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WPBakery Website Builder: Specifications, Pricing and Reviews

Looking for the best website builder? One of your best alternatives is WPBakery Website Builder, a WordPress page builder plugin that can turn your websites and website posts into a website and make them look amazing.

In this WPBakery review that we bring for you at Hosting Victory we are going to describe you all the features of this popular plugin, which allows you to create, edit and customize the design of your site without having knowledge of web creation or coding.

It is a favorite of many WordPress beginners who find it difficult to change or customize their site’s page layouts. If this is your case, keep reading this post.

Pros and Cons of WPBakery Website Builder


  • Simple, drag-and-drop interface
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • You can make presets on all elements
  • Allows various types of editing for your website, including for mobile devices
  • Has many layout options, including copy/paste, cloning and replacing elements
  • You can include animations for your elements on your site


  • No free version
  • Does not allow export and import of templates

WPBakery Website Builder Plans and Promotions

Plan Regular


one-time payment

one website

View plan

Extended Plan


one-time payment

multiple websites

View plan

What is WPBakery Website Builder?

WPBakery is a website builder that allows you to design unique pages using pre-designed content blocks and templates. It has several content blocks that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on a page to make the website run smoothly.

Since its release, it has been the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress on the CodeCanyon marketplace and now has over 300k direct sales.

WPBakery Website Builder

Why choose WPBakery Website Builder in 2021?

There are several reasons to choose this website builder, it offers more than 40+ content elements that are compatible with WordPress. This includes text blocks, social media buttons, video players, image carousels, post grids, graphics and much more.

The platform also allows you to style your pages both on the live website and in the WordPress admin area.

It’s very simple to get, you install it and it activates just like any other WordPress plugin. You may have to enable the WPBakery Page Builder plugin for posts in your settings, as it is not checked by default, however, it doesn’t involve much work in setting up the plugin.

From the top of the page, you can choose all the editing options, where you can even select Google fonts and disable responsive content elements, or choose whether a specific group of users can use both WPBakery Page Builder and the default WordPress editor or restrict its use in case others have access to it.

WPBakery Website Builder Review

Don’t worry if you had content in your WordPress before, you won’t lose anything. In fact, you can make your previous content even better and more attractive by updating it and adding layouts from WBBakery.

This is possible because it works with any WordPress theme so there shouldn’t be any conflicts. It supports multiple languages and is compatible with WordPress translation plugins like WPML.

Features and Benefits of WPBakery Website Builder

This website builder has multiple interesting features that you are sure to like. As always, we at Hosting Victory do the research for you, and here we bring you the details of the most important features of WPBakery Website Builder.

Predesigned Template Library

The variety of templates offered is impressive. They are designed to suit all types of websites, so you can cover any topic on your blog without any problems.

WPBakery Website Builder Template

Downloadable templates from the library

WPBakery Page Builder offers a unique template repository with professionally designed layouts. Download any template you like and use it to build your WordPress website in seconds. The template library offers a wide variety of different templates and is updated weekly.

Create your design templates

WPBakery’s template manager allows you to save your WordPress design as a template so you don’t have to make it from scratch every time.

Access Pro predefined templates

Don’t know what your site should look like or don’t have the time? WPBakery offers you over 100 predefined templates ready to choose and use, creating new designs to add constantly.

Create element configuration presets

Change the settings of your content elements and save them as defaults or even set a default so you don’t have to change them over and over again.

Layout Options

The design options with WPBakery are great. It offers you an impressive variety when it comes to design options, you will be pleasantly impressed with them. Here are the most important ones:

Unlimited, quick and easy designs.

WPBakery Page Builder allows you to create any design for your WordPress website by offering the best features in the WordPress plugin market. With this plugin you can create a website fast and easy.

Intuitive online frontend editor

Experience true online editing with the front-end editor. You will be able to instantly notice the changes it makes to your website and the reason for its popularity in the market.

WPBakery Website Builder Features

Works with any WordPress theme

WPBakery Page Builder works with any WordPress theme, which means you don’t have to switch from one builder to another every time you decide to make changes to your theme.

You don’t need to learn new tools with each of your WordPress websites, you can do all the settings from one place.

Build in minutes with ready-made content elements

WPBakery Page Builder comes packed with over 50 content elements that allow you to create pages and posts in minutes by simply dragging and dropping elements into your WordPress website. From simple text blocks and buttons to advanced accordions and post grids, they have everything for your next website.

Grid builder for posts, media, portfolios and more

This is a builder within WPBakery Page Builder itself that allows you to create unique grid element templates. You’ll be able to control the animation, appearance, position and elements of individual grid elements.

Grid Builder has everything to make the perfect portfolio, photography and really any other type of grids.


WPBakery Page Builder gives you instant access to 13 different widgets.
These are default for WordPress and you can activate them with a single click select or by using default WordPress shortcodes without hassle.

Editing and Styling

WPBakery offers a great variety when it comes to its edits and styling, among them we can mention these:

Google Fonts integration.

The platform offers you the best Google Fonts that can be easily inserted into your WordPress website, all to create even more attractive articles.

Icon libraries

It gives you access to various icons from its library, where almost any icon you may need is available, including social media icons, which can be added to the website from WordPress quickly and easily.

Image filters for media

It offers you quite nice and eye-catching filters to improve the quality of your feed. Dare to implement them on the images you want to add to your website, so you can get them all to have a similar style and look better with the colors you have chosen for your website.

More than 200 unique add-ons

Offers over 250 unique add-ons to take your page building capabilities to a whole new level. From rich element packs to revolutionary WordPress features, there’s a whole new world to discover!

WPBakery Website Builder Page

Create your own masks with layout options

Access a hidden world available only on WPBakery to modify colors, padding and many other options to perfectly match your brand identity. Tune once to use everywhere and reduce time spent on setup later – a time saver within a time saver!

Responsive Design

With WPBakery’s responsive option your content will be accessible on desktop and mobile devices. No additional steps or programming are required. You’ll be able to control how the stacking behaves on different devices, define scrolls of your choice and hide certain elements on specific device types.

You can take full control over responsive design and get the best out of WordPress. You don’t need any programming knowledge to create these websites, the professional user interface will take care of it for you.

You can also control the size of columns on different devices with just a few clicks and make sure your customers receive the best readability and user experience while visiting your WordPress site on mobile or tablet devices.


WPBakery Page Builder has a high-quality support team that stays up and running Monday through Saturday to help you solve any issues and keep your productivity at its peak.

In the support mechanism they offer, they mainly rely on the ticketing system that allows users to easily track the progress of troubleshooting and receive a response in the shortest period of time.

But this is not all, they also have technical support resources like FAQ section and knowledge base in order to find quick answers to your questions.

How does the WPBakery Website Builder Interface work?

The way WPBakery works is quite simple, you can create a responsive website and manage your content easily with the intuitive WordPress front-end editor. No programming skills are required so you can make stunning and beautiful pages with WordPress using drag and drop functionality.

On the other hand, you can add and drag elements around the screen to quickly create unique layouts on your WordPress website. The platform determines the type of elements you add and highlights them with different colors to improve user experience and navigation.

It also allows you to create responsive pages with the new responsive design controls. WPBakery’s UI editor allows you to quickly switch between different devices to check how your content looks on a tablet or mobile devices. Make sure everything is according to the design grid, fully responsive and meets your high expectations.

Create a basic page with WPBakery

Creating a website through the WPBakery platform is extremely simple and fast. Having tested it ourselves at Hosting Victory, you really only need to follow the steps below to get a useful, eye-catching website that represents your brand:

  1. The first thing is the registration, which you can do by entering the official website of WPBakery, creating a user is nothing complicated, it is done like any other website.
  2. You can use an email that belongs to you or synchronize it with your Facebook or Google account, either of the two is valid.
  3. Once this is done, you need to make the payments and start creating the best website of all.

WPBakery Website Builder Reviews.

There are a lot of mixed reviews about WPBakery. In general they say good things about it, but clearly not everyone can be happy all the time and that’s why users have been quick to make their dissatisfaction known.

Reviews Website Builders

Here, in Hosting Victory, we leave you the comments that we consider the most relevant.

Positive WPBakery Reviews

  • Many claim that it has many modern and impressive elements for website design and you can easily add and modify them on the site using drag and drop.
  • The options to configure layouts are easy and responsive by default, CSS layout customization can be done without coding.
  • Another review we came across claimed that it is productive and reliable as it has a modern look and feel. It has many templates and elements available that make work easier and more efficient.
  • On the other hand, several people said that since it comes pre-packaged with most of the premium themes, it is really affordable.
  • It makes creating mobile responsive WordPress websites and landing pages a breeze.

Negative WPBakery Reviews

  • One of the biggest complaints is that it is heavier than WordPress editor pages, hence pages created with WPBakery are heavier, load slower and require more resources than pages created with the default WordPress editor.
  • The less experienced ones claimed that it has a frontend editor and a backend editor, so it requires a lot of knowledge, especially for backend editing, in order to get the most out of it.

WPBakery Website Builder Pricing and Promotions

WPBakery doesn’t have an extremely wide variety when it comes to their pricing and promotions, but they are quite acceptable nonetheless.

Regular Plan Extended Plan
Priced at $45 Priced at $245
Does not offer promotions No promotions offered
  • For use on one site only
  • Free upgrades
  • Premium support
  • Access to template library
  • For use in a single SaaS application
  • Free upgrades
  • Premium support
  • Theme integration

WPBakery Website Builder Payment Methods

Payments can only be made through the following methods:

  • Visa credit cards.
  • MasterCard credit cards.
  • PayPal.

As you may notice this is not a considerable variety, it is mainly because the platform seeks to make sure that people who are going to pay have security in their bank details, making use of only quality methods and platforms that allow them to ensure the privacy of each of their customers.

WordPress Website Builder

How to Install WPBakery Website Builder?

Installing WPBakery is very simple and fast. Just follow the few steps below to get it done:

  1. You can install the plugin using the installer that comes built into WordPress, you can also do it by downloading the ZIP directly from the official website and extracting the contents from the installation folder.
  2. Then from the plugin menu from WordPress and start using it.

That’s it, after doing so you will just have to start with the creation of your website through WordPress with the help of WPBakery.

WPBakery Website Builder Conclusion

After doing our review, we at Hosting Victory have our conclusion on how WPBakery Website Builder works. This is an excellent website builder plugin for the widely used WordPress.

It really allows you to create beautiful websites with ease and little effort, although it can’t be done in just a couple of hours like other similar platforms. On the contrary, with WPBakery it is important that you at least have some notions about web design.

One of its biggest disadvantages is that the transition to the front-end editor can be a bit problematic at times, it often refuses to load correctly.

Even with all this, we must say that when you start using WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress, there is no turning back, it becomes your favorite web builder without a doubt, so in Hosting Victory we think it deserves a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions about WPBakery Website Builder

✅ What is WPBakery website builder?

It’s a page builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to create amazing website content with drag and drop. With WPBakery Page Builder you can create and manage your WordPress content in no time, fast and easy.

⚡ Does WPBakery offer me pre-made templates?

Yes, WPBakery Page Builder has a repository of free premium quality design templates that you can download and use on your WordPress website.

🔍 Can I use WPBakery with any theme?

It works with any WordPress theme coded correctly without problems, it is designed to fit any theme as much as possible.

✨ Does WPBakery have trial periods?

Yes, you can try WPBakery for free by visiting their online demo site and creating your personal demo test environment.

🙌 How can I get WPBakery updates?

The program is updated regularly and, as a license owner, you will receive all updates for life absolutely free of charge.

📩 Where can I get post-purchase technical support?

To get customer support help you must get a ticket through the help center section directly on the official WPBakery website.

Also, it comes with extensive documentation and video tutorials to help you get started. In case you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket as mentioned above.

💲 Can I sell the add-ons I created with WPBakery?

Yes you can. They have all the tools necessary for you to create the best-selling WPBakery add-ons on the market and make it feasible.

You can find more information and examples in their API section of the knowledge base on the official website.

⚡ Can I add my own web design codes to WPBakery?

In simple terms you can. The platform allows you to use its built-in Shortcode Mapper feature for easy shortcode integration or use a more advanced way for developers.

It is important that you consult the advanced documentation file and understand it, as this should only be done by a web developer.

We hope you liked this post about WPBakery Website Builder. If you are not convinced and want to learn more about other website builders, go to Hosting Victory platform where we have much more information about it.

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