Free Hosting

Free hosting services are not the most recommended in the hosting comparison, as they offer quite low resources. They have availability problems with the servers and many saturations. They are good to test things before applying them to your web.

As important advice from Hosting Victory. If you are working on something online and you don’t pay for it, it is not 100% yours and you can always have problems if it succeeds.

All the Hosting for your Web

There are thousands of providers worldwide, all of them claim to offer the best hosting service. Hosting Victory gives you a list of web hosting providers that really have an excellent quality.

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What is the importance of a Hosting Comparison?

Finding a good hosting provider can be a real headache and more so if you don’t know the subject very well. What better way to find out than with a hosting comparison? Some of the utilities of a hosting comparison are the following:

1. Know the Differences Between Hosting Providers

It is quite important to know the differences between each plan and provider to make a hosting comparison.

Since they all have features, prices and many other differences that are very important. There are some very good services that due to incompatibility cannot be used for you.

Un alojmaiento tiene que ofrecerte todos los servicios que necesitas para tu proyecto.

So knowing in detail the characteristics of each provider, which will happen after reading this hosting comparison, you are on the way to get the perfect hosting. This will help you a lot with your website.

2. Find the Best Hosting Provider

This is very important for projects of any level, the best supplier for you must meet several requirements. These will ensure that the project you are developing has everything it needs to function properly.

Choosing the wrong hosting provider can even result in your not being able to use a specific CMS. Server crashes due to user saturation and even very low browsing speeds.

3. Find a Hosting with Low Price

All providers and plans handle a different price. The truth is, there are providers with similar, or even better, plans and features at a lower price. So a little research on the subject with a hosting comparison is important.

This can help you save money that you can use to cover other aspects of your project.

Hosting Comparison: Features to Consider

For a hosting service to do its job, it must have some very important features. Which guarantee the correct functioning of your web page, these without extremely vital for all type of projects.

The most important features for any hosting service are the following:

Existen los alojamiento manejados con CMS como Drupal o WordPress.

1. Load Speed in the Hosting Comparison

Upload speed refers to how quickly your website loads on your audience’s computers or mobile phones. It is a factor that is extremely important nowadays. Because it is very unpleasant for a website to take a long time to load.

On the other hand, it affects your SEO in a very negative way. This means that your page will be lower in the search engines if you do not have a good loading speed.

2. Server Availability in the Hosting Comparison

Server availability refers to the time that the server is active. If for any reason your server is not available. The web pages you have hosted there will not be available to you or your users. So it is a fundamental factor to take into account in our hosting comparison.

3. Quality of Support in the Hosting Comparison

Technical support is your best ally when you have a problem with the service. They are in charge of attending the customers and solving the problems that affect the service. In quality services, technical support can help with configurations.

4. Technological Requirements of your Project in the Hosting Comparison

Each project has completely different requirements and characteristics.

Which must be known in order to select the appropriate hosting within a hosting comparison.

Not knowing these requirements is a fairly serious and very common mistake that you all make often.

This is one of the first steps to be considered and based on this select the plan and provider in a hosting comparison.

If you make a random choice you can make a fatal mistake that may even prevent you from making your website the way you want it.

Dentro de una comparativa de hosting se encuentran los alojamientos para ecommerce.

5. Where are your servers located in the Hosting Comparison

The location of the servers is another factor that is often not taken into account in a hosting comparison. However, it is very important that the location of a server can help improve the loading speed and SEO positioning of a website.

Likewise, it is important to note that according to the content you handle on your website. You may have some problems if it is not allowed in the country where the server is located.

Hosting Prices and Promotions


Before hiring any plan, it is necessary to make a hosting price comparison. There are many providers, so prices can vary considerably. We are going to put you the prices managed by three hosting providers, considered among the best, so you can have an idea:

GoDaddy’s prices:

  • Economical from 5.46 euros.
  • Deluxe from £7.28.
  • Ultimate from 11.83 euros.
  • Maximum from 18.21 euros.

GoDaddy pricing for WordPress:

  • Basic from 6.37 euros.
  • Deluxe from 9.10 euros.
  • Ultimate from £11.83.
  • Pro 5+ from £27.31.

Hostinger prices:

  • Simple plan: 0.99 euros per month.
  • Premium plan is 2.59 euros per month.
  • Business plan for 4.49 euros per month.

Siteground Prices

  • Start-up: 3.55 euros per month.
  • Grow Be: 5.35 euros per month.
  • GoGeek: 10.75 euros per month.

2. Promotions

Before contracting any plan, it is necessary to make a comparative of promotion hosting. Continuing with the previous examples, the promotions that these hosting providers handle are the following:

GoDaddy promotions:

  • Economy: 33% discount for hiring 36 months.
  • Deluxe: 33% discount for hiring 36 months.
  • Ultimate: 23% discount for hiring 36 months.
  • Maximum: 20% discount for hiring 36 months.

GoDaddy promotions for WordPress:

  • Basic: 30% discount for hiring 36 months.
  • Deluxe: 33% discount for hiring 36 months.
  • Ultimate: 35% discount for hiring 36 months
  • Pro 5+: 25% discount for hiring 36 months.

Hostinger promotions:

Offer a free domain with your premium plan, plus an 82% discount off the initial price. Important attraction within the hosting comparison. On the other hand the business plan offers a 78% discount, free trial and daily backups.

Siteground promotions:

Siteground eventually offers promotional codes, which have discounts of up to 50% in their plans. This offer is difficult to refuse in a hosting comparison. Besides, it offers a free domain if you contract the plan for more than 1 year.

3. Payment Methods

Before contracting any plan, it is necessary to make a hosting comparison of different payment methods. The payment methods of the hosting providers named in the previous section are the following:

GoDaddy payment methods:

  • Visa and Master Card credit card.
  • PayPal.
  • Union Pay.

Hostinger payment methods:

  • Paypal.
  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover Card.
  • Sofort.
  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum
  • Other crypto currencies.

Siteground payment methods:

  • VISA.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Discover.
  • PayPal.
Hosting Price Promotions
GoDaddy 5,46€. 35% discount
Siteground 3.55€ 50% discount
Hostinger 0,99€ 82% discount

How to Install a Hosting Service

The installation of a hosting service is very variable depending on the provider and the plan. Next we will make a hosting comparison of the benefits of the hosting types during their installation.

It should be noted, that quality hosting services. They offer help for the installation and configuration of all services, through technical support.

En la comparativa de hosting encontramos los hosting basados en WordPress.

A professional hosting has all the help of the technical support for the installation processes. That is why it stands out in the hosting comparison. Many plans come with everything pre-installed. However, as it is a service normally hired by specialists, they offer all the administrator access.

Cheap hosting varies quite a bit, as some plans come pre-installed and others do not. For example, CMS plans that are cheap usually come with everything ready to use. A good thing about a hosting comparison. On the other hand, in a shared service, you usually have to configure everything.

In a free hosting the thing is quite simple, you have to configure everything yourself. And additionally, we won’t have any technical support, your most important feature in the hosting comparison, even to fix problems with the service.


In conclusion, we can tell you that a hosting comparison is quite useful to know the service you are hiring. And in this way, you will know if what you need is a professional, cheap or free service.

La seguridad es uno de los valores mása buscados en una comparativa de hosting.

Professional services stand out in the hosting comparison for large projects, with research behind it. And in addition, high requirements regarding the servers that host it.

Cheap hosting services, within this hosting comparison, are excellent to start creating websites.

And even host projects that are not too big and need a lot of resources.

Los proveedores de la comparativa de hosting te ofrecen diferentes ventajas.

Free hosting services are not highly recommended within the hosting comparison, the speed is very low and the availability is also very low.

In addition, they do not offer technical support and you may have problems with migration and even site ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting Comparisons

✅ What is Professional Hosting?

A professional hosting, within a hosting comparison, is a service that offers high performance features for projects and demanding users. Usually they have a higher price, but what they offer in return is excellent quality.

It should be noted that this type of service has preferential attention and many other VIP level advantages.

➡️ Why choose a professional hosting within the Hosting Comparison?

A professional hosting service is excellent for projects that have many requirements. And even if you are an organization that manages quite a few not very demanding projects, if you want an elite service, it is highly recommended to hire it.

⚠️Is cheap hosting good?

Totally, the cheapness of these services, within the hosting comparison, does not mean that they are bad. They offer very good features and excellent technical support for all their users. The cheapness of the price is due to the fact that they are generally shared servers.

⭐ Is Cheap Hosting Recommended?

Yes, it is advisable to use a cheap hosting if the project you are carrying out does not have great requirements. In a hosting comparison, they have excellent results for those who are starting in the world of web development. Many plans are optimized and come configured.

️⛳️ What is the price of cheap hosting?

The prices of a cheap hosting vary quite a lot depending on the provider and the type of plan. However, we can tell you that prices range from 1.99 ? for a shared hosting. Up to 29 Euros for a fully managed WordPress plan.

⚡ Is Free Hosting Recommended?

No, making use of these hosting services can bring more disadvantages than benefits. The servers generally fall down quite a bit and offer very low speeds. On the other hand, they do not have technical support or any guarantee of your data and information.

This has been all our hosting comparison, we hope you find it very useful to know more about the types of hosting. In case you want to know more about the world of web hosting, we recommend you to continue browsing in Hosting Victory.

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